Heartworm – Heartgard Plus

what his heartworm disease and how
protect your pet from getting it in this video pet supplies delivered an
online pet store will give you the fax on heartworm steps
for prevention and an explanation of some other
medications let’s get started let’s start with the fax EPABX I’m
heartworm disease a potentially life-threatening illness
spreads from animal to animal through mosquito bites is caused by the parasitic worm called
careful area in my to young doubtful area warmus
called michael foale area circulate in the bloodstream have been
infected pet when mosquitoes feed on the infected animal that pick up
these immature microscopic parasites few weeks a
michael foale area has matured in the body of the mosquito and is ready to infect another mammal
the next time a mosquito feeds these young parasites now called La Reve
are injected into the next animal this animal could be your cat or dog
once inside if your pet the immature warmus migrate through the
body eventually reaching the heart belongs and connecting blood vessels in
approximately six months they grow to become adults as large as
14 inches in length the adult forms can live in your pet’s
body for many years because these parasites live in the
heart and blood vessels that to see signs I those apart and lung
problems docks with heartworm disease me tired
easily cop lose weight and have trouble
breathing as the illness progresses animals may
have fluid buildup in the abdomen and swelling of the legs
if not identified and treated heart once can cause cardiac failure and
death cats may show no early outward signs but
collapse and die without warning heartworms are identified by using a
simple blood test doc should be routinely screened for
heartworm disease as treatment is most successful if the
illness is identified in its early stages if the dog is identified as having
heartworm disease it can be treated with in injectable
medication the treatment is carried out in two
stages carry some risks and requires the dog to
rest for several weeks test kit Kat’s may be quite confusing
and does not routinely performed therefore cats are not tested prior to
being placed on heartworm medication prevention as much easier than treatment
several types of preventive medications are available for dogs and cats including tablets
given on a monthly basis and monthly spahn on topical solutions
pet should be on preventive medication one effort mosquitoes are present and some
carriers have the country pets may be kept on preventive
medication year-round Heartgard Plus for Dogs helps prevent
canine heartworm disease and also controls roundworms and
hookworms it is made with real beef to appeal to dogs taste buds and is in
the form a virtual tablet RK plastica prufer puppies as young as
six weeks of age there are three dosage drinks available
depending on your dog’s weight the active ingredients are from acton
Empire Intel heart going to a bowl for cats is
available for cats back to 15 pounds in contains 265 and CG ironic 10 per
dose I love these products require a
prescription from a licensed veterinarian but that’s a place to live it makes
ordering easy and hassle-free our pharmacist are here to assist you
every step of the way simply provide your pets and
veterinarians information we will contact your veterinarian’s
office and acquire the prescription for you saving you time your veterinarian may
also phone in the prescription to our pharmacy at one eight hundred 367 44 44 or fax it from there of us 21 1888 809 six tho for 0 you may also mail the original copy to
us at 11 143 Mockingbird Drive Omaha Nebraska 68 137 dash 2332 you can fax to email the
prescription to us to expedite your order and we will verify it with your
veterinarian over the original copy must be mailed to us so that we have on file in accordance
with the law if you have any questions regarding the medications we have
revered or how to place a prescription order
just give us a call are licensed pharmacists can answer any
questions you may have thank you for listening to this video we greatly appreciate your time and
would love to be a for their service

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