Hello Neighbor in Real Life!!! Pikmi Pops Scavenger Hunt Game in Huge Box Fort Maze!

what's up guys welcome back to our channel before you get started Kostas – turn the occasion to keep me here drums up chain you got me resin and dad it was giant pygmy pop Oh where's all the picnic pops I hello hello neighbor hiding them like a hello neighbor alien in a kitty wah-wah yeah my dog alerted yeah mesons allergic to puppies alright so maybe when I grew up a cutie kitty other puppies yeah alright so today you guys we're doing hello neighbor in real life but this time we've got to find pick me pop toys they're hidden around the box port hello neighbor took all of them and hid them so we got to get them and we can't let hello neighbor find us otherwise he's gonna take him away are you girls ready for this yeah okay let's get going let's go oh here's your ball pit miss one shot that's mine that's good okay let's take it back to our spot okay you put him in there right handle boxes come down oh he's that way okay let's go bytes for girls see any don't watch out for the neighbor something's moving that way let's go on this side three us you're gonna give it away Oh found one okay you want to go play back okay that's to carry all right he's isn't that wrinkles all right find as many as you can pretty quickly quick wish kid oh wait wait well making us go alright we had go go on up oh my goodness Trin hi there boy he didn't catch me mess in here we got friend you may bro well never go back here I'll peek over the top I'll people once you read that just chit chit more where else for the knee or else be massive the floor is lava brass worse stay back he's too big to go through this one okay let's run neuro so it's right yeah this like it's right Murray mr. Pincus paid summer thanks are you going how many more like that girl anymore just do two more okay we gotta find them where they gonna be good don't you just buy the vacuum good luck with that hey girls just make sure he's not looking towards you we don't want behind him so he doesn't hear us Oh just one more pink you didn't walk anymore that's it didn't you have three these are there supposed to be another one of these crazy where is the other one it's the polar page chapter poser we have to find the polar bear medicine let's find him good job Madison good time okay we got them all I hope you like

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