Happy Together – Celebrities and Their Pets Special [ENG/2017.04.27]

Happy to be together on Happy Together! – Happy Together! / – Happy Together! – Hello. / – Hello. – Have you been well? / – Yes. She’s been on the top of the web portals lately, – She’s very popular. / – and she’s one of us. – In fact, she quit eating carbs. / – That’s right. – Yes, I did. / – Right. It was for her photo shoot in Guam. – I had a photo shoot in Guam, / – Yes. but I don’t look like that anymore. – Is that so? / – Yes. – I barely recognized her. / – Exactly. – I don’t look like that anymore. / – She looks sexy. I only looked like that during the photo shoot. When I read the news article, I texted her to say she looks great in the photos. I asked to show more photos, but she said she’s too conservative to send them. Then she sent me the most intense one. She was standing in a sexy pose at a gas station. – That photo is / – I was so surprised… – in the magazine. / – that I dropped my phone. – Did you? / – She lost a lot of weight. – My effort paid off. / – That’s right. – Take care of your health. / – Yes. I ate a lot today. That’s good. We have guests here in Happy Together Town. The backstage is very boisterous now. – It sounds like in a market. / – Right. – Ten million people in Korea have pets. / – Yes. We invited stars who live with their pet dogs – like a family. / – I see. Saeho and Hyeongyeong have pets too, right? – Yes, we do. / – They have pet dogs too. Saeho and Pudding. – It’s Hosae. / – Saeho is my name, – and my dog’s name is Hosae. / – Hosae? – You reversed your name? / – Yes. – Of course. / – You’ll know when you see Hosae. – He’s so loved by his owner. / – Is he? – So he listens to me every time. / – We can tell. – You’ll see. / – All right. Let’s meet with Hyeongyeong’s dog. Please come out! Hi, Pudding. Pudding. – He’s so cute. / – He’s cute. How adorable. – Look at his ears. / – His name suits him well. – Pudding. / – He’s cute. – Pudding. Oh, you sat down. / – He sat down. (Hyeongyeong is surprised.) – Hand. / – Hyeongyeong got surprised. – That’s amazing. / – Lie down. (Pudding is doing better than expected.) – Pudding, lie down. / – Pudding is smart. Good boy. Lie down. (She shrieks with joy.) – Hyeongyeong, that’s amazing. / – He’s behaving. – She seems surprised as if it never happened. / – No. He won’t get up. What’s wrong? Are you tired? – How hard did you train him? / – It’s not like that. He gets tired easily just like me. – He can’t walk for long. / – I see. – Pudding is so adorable. / – Exactly. He’s also well-trained. – Right? Pudding, come here. / – Yes. He listens to you. – Pudding. / – It doesn’t seem like he’s her dog. If we get high ratings, we might be replaced with dogs. We should consider that too. Right. Next up is Saeho’s dog. Hosae! – Hosae, come on out. / – Hello. – They look alike. / – Let’s go. One, two. One, two. One, two. (My goodness.) (Saeho drags him around.) (They’re talking a walk in the studio?) Hi, Hosae. Now strike a pose. – Saeho. / – Yes? Is it Heosae or Hosae? – It’s Hosae. / – Hosae? (Hosae, eight months old, French Bulldog) Hosae is very active. Wait. – He stopped. / – Did he stop? Sit. (He’s obedient.) Please say, “Eat.” – He’s already eating. / – He’s already eating. Please say, “Eat.” – He’s already eating. / – He’s already eating. (He’s already eating.) He’s already eating. You don’t have to say it. Wait. – Sit. / – He’s funny. – He’s just like Saeho. / – He’s so much like Saeho. – Do you want me to say it? / – Yes. Hosae, eat. (He even listens to Jaeseok just like Saeho.) – He listens to Jaeseok more. / – Hosae, stop eating. – Hosae, wait. / – Wait. – He stopped eating. / – Sit. – Sit. / – Oh, my. (It seems that he can control his eating urges.) – He’s very… / – Hosae, eat. (It turns out he can’t.) He moves very quickly when he eats. – He listens to everyone. / – He’s very fast. Hosae’s owner is… Hosae, stop eating. You must be full. – Don’t eat too much. / – Hosae, stop eating. – Wait. / – Hosae! (He is having a meal alone.) – Hosae, come here. / – He’s just like Saeho. – Hosae, stop eating. / – Look at him. – Hosae, come here. / – Come here. – He’s eating up the rest. / – Wait. – Hosae. / – He even cleans up. Let’s meet with our guests. (Today’s guests are entering!) How adorable. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Look at his glasses. They’re like siblings with a 73-year age difference. He can’t live without Jenny. – He’s Baek Ilsub. / – Baek Ilsub! – It’s an adult dog, right? / – No, it’s a baby. – How adorable. / – They’re famous celebrities, Jenny. – Hello. / – Hi. It’s been a long time. She’s so cute. – She’s really cute. / – She looks like a bear. How old is she? She’s four months old. – She’s four months old? / – She’s four months old? – I adopted her when she was two months old. / – I see. We’ve been living together for two months. – For two months? / – Yes. – I see. / – She’s cute. I heard she has a talent. Whoever calls her, she goes to you only. – Do you mean Jenny? / – Yes. – Of course, she does. / – Is that true? – Do you want to see it? / – Yes, please. – Show us. / – This is her first time. You can do it. (This is her first time. You can do it.) – She’s so smart for her age. / – Let’s see. – This is her first time. / – Sit over there. – Is this her first time? / – Yes, it is. (It won’t be easy if this is her first time.) – She’s stuck. / – She doesn’t want to come out. – She looks like Ilsub. / – Let’s go. – She really looks like him. / – Jenny. (Jaeseok calls Jenny.) – She went to Ilsub. / – Hi, sweetie. I’m here. (She went to her owner!) Let’s put her farther from him. – Okay. Let’s do that. / – Okay. She was too close to you. – Let’s try again. / – Shall we all call her? – Let’s call her. Jenny. / – Jenny. – Jenny. / – Jenny. – Sweetie. / – Jenny. Oh, my. (Jenny reacts when Ilsub calls her “sweetie”.) – She sat down when he called her. / – I’m here. – Jenny. / – She’s so pretty. – I’m here. / – Jenny. – I’m here. / – Jenny. (Jenny gets up and moves.) – Jenny, come here. / – Jenny. – She’s scared. / – Sweetie. Jenny. – Myungsoo, don’t do that. / – Gosh. – Sweetie. / – Jenny. – Jenny. / – Sweetie. – She came to me. / – Exactly. (She’s not interested in finding her owner.) – Jenny. / – She’s not going to you, Ilsub. – Sweetie. / – Did you lie to us? – Did you lie to us? / – He seems to be taken aback. – She’s sitting