HELLO NEIGHBOR in Real Life at 3AM!!! Hello Neighbor in the Dark *OMG* So Creepy! Part 3

hey guys we're back so we just got out of hello neighbors basement and we're coming up looks like we're going outside so this is gonna be pretty crazy we got to get out of his yard and get back across the street – okay guys it's really cool laughter so you know hurry up and stuff yes super cold over here okay our neighbors have yeah what is it I think it's 3:00 a.m. guys watch your head watch your head watch your head oh that I smacked my head first thing right yeah there we go there you there's no gates anywhere guys already enters the door let's go let's go for it lot locks okay okay let's go through around this night there's light in there hold on I don't see nothing what's in there Oh No get it out wait wait okay we gotta go we gotta get to the front door oh my gosh it's not like anyone ever this house see how the ruler is will stay out trend he does not letting anybody out of this house what are we gonna do what's he gonna do track it three keys we need to rename okay more stairs or the neighbor was see if you love sometimes come got three in a passion okay so okay so what do we get so we gave you three keys and we also have just appeared with combination with three numbers so that's the door already started weighs down did you get Manson Clark honey look boys okay hey you guys so remember on the first hello neighbor where did we find some stuff where do we find some we gotta find some clothes how he's making a sleeve trend come on back outside okay hello neighbor we're going outside [Applause] jae-won let's go back in we gotta go find mom and sis okay okay we gotta go okay should we go downstairs okay awesome all right you guys turn if you found the first key Oh don't go following it isn't there a seat I see you see she drop everything that's two keys guys that's two please you didn't hear me I could keep having bun Chee's okay I think that's let's go back upstairs boots we gotta fight one more okay let's go well I wish you didn't drop that pony huh it sounds like he's all the way upstairs we should be able to get out of here you can barely see our light let's go back to the door unlocked oh you guys got a car oh man Geiss is kicking us all out Oh see a neighbor great guys he's kicking us out oh he says give it to him because it's his pony fine hello neighbor taking a little girls toy yeah buddy right that ain't right hello neighbor all right guys okay resin he took your toy do you want it back Trin wait what The Doors don't stores no those doors are already open we have to get off the front let's go back in that's like oh wait let me check okay we're good let's go oh gosh this is creepy Masum Lagos it's a clue what is it what are the numbers number one if you win there's a what's up oh no this is number one we won four okay three important okay three one four two okay that's that's just that's the gesture she doesn't matter that's him we gotta go back to the church that's upstairs three one four cake remember okay let's go I'll call you chin well guys we made it out of hello neighbors level 3 level 3 we're back outside you guys want us to do a level 4 give us some ideas on what to do well guys we made it out you guys wanna see little before coming down below I don't know how I'm do it oh geez mom's up internal occasions guys this tomorrow bye

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