Heavy Petting w/ MEREDITH WALKER (ASPCA Dog Adoption)

(dog barks) – [Voiceover] Hey
there sweeties. My name is Peach, and I’m, do
I really have to say my age? Okay fine, I’m eight
years old, big woof. I’m the same Peach
I’ve always been. Just with a few more
wrinkles in the face and a few more pounds
around the waist. Sometimes, I think people
forget about us older dogs. Frankly, dogs get
better with age. Well, like I’ve never had
wine but how about jeans. Old dogs are like old jeans. New jeans, sure,
they might look nice, but it’s more work. You gotta spend all your
time breaking them in. They crawl up your butt. Old jeans though,
they fit perfect. Oh, even better, I’m
like an antique car. New cars, they smell great, but old cars are the
ones with character with stories to tell. Oh boy, I love cars,
look at that one. Check that one out. This one’s the same color
as my fur, that’s exciting. That was a Ford, I think,
I don’t know, I can’t read. Look, I’m sorry, I’m
old, I get distracted. What was a saying? Something about jeans
and a car, who knows. Just consider us old dogs
for a change, would ya? We are wise and we’re
so good at taking naps. In fact, I need to
take a nap right now. That was exhausting, bye. (gentle music)

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