in front of him. / – Right. – Have you not tried this before? / – No, I haven’t. Then why did he say that it’s her talent? Thanks you Jenny, I was invited to join the show. – Right. / – Yes. Jenny, stay in the blanket. – Come here. / – She might be cold. – Puppies look the cutest at her age. / – She’s cute. – Right. / – She’s just so adorable. – She’s like a baby. / – Who’s next? (Will another cute puppy come out?) (The next puppy) (exudes an extraordinary vibe.) (No one knew how this puppy could be.) – Hello. / – Hello. It’s a Shih Tzu. It’s nice to meet you. Look at its face. – Hi, Shih Tzu. / – Can I control it? He turned from a legendary idol star to a puppy’s dad. – He’s Tony An! / – Tony An! – Tony! / – My puppy’s name is Edward. – Edward? / – Yes. – He’s a male dog. / – He’s adorable. He’s three years old. – Three years old? / – He’s the oldest one in here. Maybe because he’s three years old, he seems relaxed. – Really? / – Does Edward listen to you? – Yes, he does. / – Could you show us? I’ll show you basic skills. – Okay. / – That would be great. – He doesn’t look obedient. / – Like “Sit.” Edward. – He went to see Jenny. / – Edward. Don’t hit on her. Come here. You can’t go there. Gosh. Seriously. – Tony, what’s the matter? / – Edward, sit! Edward, sit. (Whatever…) – Edward. / – He doesn’t listen to you. – Come here. / – Where is he going? (Edward is very distracted.) – Edward, come here. / – What’s going on? – Oh, my. / – Hey, stop it! (He doesn’t do anything he’s told to do.) – Sit, Edward. / – Hey. – He doesn’t listen to Tony at all. / – Right. – He’s so distracted. / – He listens to me at home. It happens in a different environment. By the way, the two of them… (Hosae is startled.) – He’s startled. / – I’m sorry. (The outlaw of Happy Together Town) – Are you sure Edward is all right? / – Gosh. – I have a feeling it’ll be a long day. / – Edward! – Edward, come here. / – Edward! – Edward. / – Hosae, stop. Edward. Hosae, wait. It feels like we’re in a pet cafe. We can see different types of puppies. It’s nice. – Tony. / – Yes? You said he makes a gesture when you drink alone. Now I don’t believe you. – When I drink alone at home, / – Yes. there’s no one to talk to. – Do you talk to your puppy? / – Yes, I look at him, – Do you talk to him? / – and talk to him. – Does he react to what you say? / – He’s looking away. Edward. How long have you not seen Edward? – I mean… / – What’s wrong with you? Tony. Isn’t Edward angry because you left him alone for long? He and I sleep together every night. – Is that so? / – Yes. – He keeps looking away. / – He’s different from… – the other puppies. / – Isn’t he angry? I do live with him. – Look at him. / – He’s struggling to get away. He was dying to get away from Tony. – He likes Jenny only. / – Don’t hit on her. Don’t hit on Jenny. – Edward is very lively. / – He’s really lively. All right. Let’s… Edward! Edward! – Let him go around. / – Where are you going? – Edward! / – He’s going to the dog house. He doesn’t listen to his owner. – Please don’t do that. / – He went into the house. Edward! – Edward. / – He doesn’t listen to his owner. – He doesn’t listen to Tony. / – All right. All right. Goodness. Don’t look. – That wall looks real. / – It’s about time. – Dogs do that on the walls / – That’s right. around houses. – That was so funny. / – Our set looks so real. We should’ve prevented that. – Our staff must be proud. / – Right. – He can be such a good entertainer. / – Goodness. – Where are you going? / – Edward, sit. – Hey, don’t come near her. / – Edward, sit. We saw him doing that a few minutes ago. Next up is a guy whom every girl wants to date. He’s every Korean girl’s younger lover, Kwak Siyang! Kwak Siyang! (Hosae runs away while Saeho is clapping.) Hosae! – What was that? / – Saeho. (He gives off a refreshing vibe.) – Hello, Siyang. / – It’s coming to us. – I’m sorry. / – What’s wrong with you? (Both Siyang and his dog have long legs.) Where should I sit down? – Is it the same breed… / – You and your puppy – are wearing matching clothes. / – Yes, we are. – Does he have any special talent? / – Come here. Sit. – Sit. / – It sat down. Lie down. Bang. Get up. – Awesome. / – High five. Good dog. Let’s give them a round of applause. (Sangnam, male, two years old, Boston Terrier) (Tony is envious.) Every dog except for Edward is obedient. His free spirit makes him charming though. How long have you lived with your puppy? – With Sangnam? / – Yes. It’s been only two months. – Two months? / – He’s so obedient. I brought Sangnam from – somewhere… / – Tony, how long have you raised him? – Three years. / – That’s the longest among all guests. He’s the least obedient among these dogs. Did you kidnap him? Oh, my! (Is someone here?) (Today’s last guests are here!) – They’re here. Hello. / – Hi. – Hi. / – Hi. I didn’t bring my dog, so I’ll be a dog. Please sit down. (He looks funny.) Every girl wants to have a body like hers. Every man wants to date her. Seolhyun! He’s forever the leader of G.O.D, Park Joon. – Welcome! / – Welcome! In fact, Seolhyun and Joon – have pet dogs too. / – Right. However, they couldn’t bring their dogs. – So they brought their photos instead. / – Yes, I did. – Her dog is huge. / – My goodness. – It looks bigger than you. / – It looks like a person. – Exactly. / – My puppy is a Bear-coat shar-pei. I’ve been raising him for nine or ten months. – Is that so? / – Yes. Bear-coat shar-pei dogs are fluffy. Are they usually big? Yes, they weigh about 20kg. He’s really big. Look at that photo. This one is a Toy Poodle. She’s three years old. Her name is Popcorn. Who took that picture? I think my mom took it when I was sleeping. Were you actually asleep? – Or did you pretend? / – I was… – I was actually asleep. / – I think she pretended. – Isn’t it obvious? / – Look at her hands. – She’s posing prettily. / – Exactly. The angle and everything else seem unnatural. I’ve never seen anyone sleeping like this. – I always sleep in this position. / – Like that? – You don’t look asleep. / – I think she’s pretending. Maybe she’s half asleep. – We can say she’s half asleep, / – Exactly. – If you sleep like that, / – but she’s not asleep. you get too tired to work. – All right. Next up is Joon. / – Yes. – Hi. / – Hi. – You couldn’t bring your dog today. / – No. – My dogs are at my house in the US. / – I see. One of them is too big to raise in an apartment. – He