Harnais Help Em Up

this is the completely unique help them up harness featuring hip lift in the next minute I will show you how to quickly and easily fit it to your dog this full body mobility harness helps you to raise them up off the floor or lift them completely your harness comes completely assembled start by pulling it out of the bag and now look for the large handle and d-ring this is the front half of the harness the smaller handle is located in the back of the hip lift for first-timers we suggest detaching the back from the front and starting with the front half below the d-ring is the opening where your dog’s head will come through slip the opening over their head pull the tee pad back through the front legs lifting the two chest straps back up to the top and connect now pull on the straps to tighten will make final adjustments to the harness later now move to the hip lift disconnect one of the large belly band fasteners and position the handle over your dog’s hips now fasten it back to the front with the connector strap this holds the hip lift in place reach down grab the belly band strap and connect it back at the top moving to the back pull the two detached support straps up on either side of your dog’s tail now connect the fasteners at the top now make final adjustments moving to the neck and chest adjust the shoulder straps on each side to create ample room around the neck slide the chest strap forward or back to position the tee pad under the chest and behind the front legs around the neck you can now make detailed adjustments pull the fasteners out of their connectors to more easily adjust the neck straps now adjust the chest straps like the neck it’s easier to disconnect the fasteners to make adjustments to the strap links extra strap links are sometimes tucked into the neoprene sleeves pull them out to help add length and to tighten on the belly-band note we are using the u-shaped hip lift for male dogs Center the opening around your dog’s penis by adjusting the straps on either side you can also make adjustments to the pelvic pad at this point loosen or tighten the straps on either side of the tail to help position the hip lift forward or back to make sure it is properly positioned above the hips final adjustments can then be made to the connector strap to give or remove slack you are now ready to lift your dog make sure the harness fits snug but not too tight for the first few times using it check for hot spots or chafing and when you’re not using it take it off give your dog a break we also suggest that you let your dog sleep without it it’s easy enough that well you get the point for more information refer to the helpful tips on our website for printable instructions

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