Hatchimals Baby Giant Interactive Eggs that Hatch + Surprise Blind Bag Egg with Barbie

cookies world yep I can hear it yes the time is very soon for them to hatch it's time for Hatcher moles okay I am so excited about these HMOs these eggs that you can totally totally see these adorable little tiny animals hatch and crack their way right out of it so they can be a part of your life and you can take care of them and teach them fun wonderful wonderful things so here I have two eggs that are inside of these little containers here one of them is a Toys R Us exclusive which I am extra excited about because this one comes with a little bonus accessory piece it actually comes with a crystal nest so this one is very very special and it will be a complete surprise so one of these little surprise baby alicorns or gonna be on the inside so about one is super duper exclusive to Toys R Us and then of course these adorable little penguins I have no idea which one is gonna be inside it's gonna be a total surprise and it's gonna be totally awesome so are you ready to see him hatch to moms be very careful when you remove them treat them like a real egg okay so let's go ahead and we'll open up our little exclusive whoa open it up so here's the eggy on the inside alright very carefully I'm gonna lift the eggy out come on oh I heard something here we go here we go here we go oh here is the Angus oh it's really really cute baby Elkhorn in here oh and the egg is beautiful how it's just splattered and speckled with like this blue and pink color really pretty make sure we get out the eggs crystal nest so they have a place to be safe in okay so here is the crystal nest that goes with this baby right here it's just super duper crystally and beautiful beautiful so we're gonna carefully pick up the egg and just place it right on the inside here off there we go oh this baby oh look at that there's like lighting up oh she's lighting up like this it's so cute yes yes this one is very active I think she's gonna hatch soon well he or she oh it's starting blue right here Oh a change colors again oh they went away oh it's bad okay I cannot wait to see what this tiny little baby looks like oh we've got a lot of movement here going on oh the babies giggling on the inside too let's let this little hatch Amal just rest quietly right in its nest no we'll open up the other little hatch '''l yeah all right what does this egg look like careful careful careful with this egg there we go well these look like two perfectly healthy eggs so while we let them rest we can open up some more eggs these eggs that we've got three little glittery eggs to open up yep and they're gonna be filled with surprises ooh surprise eggs okay well since we've got time waiting for these babies to hatch let's open up these eggs so what do we have in here pop it open and oh they're surprised by a batch from cookie fans oh what's it a cookie fan mail in there wrapped up in these cute little gift wrap the present blind bags these are so cute like a cookie fan in it oh it looks like a little petkins backpack whoa what could be inside oh it's Bree me howdy we can put a little brandy hat right on the little hatch among so many surprises in here shopkins galore Wow Jessica in shady need to do oh there's even more shopkins in here we've got two little exclusives and pop rocks oh cool that is so sweet thank you cookie fan oh and one more surprise blind bag oh so cool I thought it was a bracelet oh but we can put this around the egg okay I put a little tape right here at the end of the beads and now it's like a little golden necklace for this eggy little flower on top okay back is so so sweet oh there's some big eggs can't wait till they pop open they should be hatching soon whoo all right then let's open up the next and all Jurassic world fly bags oh which dinosaurs are in fear deep today today all the Velociraptor flake inside of like this triangle cardboard cage oh cool little dinosaur you've got smells open all right what about in here uh-huh uh-huh and it's Oh awesome dinosaur with the spikes in the club tail all right now we got the pink egg to open oh is that baby food no it's a shopkins season 6 fly bag all right which hidden shopkins are inside pop it open what come on out shopkins come on out and hang out with Hatcher balls and we've got Nina noodles he's so noodley Italy hey ant did you do oh the nila tub with their little recipe card book Oh for Veronica veggie pizza hmm maybe we can cook something for the babies when they hatch all right now that we got all of our shopkins and dinosaur friends here let's check in on these eggs so how are the little animals doing oh we've got a little bit of some light here what's going on little Hachem oh can you hear me oh it's stepping back and this one did a burpee are you doing burpees all this one's cold it's chattering its teeth and it's turning blue ok let's hold the egg and I have to warm it up in my hands it's okay little eggy now this one's called it's blue it's okay little eggy it's okay oh they're both so called well this one's scared don't be scared okay I have to hold both of them don't be scared it's okay it's alright that dark blue means that it's totally scared there we go oh this little baby egg isn't feeling very good oh we've got some green lights oh no that means the baby is sick Oh bless you oh we had a little sneezy feel better whoa who knew that eggs needed so much care oh this one's cold now because we got the blue lights on it it's okay little eggy it's