lives in a house. / – So you’re not raising them. I raised them. One of them is 13 years old, and the other is eight years old. I raised them in the US before I came to Korea. – I see. / – Yes. – You’ve been living in Korea for 20 years. / – Yes. – At that time… / – Your family is raising them. I’ve raised dogs since I was a child. – You’re a dog lover. / – That’s right. Seolhyun, do you act cutely in front of your dog? No, I don’t do that. Isn’t her dog supposed to do that? My agency told me… – He’s doing number two. / – I… – He’s doing number two. / – I… He’s doing number two. (My goodness.) Tony. – What’s wrong with you? / – It’s a number two. – It’s a number two. / – Why would you do that here? He’s marking his territory. – Please give me some tissues. / – We’ll clean up. – Gosh! / – Tony. (He’s embarrassed.) He pooped a lot. – He’s active. / – It can be a good sign for our show. – Of course. / – Poop is a good sign. – That’s right. / – Ilsub, is it a good sign to see poop while recording a TV show? – Yes, it is. Poop is a good sign. / – Right. – Exactly. / – It’s a good sign. – Seeing poop in a dream brings you good luck. / – Yes. Sweetie, you shouldn’t do that. Do you dance in front of your dog? I don’t usually do that. When my group released the new album, my agency asked me to film my dog to see how he reacts to our new song. – “Excuse Me”? / – Yes. – Shall we watch it? / – Shall we? Let’s go. One, two, three. four. (He goes away.) He’s not interested. He doesn’t show response. Give me a kiss. Oh, my. He’s kissing her. – He’s aggressive. / – Indeed. Goodness. – He’s acting so cutely. / – He really is. (She groans.) – Oh, no. / – Seolhyun just… (She screamed in a low-pitched tone.) – She was startled. / – She sounded like a man. – Seolhyun. / – I didn’t. Myungsoo, you have a pet dog too. – Yes, I raise a Bichon Frise. / – I see. Your dog checks on you – to see if you’re breathing fine. / – That’s right. My dog is like a rescue dog. – I see. / – It checks if I’m alive, and then leaves. All right. We have introduced our guests’ pet dogs. – Ilsub, we’ll start with you. / – Okay. – What are unique things about Jenny? / – “Sweetie.” I’ve been living with her for two months. She’s so smart that she follows me to the bed when I go to sleep. – At 7 a.m. sharp, / – Yes. she wakes me up. – At 7 a.m.? / – Yes. – At 7 a.m. sharp. / – She wakes him up every morning. Yes, she does. When I wake up, she asks me for breakfast. I give her food, and the next thing I do is drink coffee. She follows me to the kitchen. She knows your routine. – Yes, she knows my routine. / – That’s amazing. – She’s nice. / – She follows me to the bathroom too. – She waits for me. / – Does she know where to poop? – Of course, she does. / – She knows that already? – At first, I put potty pads in five places. / – I see. Now there only three. She’s perfectly trained. She’s really smart. Tony, you gave up on stopping Edward. – Come here. / – They fell in love with each other. – Oh, no. / – Hey, no! Stop! (The owners are taken aback.) – It’s chaos in here. / – That’s inappropriate! – He keeps eating. / – Now let’s go on without the dogs for smooth recording. (We’ll see the dogs later.) (Ilsub criticizes Myungsoo!) (I’m worried he might never be funny again.) – He’s hilarious. / – He debuted as a comedian… (Seolhyun, the popular star, is humiliated.) (Joon and Ilsub meet each other for the first time.) (Which celebrity has Ilsub dated?) (It’s a festival of laughter.) Seolhyun, please tell us about your dog. Is there anything unique about him? – It’s not really unique. / – I see. I often talk to my puppy. – I spend much time alone in my place. / – I see. I don’t like going out so much, so I stay home and talk to my puppy. I didn’t even potty train him, – but he knows where to do it. / – Is that so? Kim Heechul and I adopted our dogs around the same time. Heechul raises a Shiba Inu named Zor. (He raises a Shiba Inu named Zor.) – Oh, my. / – A Shiba Inu – named Zor? / – She startled me. – A Shiba Inu? / – It’s a kind of dog breed, right? – It’s a dog breed. / – It sounds like a swear word. – She startled me. / – I got startled too. – Zor was hard to potty train. / – I see. It seemed almost impossible. – What did you say? / – I got startled. – I said “impossible”. / – I see. – It seemed almost impossible. / – Okay. My dog was easy. He’s so smart. – He uses potty pads? / – Dogs resemble their owners. – What do you think? / – I think they do. Look how gluttonous Hosae is. – He does it anywhere, right? / – It’s amazing when I see how my dog behaves, I feel like I’m looking at a mirror. Many people say that Deongchi looks like Saeho. – Really? / – Yes. People say that when they see similar dog breeds. They say that when they see dogs with short neck. They look like Saeho. Joon, what about your dogs? What are their characteristics? The Chow Chow, the bigger dog, is similar to Seolhyun’s dog. Dogs like them think they’re humans. When my mom and I argue, it goes up to my mom and licks her hand. It’s so smart. It looks ugly, and it never listens to me when we go out, – but it acts like a person at home. / – That’s nice. Among all the guests, he’s having the hardest time. Tony. – He looks tired. / – He said he slept with his dog for three years, – but it was hard to believe his words. / – Right. – It seems like he adopted the dog yesterday. / – Yes. – He didn’t want to be with Tony. / – Exactly. It might be difficult for you – to believe whatever I say now. / – Please tell us. – When I’m about to go out, / – Yes. Edward comes up to me, and hug my legs like this. – I don’t believe you. / – Right. – He hugs you like this? / – That sounds… – That’s a lie. / – Anyone can tell. – We can’t believe him after what we saw. / – Right. Edward seemed to hate sitting with you. – When I’m putting on my pants, / – No way. – Does he dress you? / – he hugs my legs like a tree. – He doesn’t want you to go out? / – That’s right. He clings to my legs. That makes me feel… You know how children act like that – when their parents go out. / – That’s true. Seeing him doing that breaks my heart. So I try to sneak out of the house, but he comes out to the door. He wants to see me leave the house. Considering Edward’s behavior we just saw, I think he must go to the bathroom once he wakes up. – He has healthy bowel movements. / – That’s right. – He’s very lively. / – He’s so