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  1. God I hope no one actually listens to this.
    Onions are toxic to dogs.
    Raw meat is dangerous and can give them food poisoning just like for us.
    Bones can split, shatter, or be swallowed in too large of pieces and cause intestinal blockages.
    Pork is too rich and can cause pancreatitis.
    Rawhide is EXTREMELY dangerous and indigestible, it can tear them apart from the inside.
    Maybe this man thought he was teaching the right things back in 2009 but parts of this are now proven to be wrong and this video should be taken down to avoid misinforming pet owners today. If in doubt about your pet’s health, please talk to your vet and don’t seek out home remedies on YouTube!

  2. I've been reading a lot about how high the cancer rate in dogs is. Apparently vaccine injection sites are notorious for producing tumors. Remember, the toxic ingredients in vaccines are the same in animals injections as people's, and also the same as people, the same size carpule is used in small dogs and human babies as is used in large animals and adults. SIDS, paralysis, autism, chronic at infections and cancer are all caused by Vaccines.

  3. I am so angry at having to watch the original video by Dr Marty Goldstein..WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME…and my dogs' health..WE make our own food for our dogs and always looking to improve on a "Ruby Stewbie" diet IMO,,.HE'S A LOBBYIST.. Not to say that some of his claims are not true but it took him >30 minutes to sell a dog food!!!! UGH!!!

  4. I got Dr. Marty"s cat food for my 16 year old kitty. I gave him four pieces of it and he loved it! And five minutes later he threw it up. Today I mixed two pieces it in with his regular food and he vomited that too! I will be returning it all on Monday and a return of my money. I've been feeding him Hill's Science Diet Cat Food for 15 years which all the people like Dr. Marty says is bad for my kitty. My cat has never had a sick day in his life! When I took him in to the vet last year for his shots the vet said he has never seen a 15 year old cat with perfect teeth! On top of that at one year old he weighed 9 pounds and today at 16 he still weighs 9 pounds!

  5. DR MARTYS REVIEWS!!!!!!! PLEASE BE CAREFUL https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/forums/topic/dr-marty-pets-dog-food/

  6. Read Dr Goldstein's book, well worth it ~ https://www.amazon.com/Nature-Animal-Healing-Definitive-Holistic/dp/0345439198

  7. This is the worst company ever!!!
    So much tra la la about loving animals!
    I bought 16z (yes, no mistake here sixteen onces) of food for my dog. Special diet, 10 days.
    The food was delivered 11 days after I ordered it. No confirmation #, no tracking number, and I had to call to find the status of my order.
    They have ONE product and it was on BACK ORDER. Really? I sent an email, never received an answer.
    I contacted them to re order. Same bs. 3 weeks delivery. While my dog has been served from his original food.
    They do not care about your dog. I think the money goes to Dr. Marty's botox!!

  8. Onions, garlic, chives, and leeks are of the Allium family, and are poisonous to both dogs and cats. Garlic is considered to be about 5X as potent as onions. Certain breeds and species seem to be more sensitive: Japanese breeds of dogs (e.g., Akita, Shiba Inu) and cats. Onion and garlic poisoning results in oxidative damage to the red blood cells (making the red blood cells more likely to rupture) and gastroenteritis (e.g., nausea, oral irritation, drooling, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea). Other clinical signs of anemia may be seen, and include lethargy, pale gums, an elevated heart rate, an increased respiratory rate, weakness, exercise intolerance, and collapse. Onion and garlic poisoning may have a delayed onset, and clinical signs may not be apparent for several days.

  9. I quit watching when they showed that big leek. Come on Martha ! Don't you know all of the onion family are toxic for dogs ?

  10. If you feed vegetables whether cooked or raw I guess especially raw if they arbor ground finely your dog will not digest them. Especially carrots. I just make sure to give my dogs 30% protein and all different colors of vegetables and fruit. Not a lot of fruit unfortunately they don't like it much. I'll put a finely ground egg shell in their dinner unless they are having liver that night. They love love liver and it's inexpensive. Do your research. I tend to watch mostly get instructions and use judgement with the rest. Oh and chicken liver is cheap too but it stinks up your whole house so I stopped buying it and just use need liver. I do sear it in skillet but you can cook it in microwave or feed it raw. I just like my dogs,food to not be cold.

  11. You might be feeding your family member (dog) bad food. If you care about your dogs health, Use this instead! Urgent matter, If you love your pet like I do!! This has been all over the news about this!

  12. Too many dogs with cancer heard on video here…and recommending veggies to reduce that risk. Sure agree ! loads of toxins in flesh and fish ! my dogs are vegan so eat non cancerous veggies all the time.

  13. Stupid people say when they are in the wild they are domestic animals they are not wolves their diets and ability to digest food is not the same as a wolf..so don't say it again movafucka

  14. Omg this guy is wacked out. Martha doesn't care and he thinks you don't need to add some homeopathic items into animal's mouth. Send this con artist to the jungle to treat elephants in the wild!

  15. i thought all a dog needs is protein from meat; mine won't go near vegetables; should i give her some sort of dog vitamin? thanks

  16. I love vids like this that teach you something! this is great Martha took the initiative to introduce raw food diet to the public! my dogs eat raw food and they are so healthy and love it!

    kibble is what's causing cancer in our animals and it's disgusting that these pet companies market to the dollar amount and not true pet health for our animals!

  17. In order to keep your dog safe and healthy, you should know the way to select the healthiest dog food to suit your dog's demands.

  18. I read on the ASPCA states that, Onions are toxic to dogs and Broccoli causes diarrhea and in some cases vomiting? why is the Vet giving them to dogs?? Leaks are part of the onion family.

  19. Yes as long as its natural and free of extra hormones and dies. Regular from the store is ok but then you will be getting the extra hormones unless it is specifically natural or organic

  20. @leftyla I know a cat that downed an entire aloe plant in one night, no ill effects aside from soft stools for a couple days. Though what is ok for one may be dangerous for another.

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