Heavy Duty 8 Panel Pet Dog Enclosure Puppy Pen

my name's Ian Givens owner of soft applause on this little chap here or not so little chap here is Buster my pet golden retriever and between us what we'd like to do is just explain to you a few of the key features specifications and the benefits of the ADA panel Titan pet enclosure once you receive your pet enclosure it will actually come in a box 83 centimetres square by 15 centimetres deep and it weighs around 23 kilos once you unpack it your cen panels and you'll be able to slot them together yourself it only needs one person no tools are required they simply just slot together using the metal state and you get eight of those in the package one of the panels here actually includes an integral door so your air can get in there quite easily you'll also see you've actually got to latch locks on there as well so for your peace of mind you know your pet is going to be exercising or playing in there safely but more importantly securely we've got a setup today here using all eight panels and that's going to give you a diameter of 193 centimeters across you may be thinking well actually we've got a puppy at the moment we don't really need a all eight panels that's fine take a couple of them out just slot them out and you can make it into a smaller hexagonal shape or a smaller rectangular shape or even a very small square it's very versatile so it's entirely up to you how you set it up we've got XX up inside today you can actually take it outside so if you want to use it outside with the better steaks you literally just push those further into the ground and it will be extremely secure and robust for you it's actually constructed using dark grey powder coated steel and this is good because this is going to give you superior anti corrosion properties so if you are actually looking at using it outside a lot more than you know that it's going to be built to last so we can use it indoors we can use it outdoors and I've said that it's robust it's really isn't a cheap or flimsy pen this is extremely strong and it is built to last it's not just for dogs you know if you've got a litter of kittens or if you're outside and you want to actually put your rabbits in there or your guinea pigs then you can but you know ideally is for a breed of dog really or a little also I want to reassure you this goes through a very very strict inspection process before it shipped to you so you know that when you receive it you're not going to have any bits of flaking paint or any shards of metal showing they're going to harm your your dog or or your pet you know we put your pet's welfare at heart after all you know we're pet owners ourselves we want any harm to come to anybody's pet at all if you order today what I'll also do is give you a free gift I'm going to send you through a downloadable book that's entitled the complete guide to dog behavior so if you have got a puppy or you've got a few sort of behavioral problems with your dogs there's all host of tips and tricks in there they're going to help you overcome those as I say if you order today then that's going to be free UK mainland delivery for you and I will personally make sure that your order is dispatched within 24 hours so that's it from me and Buster will hopefully speak to you soon you

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  1. do you screw it into the floor? is it heavy? otherwise what keeps my dogs from moving it with their nose all over once they figure that out? haha

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