healthy. – He peed twice and pooped once / – Exactly. in such a short time. Let’s ask Siyang this time. What are the characteristics of Sangnam? Every time I go to sleep, he sleeps between my legs. He does? When I cover my body with the blanket, – he comes under the blanket. / – He goes to you. He always sleeps between my legs. I think Sangnam is the smartest among the dogs of us. – He’s trained very well. / – It took only two months. – If you have some snacks, / – Is it possible? you can train your dog little by little. Did you raise a dog before you adopted Sangnam? Yes, when I was a child. (He built up his own techniques since he was a child.) – No wonder. / – He has skills. Is Edward like that even though you gave him snacks? – Really? / – When you give Edward a snack and tell him to wait, he doesn’t eat it. – But the Edward we saw… / – Gosh. If Edward could speak, he would’ve said this to Tony. “Get lost.” (Why are you so clingy?) “Get lost. What’s wrong with you?” Ilsub, Jenny is still so young. – Why did you decide to adopt her? / – Right. I actually really love dogs. – I see. / – At home, I have a really old Jindo dog. – How old is he? / – He’s 20 years old. – He’s old. / – I had him since he was a puppy. I tried raising six dogs. But I couldn’t manage it. When I started living alone, there was nobody to talk to at home. – Right. That happens. / – You get lonely. So I wanted to learn how to give love, and I adopted Jenny. For two months I’ve been with her, I’ve been happy. – Is that right? / – When I give her love, she looks at me. She seems to understand me. Whenever I say, “I have to go,” she goes to the dressing room. – Dressing room? / – Dressing room. – Why? / – She wants me to change. She knows I have to get changed, so she goes there. – Goodness. / – So I get changed and say bye. Perhaps she thought you told her to go there. – She might’ve been confused. / – I’m happy. – You must be happy. / – By the way, even if Jenny stays with you, isn’t it lonely living alone? Right. I don’t resent anymore. I don’t have to wait for someone to treat me well. I don’t have to expect someone to do something for me. So I’m happy. I love it. I think about eating nurungji and kimchi for breakfast. – Alone. / – It’s fun to think about these things. You’ve been on several variety shows now. But a lot of people want to see you on dramas. – You have many fans. / – Until I unexpectedly went on “Grandpas over Flowers”, I always acted as a father in dramas. – Right. / – Right. I was the youngest grandpa, but I still became – You were the youngest. / – known as a grandpa. Even the show was titled “Grandpas over Flowers”. That show turned you from a father into a grandpa. – I turned into a grandpa. / – Right. I will come back as a young grandpa. Of course. In his times, Ilsub was known for his manliness. – Right. / – He looked very strong. – A manly man. / – He did the commercial – with a famous catch phrase. / – The bear. – Ursa. / – Right. I did that commercial for more than ten years. (I was the original manly man.) – In the past… / – I want to talk about Myungsoo. Of course. Is there a story about him? Whenever I saw Myungsoo on a show, I wondered when he’s going to be funny. – You wondered when he’d be funny. / – He’s a comedian. He kept saying things that are not funny, but the show still goes on. He always frowns, so I wondered if he’s got connection. – Connection. / – These days, Myungsoo is quite old now, – but he keeps getting younger. / – Is he? He keeps getting younger. – He’s like a kid. / – He’s cute and funny now. – He approved Myungsoo. / – His face got chubby. – “That’s it!” / – That’s it! Yes. (Ilsub likes Myungsoo.) Did the person who used to back you up quit? He asked if the person who used to back you up quit. The person who used to back me up quit, – You mean he’s trying harder now. / – so I work hard. – He looks better. / – Yes. His skin is as fair as an idol singer’s. – Idol. / – No way. – You went too far. / – He looks better now. (To Ilsub, he’s a cutie.) I heard you’re trying to get in shape. I got surgery two years ago for a herniated disk. I wasn’t gaining weight, but my belly kept growing. – I need to lose this belly. / – It’s for his health. Are you getting casting calls for dramas? I need to wait a little longer. – He’s not getting it yet. / – Not yet. – He’s right. / – He’s honest. – He’s right. / – He’s right. I heard he’s doing aquarobics. – It’s water aerobics. It’s good. / – Aquarobics. It helps him walk better. He’s busy. He works out, and he plays with his puppy. He’s busy. I have to do it to be as young as you. You are his role model. – He is. / – Wait. – Seolhyun is known for being very fit. / – Right. Is there a secret for keeping in shape? I get motivated by looking at my own picture. – You look at your own picture. / – Your own picture. There were times when I was chubby and when I was slim. When I compare the two pictures, I realize that I look better when I’m slimmer. So I compare the two pictures and get motivated. – Yes. / – Among many pictures, on which picture do you look the best? – I love wearing a dress. / – Do you? – So that’s my favorite picture. / – I liked that one. I liked the beer commercial. You were wearing leather trousers. I drank so much. That was a beer commercial. I heard girl groups order fried chicken secretly. Right. Nara from Hello Venus told us one time. They turned off lights to eat secretly but ended up burning her hair. – Right. / – It happened while cleaning up. When I was a trainee, I had to make sure my weight didn’t exceed the number they set. – Did they scold you if you weigh more? / – Yes. We had to write down what we eat. When they found out that we lied, they checked our bags. What did you lie about that time? – I ate chips and bread. / – What did you write? I wrote that I ate sweet pumpkin – and cabbage. / – She had to lie. Sweet pumpkin and cabbage. They couldn’t understand why I was gaining weight. What did you tell them then? I don’t remember. I envy them. They at least had food. We didn’t have anything to eat. You would’ve lost weight if you were with our agency. – You didn’t have anything to eat. / – We didn’t. Seolhyun is famous for eating well. I know. We once saw her eating two packets of jjajangmyeon. Yes. I became an issue by eating two packets of it. – Right. / – She eats a lot. That looks delicious. – I want to eat