Heavy Petting w/ JOHN ROBERTS (ASPCA Dog Adoption)

(rock guitar music
and a dog barking) – [Voiceover faking a “valley
girl” accent] Hi, my name is like, Annalise. I’m a pit bull terrier
mix, or whatever and I’m, like, two years old! In dog years that
makes me a teenager. So, like, I guess because
of that I’m, like, loud (barking)
and emotional. I’m also, like, full of energy. I do what I want and
I’m easily distracted. Not to brag but all my
friends say I’m, like a total rebel. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and if you have a problem
with that, who cares? I have a beautiful voice. Here, listen
(barking) But, really underneath
my tough exterior I’m just a sweet kid
who just wants to gorge out on some food
and chill with my family. Ugh, I’m like, so over this! Just adopt me already! (poppy electronic music)

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