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[email protected] what you see, is what you get presents CompareQuotes is an independent company that hand selects, the most reliable, professional and affordable businesses in the trade and service industries. The following business has consistently met our standards and they are a supplier that we can highly recommend. Raymond French: Hi, my name is Raymond French and my company is called Harry’s Pest and Termite Control. We specialize in all aspects of pest control from your little ants and spiders right up the specialized field of termite and pre-purchase property inspections. What makes us better than our competitors is our warranty, we’ve got a six month warranty on our ants and spiders and a ten year guarantee on all termites treatments. Termites can enter your home quite easily and cause a massive damage, your home is your castle and we like to look after it for you. Chemicals are chemicals but we do try and use the best chemicals on the market that are not only safe for you at home, your pets, but also the environment. We do have chemicals that have no smells or low odors and if you do have an allergy or you are worried we would recommend that you may leave the home after our arrival and then return within a four hour clearing time, and once you come back everything will be like nothing was done before except you won’t have any problems with the pests that we’ve removed. Female Speaker: We had a major pigeon problem and I rang Harry’s Pest Control and they came out right away and completed the job efficiently with no waiting time. Raymond French: Treatments last all different types of time limits. You’ve got treatment for ants and spiders and you will get a minimum six months out of that and we do have a six months warranty. We also have a one million dollar warranty with FMC which is the food manufacturing company for all termite work carried out by Harry’s Pest and Termite Control. Female Speaker: I recommend Harry’s Pest and Termite Control to any commercial business. I am out in the morning and I contacted him right away and the job was done efficiently and very professionally. Raymond French: Our main clientele are everyone from mom and dad right up to the big commercial properties. We service all areas CVD, Gippsland country Victoria and Victoria Wide. Why give termites an infestment opportunity, call Harry’s Pest and Termite Control on 1-300-152-725.

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