that. / – Do you eat two packets? – I cooked it. / – How many did you cook? Did you cook two packets? One is too small, so I need to eat two packets. – Really? / – Yes. – She eats so well. / – She knows how to eat it. – Look at that. / – You shouldn’t put too much water. Right. That video was viewed more than ten million times. – Ten million views. / – So I became – the model of that jjajangmyeon brand. / – Really? – Thank you. / – Shouldn’t you thank us? – She just thanked us. / – That’s not enough. – The advertiser saw the video / – I see. and thought of hiring me as a model. Seolhyun is the queen of commercials. – I’m so jealous. / – How many did you shoot? I don’t know how many I’ve taken so far. Currently, there are a little more than ten. – More than ten? / – They are airing at the moment. – You’re under contract for those commercials. / – Yes. – I don’t know the total. / – She doesn’t remember all. Cell phones, school uniform, cosmetics, drinks, beer, fried chicken, sneakers, jewelries, a fashion mall, sportswear, outdoor goods, jeans, a nail brand, a bicycle, a telecommunication company, a smart watch, a credit card, a pork brand, contact lens, shampoo, black box… A car insurance, a mobile game, a public campaign, a real estate application and more. It’s enough to support you for your lifetime. – Right. / – It’s unbelievable. Are there commercials you want to shoot? There can’t be more. You shot every kind. – There are many. / – What are those? I’ve never shot a commercial for home appliances. – I want to shoot one for a camera. / – She’ll get it. I want to shoot one for milk too. I think I’ve seen one. – Which one do you remember? / – I don’t know. – What was she doing? / – She looks pretty in person. – Do you know her? / – Do you know what Seolhyun does? I don’t remember. What do you do? – I… / – She does many things. – She’s on too many things. / – I’m on commercials. She’s a member of AOA. – AOA. / – Yes. – Thank you. / – Do you know everyone here? – You mean them? / – Them included. Do you know the guy with sunglasses? I know him well. – He’s a singer. / – Right. You are the best. I watched the drama in 1987. Was it called “Investigation 25 Hours”. – I watched that in the US. / – Investigation… It wasn’t “Chief Inspector”. It came after that. Are you married? No. Not yet. He doesn’t know her at all. She’s been on numerous commercials and TV programs, yet for Ilsub, she’s an unfamiliar face. – She’s an unfamiliar pretty girl. / – Yes. – I will work harder. / – He can ask if she’s married. You have to choose your partner carefully. – Ilsub… / – You should marry a celebrity. – Why? / – Why? She might get fooled if she meets someone else. They might say they run a business in the US. – Right. / – You can easily be fooled. Celebrities won’t fool you. We know about them. I’m becoming more curious. Do you know Tony? – Tell us honestly. / – Do you know me? Sorry? I know you well of course. – You know him, right? / – What do you think he does? I don’t know. He knows G.O.D, but he doesn’t know H.O.T. (Unexpectedly, G.O.D wins.) – How can he not know… / – I know. – Do you know H.O.T? / – I know H.O.T. – He’s a member. / – He was a member of H.O.T. – I was a member. / – I faintly remember. – Sing “Candy”. / – How many years have you been H.O.T? They disbanded many years ago. Has it been about 15 years? – It’s been 21 years since I debuted. / – Right. I’m an old man, so I don’t remember well. – That’s understandable. / – It’s hard to remember. All right. We briefly talked about Seolhyun, but she must be so busy shooting many different things. Thank you for being here. Do you have time to sleep? I was very busy until recently. But after our concert, the company gave us some time off. – You got a long overdue vacation. / – Yes. So I went to Vietnam with Shinyoung and Jimin. I saw the pictures you posted on social media. I’m very playful. We took a bath together there. When Shinyoung was washing her hair, I kept adding shampoo to her hair whenever she was almost done rinsing. – That’s dangerous. / – I added more each time she was almost done rinsing her hair. So she rinsed her hair for about 10 to 20 minutes. I don’t think Shinyoung would’ve let it pass. Shinyoung is generous with her. They’re really close. Don’t people usually bathe separately? – Why did you bathe together? / – Even if you’re close. – I feel embarrassed. / – We did everything together. – We even slept in one bed. / – Really? – We washed together and ate together too. / – Really? I heard you’re Taeyeon’s fan. – Yes, I am. She’s really cute / – Are you? – and pretty. / – Is that right? I told Shinyoung that. – And Taeyeon came out on Shinyoung’s show. / – Yes. She said I could be bolder. She said I shouldn’t be shy. – Did Taeyeon say that? / – Yes. – She wanted you say it more. / – Yes. Ilsub, have you liked any celebrities? – Me? / – Yes. In the past. Or you could tell us which celebrities you dated. – I think he will say it. / – You can say it now. – Tell us. / – Why would you ask him that? (Let’s see.) (He was known as the manly man.) (Which top actresses) (did he like?) (He will tell us now.) They all died. (It’s a shocking twist.) They all died. (Everyone cracks up.) (We are sorry for bringing it up.) Why would you ask him that question? – Goodness. / – This is by far – the most shocking thing I’ve heard. / – Why… – This is… / – Why did you ask? (I am sorry.) The way he said it made it more shocking. What are we supposed to say? – We apologize. / – They all aged and… We hope they will rest in peace. Whose fan were you? Among actresses who are still alive, I liked Kim Heeae. – She’s beautiful. / – She’s amazing. Why did you like her? She’s very smart. Among all the actresses alive, there’s no one who acts better than her. – You were on the drama “Son and Daughter” / – Yes. – as Heeae’s father. / – I knew she’d be big. – Yes. / – The actress I liked when I was younger was… I didn’t like her as a woman. – But I liked Jaok. / – Late Kim Jaok. – She was beautiful. / – I liked her as an actress. I worked with her on her last work. It felt good. I heard Joon came to Korea three days ago. – Yes. / – On the internet, – Joon is called “Baam the Great”. / – Right. – He’s Baam the Great. / – Yes. – What does that mean? / – He always says “baam”. – His way of speaking became popular. / – It’s natural. I’ve been saying it since I was little. When I