12 thoughts on “he did this to me as child & now convicted pedophile and child groomer ? (mom defends him AGAIN)

  1. Your lucky to be alive ?who knows where his perversion could have led him..thanks for sharing sorry u and your family went threw this!!!! Blessings to u

  2. OMG!! Sick indeed. So sad. These c*nts nees bullets. F*cking arseholes! Sorry Lex, there is so much I could say about this. Just wrong wrong wrong !!!! This issue is so personal for me ? Thankyou sweetheart for putting this out there. ❤❤ This topic is too hushed and it shouldn't be. Argghhhhh ??? Love & Light to you Lex ❤

  3. Thanks for sharing this, you must have been so traumatized at the time by this lunatic family. I hope you save the article & frame it on your wall.

  4. That sick piece of shit has probably done this many times and just got caught that particular time. I'm so glad that harrassment was all you were victim to from that fucked family. His "mom" sounds absolutely horrible, completely insane. God only knows what the hell went on behind closed doors in that household. ???

  5. I shudder to think about what all was going on in his household. That mother's reaction was a 'red flag' in my opinion.

  6. I’m triggered here. I am a survivor also. It was my brother. I scream loud in court. He’s guilty. My parents screamed he’s guilty. So anyone parents, sibling, or family that like to plead plausible deniability ROAR. HOW DARE THEY. Family’s know the truth so when they say I’m defending the guilty, they are VILE. Sorry it’s just my opinion

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