okay here we go we'll warm you up there we go keep rubbing the bottom it's starting to Peck I can feel it pecking come on baby come on oh I went to sleep come on wake up sleepy don't you want to be born and hang out with the shopkins and the cookie fans can't think we're gonna try pecking again come on oh I think we went back to sleep again um maybe this baby's done pecking but they do a little bit of some pecking right there hello it's so sleepy this is such a sleepy little alicorn oh it's picking through oh well it's hard work pecking through an egg shell whoa oh it's almost taking all the way through long I can't wait to see oh there we go look at that oh-oh-oh we are really pecking our way through oh it's starting to feel quite bumpy right here oh the baby is doing really really well just pecking its way right out of this egg shell using that teeny tiny little sharp beak takes a lot of work you know whoo this baby really wants to be born come on you in little a unicorn face keep on coming keep on revenue egg keep it nice and warm come on little baby so close oh we have almost totally kept our way through right here so close huh picked up in a whole new area right here oh you can totally feel the baby pecking through right there oh right there totally felt it pretty cool huh Barbie Oh yep right there oh oh trying to come on through oh I can almost see you ah ah ha ha come on come on come on little baby Oh pick on through peck on through come on baby come on Oh Oh almost almost Oh so close on this side oh oh I can see some flashing a purple in there oh oh so close don't you know wait we are really really almost ready to hatch come on baby be born be born oh there we go egg is doing an incredible incredible job Oh ready your Barbie someone's playing a little peekaboo Wow little baby it almost upset little baby be careful that little baby might be hungry kinda sounds like the baby's sleepy right now oh oh that was a good pack Oh a lot of that she'll kind of moved there so soon so soon oh just a moment Oh oh that's a pretty good piece right there oh it is almost ready ready ready Wow I mean this little piece of the egg I mean it's basically chipped away right there this little baby has done such a good job I mean this part of the egg is almost cracked open where we can almost open it up but it looks like the little alicorn is still making its way picking its way through there we go here we go we really want to come out from this little area right here whoa there we go are we gonna come on over and say hi there good all right let's see if we can now get this little baby out we've got most of the egg halfway cracked open oh no it looks like we're still working on this side of the egg and almost get it open oh we're almost ready to come on out there we go oh frytss outside for this little baby to hatch come on over come on root are you ready to hatch here we go Oh with your little unicorn oh I know I would be so tired – oh so here is the little baby now we're gonna pull this cute adorable little baby out the baby birthday oh what a beautiful beautiful baby it looks like it's a girl now we just have to clean her up a little bit and let her explore this world oh so we got a little tiny girl Hachem alone she's moving on her own alright we're gonna clip her free here oh she's scared she's scared it's okay gonna peel off with little plastic hair on her wings there we go she's flapping her wings for the first time alright let's pick up some of this eggshell here so she doesn't have to step on the eggshell oh she's really cute she's still so little her little alicorn unicorn horn isn't even standing up yet oh but she's moving around okay so she turned purple so when her eyes are purple oh there we go okay turn yellow that means she's exploring oh yeah she's turning green I mean she's not feeling good that's okay okay now she's just the cutest little teeny tiny little baby okay because she's not feeling good she should probably get some time getting some rest inside of her nest all right let's put the little tiny baby into her little nest so I'm gonna pick her up very carefully there shopkins in her nest it's so nice in here all right sorry shopkins you guys have to nest somewhere else this little tiny baby hatch of all needs her nest here we go lift her up very very very carefully there we go we'll set her right here oh she's so cute and so so so soft and put this tiny tiny tiny little bead right on top of her head from a cookie fan and this adorable little flower there we go okay so she's just gonna rest a little bit and I do want her to feel a lot lot better and she's gonna have a little sibling when this egg hatches – that's gonna be super duper exciting alright so you do not want to miss part 2 cookie fans and she needs a name as well over I could you so do not forget Oh looks like she's scared don't be scared okay scared it's okay everything's okay there we go there we go that's right good girl all right cookies J thank you so much for hatch and out with me I hope you had an excellent time don't forget to hatch your way on over to my next video wall keep on correcting out the fun buggies catchable oh poor thing she's just not feeling good there's eight little shopkins but I think one wants to cuddle in the nest with the adorable Hachem Oh will you be able to tell which one it is if I mix them up and take one away memorize it memorize it alright which shopkins is hiding in the Hatcher monists who's missing

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