hit someone, I hit while saying “baam”. I say it’s “baam”. That’s how I say it. – What does he mean? / – That’s why I say it. It’s Joon’s habit. He always says “baam” at the end of his sentence. – But what does it mean? / – Explain to him, Joon. It’s like this. Let’s say you ate this. Not this candy. Let’s say you ate something good. Then you say, “Delicious. Baam!” It’s an exclamation. – It’s an exclamation. / – Pass. – It’s like “Yippee”. / – “Yippee”. – It’s like that. / – It’s like “Yippee”. – Baam! / – That’s it. – That’s it. / – Yes, baam! – Ilsub. / – Baam. (It’s Joon’s Exclamation 101.) – There’s another one he says. “G-yeah”. / – “G-yeah”. – It’s “G”. / – “Watch out.” Ilsub understood it as “Watch out.” (He thought it meant “watch out”.) (He laughs.) – It’s an exclamation. / – I learned something new. Hyeongyeong, look here. – You can read this. / – “My little brother”. What’s “Have a pretty baby baam”? – He uses it for everything. / – It’s because I did it and got a baby right away. You’re going to be a dad this May. – That’s right. / – Next month! (He’s a daddy now.) – Baby! / – Is it a son or a daughter? It’s my first time saying it. It’s a daughter. (He’s going to love his daughter so much.) – Congratulations. / – It’s a daughter, but I honestly thought it was a son. – I checked the sonogram. / – The sonogram. And there was something in the middle. So I said, “It’s a boy!” But it turned out to be an umbilical cord. – It was an umbilical cord. / – It was a daughter. He mistook the umbilical cord as a penis. – It’s amazing to have a daughter. / – It’s lovely. – It’s lovely. / – Having a daughter is amazing. Didn’t your wife get pregnant right after marriage? No. We wanted to enjoy – our life for about a year. / – Your newlywed life? We wanted to take trips to the US and to Hawaii. Then we decided to give it a shot. One day, I came home around 2:40 a.m. after work. My wife said, “Honey”. I was so sleepy. I asked her what it was, and she said today was the day. – We had to do it. / – It was the day. It was the day, but I was too tired. It’s the day! You don’t have to go into the details. So I told my wife I was really sorry. I was really sorry, but I just did it quickly. But she got pregnant. My wife became sensitive after three weeks. So we did a test, and she was pregnant. She got pregnant on the first try. – It was… / – Congratulations. – Congratulations. / – “Baam” is like “that” in Korean dialect. – Right. / – Right. You can use it any time. – Right. We understood everything. / – Yes. – We understood everything he said. / – He’s great. When a girl’s pregnant, she craves for a lot of things. Did she crave for anything special? She craved for many things for the first two months. When she wanted to eat tteokbokki, I went to buy it. When it’s past 10 p.m., I had to struggle to find it. When I finally got home, she had one bite and was done with it. It was up to me to finish the rest. I usually don’t gain weight, but I gained a little. – You had to finish everything. / – Right. – It’s a little different story, but… / – Yes. You went to Taehee and Rain’s wedding. Are you close to them? I know them very well. Are they well now? How are they? – Now? They are very well. / – Yes. After marriage. You can live well when you’re that rich. (He gives a cutting remark.) That’s right. You’re right. – You can’t buy happiness with money, but… / – But… – It’s an important condition. / – I’m being honest. – Of course. / – Wait. – Do you have to go to the bathroom? / – I know him. – You suddenly remembered. / – I know him. – He remembered Tony. / – I’m sorry. Don’t mention it. Tony, nowadays, people around you including Moon Heejun are getting married. – All the first generation idols are married. / – Yes. Heejun and Joon are married. – All the girls of S.E.S are married. / – Right. – They’re all married. / – Don’t you feel pressured? I used to meet Heejun very often. But I had no clue. I didn’t know he was dating. – He completely kept it secret. / – He didn’t tell me. One day, he asked me to have soju with him. And he seriously said, “I have something to tell you.” “I’m getting married.” – I almost dropped the glass. / – Really? I heard they dated for eight months. – He didn’t tell you at all. / – I didn’t know, and Kangta didn’t know either. None of us knew. Not even his managers knew. He asked me if I wanted to know who his fiance is. It must’ve surprised you once more. But I didn’t want to know. I thought I was going to get drunk and tell Jaeduck. Really. I thought I’d say, “Don’t tell this to anyone.” But Jaeduck is a member of Sechs Kies. So I didn’t want that to happen. – Does that still matter? / – It’s like that. I couldn’t let a member of Sechs Kies know it – before our members hear about it. / – Right. So I told him I’d wait for the news article. And the next day, I found out that it was Soyul. – You didn’t ask him who it was. / – I didn’t. I was really surprised when I found out who it was. You were surprised twice. – I was so shocked. / – You didn’t expect it. I tried searching who it might be. – “Who could it be?” / – You searched him. Yes. I looked up who worked with him. But I didn’t think… If you were that curious, you should have asked him at the spot. Tony’s mom is very popular these days. – She is a star. / – That’s right. She likes it, right? Do you like the fact that she became well-known? I like that she recovered her health. How fortunate! Is her restaurant doing well? Her restaurant in Gangwon Province became so crowded that I can’t visit it. She gets a lot of offers to be on shows. – I see. / – She gets more offers than me. I am serious. I heard Tony’s mom – has taken a liking to Gunmo. / – Really? Is it true? We have seen the signs on TV. – I found out about it through the show. / – Really? I found out about it through the show. There is an age difference of 20 years. I’m sure she likes him as the eldest son. She went to Gunmo’s concert in secret. It was at the end of the year. I didn’t know about it. She went to Gunmo’s concert without my knowing. – Really? / – She went in the middle of winter. – She went in the middle of winter. / – Yes. H.O.T should have a concert so that she can go. If we and Gunmo have concerts on the same day, she might go to Gunmo’s concert. – Is that how much she likes Gunmo? / – Yes. (He captivated the heart of Tony’s mom.) That’s how much she likes Gun