Heartbreaking Video; Injured Homeless Kitten Rescued! #2019

27 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Video; Injured Homeless Kitten Rescued! #2019

  1. Thank you for saving her.
    Please keep me posted with the ongoing progress /recovery.
    Adopt don't shop.
    Greeting from Holland ?

  2. Thank you for helping this tiny kitten but help could have arrived earlier if you weren't standing there taking videos of this poor thing

  3. Did they save this cat? OR did they put him to sleep and they show you all these other cats to show the overcrowding and no space for one that would cost quite a lot of time and money to rehabilitate. I'm suspicious about this video.

  4. Why do all your videos show an animal in need of medical attention then a lot of kitties in need of loving homes. Please show an update of the initial pet in the beginning of the video. Thank you for helping all thise beautiful kitties.

  5. It a very sad incident, but luckily the animals meet with you guys "Angel" hopefully more people will donate and support too ???

  6. Класс!!! Красивые кошечки! Жаль взять не могу – живем в другой стране , и у ребенка алергия на кошек????????????

  7. Poor sweet baby, that broke my heart, I hope she is doing better. Thank you for rescuing her, it's because of people like you that give animals a second chance.

  8. I pray the god for her she recover soon my dear kitty god be with u forever god bless u dear ????????????❤❤????????

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