Hello Neighbor in Real Life! JoJo Bow Scavenger Hunt! Pranked for Stealing our JoJo Siwa Bows!!!

you guys he came to our house he took all our Jojo bows yes so are all Jojo de accept no bows she's angry I've got a good luck band so the run means we're almost nearing the white is him and the pink means he caught us this little pink the little pink so homely he ever catch me that's nice alright guys so we're gonna get back we're gonna go in the back of this house again and we're gonna go get our Jojo bows so let's keep going yeah give me a hurry behind the tree Benji Benji all right free break you bad guys okay quiet quiet you guys hello neighbors right down there he's mowing the lawn so we're gonna have to find another way in so we're gonna see if we can maybe get through the garage or girlfriend wait what is on him Oh what is that punish the truth the game I'm in it Oh my idea from the other time there he goes look at him he's just like oh look at me I came a little on my judge over 1k let's go hurry he's over on the other side run run area okay here oh let's let's try their walk okay let's go around let's go in alright let's try the front they love to draw jumping okay cake quiet kick the honey Manson all right we got a hurry before we get to suss okay let's go okay hurry we can hurry he's still outside I can hear him okay I can hear it I can hear stay over there look mmm you guys luck hello neighbors still out there going along it looks like he's almost getting done you guys we've gotta hurry and get some stuff before he gets back yelling this guy's I think he's he's almost done we've got a hurry stay down they stay down hey girls we gotta hurry and find all of our JoJo's Kate find them girls we've gotta find them okay so what oh oh it's up by the dog is that buh buh buh buh can you get a trim everyone get it else you can get it all barely okay wait who wants to wear that one which one naturally me frightened eyes nothing yes oh I see I see look how's it look yeah girl oh hey let me see do your Jojo dance show me a Jojo dance oh yeah Casey just stopped it okay we gotta get going right now okay can you go grace coming go go go go great get behind something oh he's going he's don't get down get down nice are there any others I think she's putting them on dogs monkeys were that one or do you want to trade her I'm trained her okay Jenner you bar look out make sure you snowflake this guy Saul wants to wear on the side it's a garage yeah I think there's one on that duck in the duck where you going mom's where the jojoba leave the girls like that that's funny yeah do you think that's how he'll only ever does it you think you like pretends to put the bow on in the mirror like that oh let's go okay run down the hall run down dream on run girls here I'm gonna try it on okay I'm gonna try it on oh it's in front my face okay come on pull it on which rights your mom oh I see here yup okay which one do another one oh this one's I remember that the light oh man you better get out of here through this mmm you better get out of here now but what I like this room guys I don't like this room or not because what trip that's a magical room yes yeah well thank you outside this room there's like a play around that's crazy did we check the garage you want to go let's go check oh those aren't our bows those are just a bunch of silver ones oh come on get it hey look there's a bunch of other bonus those are other Jojo bows those are just clothes do you think this guy steals bows from everybody try pretty pretty please – both of course yeah yeah okay let's see if we can get you on there called Madison that's like your head's not big enough you're still little let me see that damn fling see the double Jojo grunts oh yeah oh yeah all right let's go in we gotta find that stuff Oh turns got another one get where else can we go in this house come downstairs they're very quiet stairs stairs one doctor seller hope things running concerning why does he put them all on the line nuts you put some all our angers – hey she's put them all into endless oh did you hear about stairs trip trip Madison jr. we can find more yeah we're okay let's go let's go let's go following Madison for this one okay following Madison for this one hey bunny I was the bunny wearing it I don't know just try and give it strength or truth underneath your swatch just walk them all on her plate oh oh they're excellent hmm hey wait a minute I don't know if Jojo has ever done that Jojo if you're watching this have you ever done this before Jonny down the comments following you girls so was this little dog don't looks like oh you guys she's not letting us out of here okay wait so we are we got two dogs in a whale maybe that's not a whale maybe it's like a a dogfish maybe look maybe do you think he's trying to make all these animals look like Bobo cuz he doesn't have Bobo medicine do you think he's trying to make all these look like Bob yeah I think so yeah you think so turn but this one is a whale it's not even a dog let's take all of Ebola wait maybe it's not a well maybe it's a dogfish all right let's get these off and put them on Madison's hair yes where's the end of my net I don't know hmm trim there's a third way guys we're at the third Boko Ronda Rousey mess and see if you can find it stand up and look around a room hmm yeah hi you're here is it mom's hair let's put that one on Madison oh oh wow let me see you both this would look at t-shirts look at this part so we got two little JoJo's I do your George Oh Danzig a Mazen oh yeah whoo Wow yes you're crazy you're crazy passenger to look at it okay how does it look does it clear closes clear okay let's go anywhere else we can look Canelo yeah bust out of your heart all right let's go oh we check everywhere attached oh no more room oh no guys I know that I'm broke wait guys um with the rope do you guys remember when we locked him up tell us what video was on if you're a true family fights are fingerling mini Oh Masen just sawed you guys oh no nice what tennis girl okay we're letting you do this because last time Madison said the coast was clear and it wasn't okay okay tell us if it's the coast is clear no no no no no he's over by the tax what is that oh man he tied up my poor little monkey oh are you okay sweetie a tree cutting back girls do you have all your bones no ah his hat on neighbors head how do you get that one I know I can ride piggyback ride I don't think that's gonna work in the game yeah yeah what is wait what no what if we trip him with that and he falls down and then we grab it and then we kick him out of his house yeah to fend for himself I don't think we can kick it found this this house we're gonna take this rope and we're gonna try to set a trap for the neighbor and then we're gonna kick him out of the house so let's go get it okay he's in that room let's rinse it okay Madison sit right there right there give her an end of the rope and trim you go on this side okay get you right there okay you got it back up Madison so he doesn't see you pull it tight pull it tight okay gotta make sure that like okay so when his foot gets right here by the rope you grab the rope and you pull it okay and then he'll trip over this and then woody trips over mom you go in that room and then when he follows you grab the bow off of his head and then all of us we all just run upstairs because that's the last are you ready you ready you ready okay man I sure wish I could find that other he's gonna get me there is hurry Kirksey secure him yes okay wait okay he's in there oh he's in the reading man guys oh my gosh he's so mad that we took our George elbows back and we got our monkey and the bow yes yeah I was the bait I was the bait good you should eat the bait sorry wait you mean that be how will you spray on him twice now that was good then why are you not weary of Oh Johnny Marlon yeah yeah we're design that this yellow okay you put it on me ready okay go things we do for you Joe jobs so are all well guys they should give me huge arms up close Kevin Tran occasions

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