Mo. Let’s talk about the topic Hyunmoo brought up. Some people think H.O.T should make a comeback as Sechs Kies has. Jaeduck asks me that every time I see him. “Is anything happening with H.O.T?” – That’s right. / – He asks me that. Although I work and meet up with the members often, we don’t talk much about this topic. – You avoid the topic. / – That’s right. Joon, G.O.D re-banded with all members. What kind of advice would you like to give him? I don’t know. When I was in the US after I hurt my back, I watched video clips of G.O.D’s past performances. Watching them made me think, “I was cool at the time.” This is what I said to the members. “We might not be as great as we were back then,” “but we can still make the fans happy” “by performing on the stage.” “They will give us energy. Let’s do this.” H.O.T will be able to re-band with that mindset. Happy Together is ready. If H.O.T re-bands and the members are willing, we will make a nice episode. – We have invited Shinhwa. / – That’s right. – Really? / – That’s right. – The episode with Shinhwa was a blast. / – It was. First of all, – we would be honored. / – If H.O.T re-bands, the members should be on Happy Together first and foremost. Happy Together will stand with H.O.T. – Thank you. / – Are you certain about that? (We will wait for you.) H.O.T! – Please make it come true. / – Don’t go elsewhere. Myungsoo really must have a powerful man behind him. Are you certain Happy Together will stand with H.O.T? – Yes, I am certain. I am on the hotline / – Good. with the executives of KBS. I thought the one you knew quit. – What? / – The one you knew quit. – Really? / – At this point, how good is the possibility of a comeback? One thing is certain. I will put more effort into H.O.T’s comeback than my marriage. (He will put more effort into H.O.T’s comeback.) Are you thinking about staying single forever? Maybe I shouldn’t have made that promise. Thank you for waiting. The next guest is Kwak Siyang. (The dream boyfriend, Kwak Siyang) It has only been three years since Siyang’s debut. He is already called “The nation’s young man” – and “The dream boyfriend”. / – “The dream boyfriend”. People are in a frenzy. I heard that you showed H.O.T’s dance and passed the audition among 10,000 applicants. – What does that mean? / – I can explain. Another broadcasting station made a music drama. – There was an audition. / – Yes. I danced to “We Are the Future” by H.O.T. I can’t dance very well. He will dance to the song in front of Tony. We must see it. He will dance before he talks more. He will show the dance of “We Are the Future”. “We Are The Future”! I stood with my back turned at first. I can’t wait to see Siyang dance. (Expectant) (It’s the legendary dance.) (“We Are the Future” by H.O.T) (Their bodies remember the dance.) (That’s incredible.) (He looks a bit wobbly.) My goodness. (Flapping) – His dance is strange. / – Is that Bongsan Mask Dance? (Was the music drama set in the past?) Did you win among 10,000 applicants with this dance? (Did you win among 10,000 applicants with this dance?) I can explain. – It started off nicely. / – It was like an exercise. – It’s… / – I doubt he won among 10,000 applicants. The number of applications that came in was 10,000. – Still. / – You should’ve told us that from the start. I wanted to, but you made me dance right away. That’s right. Siyang and Tony share similarities. Not only did Siyang dance to “We Are the Future”, he also trained in S.M. Entertainment for three years. – I see. / – Really? Really? Why didn’t you debut through S.M. Entertainment after three years? – Well, / – What was the reason? I have no talent in singing or dancing. It seemed that way. – Seriously. / – Acting is your calling. Since you were trained for three years, we would like to hear you sing. – Show us. / – He can sing a song by Panic. – A song by Panic. / – A song by Panic. He is panicking. He can sing a song by Panic. – Would you please sing us a song? / – “Snail”? I will sing “Station”. “Station” is a nice song. – I will sing just a bit of the song. / – Okay. (It’s his chance to redeem himself.) (Will he be a talented singer?) (Impressed) It’s good. (With his honey-like voice,) My goodness. (he captivates the studio instantly.) He has talent. – You can sing very well. / – You’re good. That’s right. He can sing very well. That’s why Lee Sooman kept him for three years. – He has talent. / – He can sing very well. I got goosebumps. Next comes a segment that can benefit the dogs. This is a win-win situation, the best of both worlds that kills two birds with one stone. Both you and your dogs will be happy with this beneficial quiz. “Star Quiz, How Is This Possible?” (Star Quiz, How Is This Possible?) What do you mean it benefits the dogs? Guests who get the answers right will receive premium dog food and dog grooming supplies. It’s because every guest has a dog. Let’s get the quiz started. If you know the answer, call out your name. Let’s choose a circle on the board. – First, Ilsub. / – Okay. Choose a circle. – I will pick this one. / – Okay. This one. – “Seolhyun”. / – “Seolhyun”. We will give you a question about Seolhyun. I picked it on purpose because you are pretty. “Seolhyun almost messed up the stage due to…” (Seolhyun almost messed up the stage due to this.) – Blank. / – Kwak Siyang. – Blank. / – Kwak Siyang. Mantis. (Siyang’s answer is “Mantis”.) Is it correct? It looks like it is. – Are you serious?