47 thoughts on “HARDEST TRY not to LAUGH challenge – FUNNY DOG compilation

  1. Its dumb how you got that hair tie around that dogs nose and mouth! These people are horrible. Dont let a dog run up a slide could break his fing legs!

  2. I never watch these "funny" compilations. Always some profoundly sad ones in the mix. I see from the comments that this is no exception. Nice try, Satan!

  3. Cute video, but PLEASE LOSE THE BACKGROUND PIANO MUSIC. It’s enough to make a person want to jump off a cliff. I just finally turned the volume off. The video would have been so much better without that annoying music.

  4. the video wasnt funny but then i went to see some comments from ultra-animal-protectors..cause i knew they were there. and i found em

  5. I would like chain the bastard to that stake, who chained his poor dog like that! Did anyone see a water dish anywhere, I didn't?

  6. The video of the dog running in circles should only be used at a court trial.  That owner needs to be fined heavily and the dog rescued!

  7. really nice to see so many animal lovers around here 🙂 you're right. a lot of "funny" pet stuff is very cruel


    She films her child running around a concrete edged pool while their large dog chase the kid. Now we all know why not to run around the pool and as a GOOD MOTHER you'd have lost your gut in fear and yelled, no running around the pool. And not filmed the inevitable skull crack he'll one day end up with.

    ABSOLUTELY NO HORSE PLAY AROUND THE POOL, is the rule or you simply aren't responsible enough to own a pool or parent near one.

  9. Not sure that letting a puppy play with a crab is too bright?
    Not good for the puppy….Not good for the crab!

  10. Like everyone else commented, the dog running in circles is clearly cruelty, that other Jack Russel in that kennel didn't look like it had a nice environment with the concrete floor, and don't even get me started on the poor squirrel. Cruelty doesn't begin to describe..

  11. I want to put shock collars on people who put shock collars on dogs, and zap them till their heads pop.

  12. Guy relax and shut up about the dogs you have no idea what the dog was doing it was a 3 second part of a dog running around on a chain like holy shit

  13. Why are there so many people who don't know which way the camera goes!! This was like watching a film through a crack in the wall! WTF.

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