/ – Siyang’s answer is “Mantis”. (Did he get it right) (on his first try?) “Mantis” is correct. – How did he know? / – A mantis must have scared her. Is it okay to get it right at the first try? – It’s okay. / – It’s okay. I guess we can talk among ourselves now. We should exchange ideas and such. We normally spend 20 minutes on a problem. We spent two minutes. He can do better next time. Feel free to answer the question right away. – We have a picture. / – What is that? It’s a mantis. Seolhyun, what is that? AOA went to give a performance at a university. The stage was in the middle of the lush forest. During the performance, – something strange flew over / – It was an insect. and landed on my thigh. I was so surprised that I stared at it while my body was dancing. Which song were you performing? We were giving a performance of our debut song, “Elvis”. Did it stay there while you were dancing? Yes, it stayed on my thigh. I was too scared to touch it. Other members swatted it away. It was this big. A mantis can be very big. Didn’t you scream? I had to give a performance. You could have swatted it away during the performance. I was too scared. Our eyes met. You met eyes with the mantis. – Was it glaring at you? / – How did its eyes look? Did its eyes look like his? He is a grasshopper. – He is a grasshopper. / – They are in the same family. I think his eyes look similar. (Are they brothers?) Tony and Joon, have you encountered unexpected situations on the stage? One time, G.O.D performed at an amusement park. Because we had to hurry up to get to a live show, we decided to travel via motorcycles. We wore helmets. We had to speed and it was very scary. When we arrived, people ushered us in. I forgot to take my helmet off. – Really? / – Really? Wasn’t the helmet heavy? It was. I was so confused. – You performed with the helmet on. / – That’s right. You did it before Crayon Pop. We won the trophy. (I brought on the helmet craze.) Since Siyang got it right, he will choose a circle. – Okay. / – I choose the first circle. – The first circle. / – The first circle. – “Baek Ilsub”. / – “Baek Ilsub”. “That’s it!” That’s it. “Ilsub’s nickname was Myeongdong… in his youth.” Hyunmoo. “Myeongdong tonkatsu”. Incorrect. It’s not “Myeongdong tonkatsu”. – No? / – Seolhyun. “Myeongdong stone fist”. “Myeongdong stone fist”. Your answer is incorrect. I thought it was correct. Here is a hint. – Yard. / – Myungsoo. “Myeongdong gardener”. – It’s something in the yard, right? / – Yes. “Myeongdong broom”. – Broom? / – I think it’s correct. “Myeongdong broom” is correct. Please take a product. Why was his nickname “Myeongdong broom”? Did you sweep the streets of Myeongdong? – Did you do many good deeds? / – That’s not it. I believe it was 1967. When I was starting to become popular as a celebrity, KBS was located in Namsan. Since Myeongdong was near, I always went there for a drink after work. I played there. People called me “Myeongdong Casanova”. I was given all sorts of nicknames on weekly magazines. You swept people with your popularity. I will tell you how popular I was. They held a nation-wide popularity contest. Since there was no internet at the time, – people voted by sending in a postcard. / – Right. – There was a big pile. / – They were postcards, right? That’s right. “Every one of them has your name.” My goodness. Did you have a rival? No, I didn’t. – You were unrivaled. / – Yes. There is no way we can fact-check. – He says he was unrivaled. / – We will believe him. What about Lee Soonjae? He was with TBC. What about Shin Gu? Shin Gu didn’t rise to the top until later. – What about Park Geunhyung? / – Who? – Park Geunhyung. / – Park Geunhyung. (The handsome actor, Park Geunhyung) (Finally,) (he found his match.) (Who will be the winner?) He wasn’t as popular as me. – I see. / – He wasn’t as popular as me. – I see. / – He wasn’t as popular as me. He was mostly in plays. – Your popularity was unrivaled. / – That’s right. Did members of H.O.T. ever become self-absorbed? Back then, we focused on appearing mysterious. Celebrities who impress other celebrities – are the true celebrities. / – Right. They are celebrities’ celebrities. When we entered the broadcasting station, we had bodyguards with us so that the others wouldn’t see us. They were so obnoxious. They were so obnoxious. – Seriously. / – We were surrounded – by eight bodyguards / – I was very surprised. and managers. In total, about 12 people escorted us to and from the studio. – They didn’t say hello. / – What? – They didn’t say hello. / – You saw them back then. – Of course I did. / – I didn’t see you. I don’t know if they ignored me in the hallway because they couldn’t use one eye with that hairstyle. – They didn’t say hello. / – It wasn’t intentional. What Joon said was hilarious. – “They were so obnoxious.” / – That’s right. How would you say that in English? They were so obnoxious. (Roll your tongue.) What Joon said was hilarious. Is there a member who is missing an eye? What? (He is concerned.) Their hairstyle blocked their vision. (We are sorry.) Seolhyun doesn’t know what to do. (She is surrounded by bombs.) Joon keeps going, “Baam!” Her shoulders are becoming narrower. – Seolhyun, are you okay? / – Yes. Say “Excuse me” if you are stressed out. “Excuse me.” Tony, how did members of H.O.T. go to the restroom? We used restrooms outside of the broadcasting station. If we had to use it inside the broadcasting station, bodyguards stood outside. Now, Tony goes, “Edward!” (Edward doesn’t know how he feels.) – “Edward!” / – Edward pooped. He cleaned up after Edward. – All right. / – These days, I see junior singers who do that. – Really? / – Yes. – In 15 years… / – Give them a piece of advice. In 15 years, you will be exactly like me. Don’t worry about it too much. It’s a good piece of advice. Live comfortably. Let’s move on to the next question. Saeho will choose. I will choose the second circle. The second circle. “Joon Park”. (It’s a question about Joon.) It’s a question about Joon. “The debut song of G.O.D, ‘Dear Mother'” “originally mentioned… not jjajangmyeon.” – I don’t know this one. / – Blank. – Seolhyun. / – Seolhyun. – “Jjamppong”. / – Is it correct? Mother said she doesn’t like jjamppong – Incorrect. / – Siyang. Siyang. Is it “Ramyeon”? – It doesn’t make sense. / – I don’t think so. Mother said she doesn’t like ramyeon – Incorrect. Tony. / – “Japchae”. Japchae? – Japchae? / – No way. It wouldn’t be japchae. Mother said she doesn’t like japchae It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. Correct! Are you serious? – Japchae? / – Why is it japchae? It doesn’t make any sense. Mother said she doesn’t like japchae Mothers like japchae. Why was it originally japchae? The song… (The lyrics of “Dear Mother” go,) (“Mother said she doesn’t like jjajangmyeon”) It’s about the days of financial struggles. Everyone liked jjajangmyeon – back then. / – It was well-liked. That’s right. We used jjajangmyeon in the end to reach the wider audience. When I was young, my father passed away. My mom worked at a factory in the US. She gathered around with other Koreans to eat lunch during the break. They would bring Korean dishes. – One would bring kimchi. / – It was a packed lunch. One would bring japchae. Instead of eating them, my mom packed soda and japchae in foil and brought them to me. – She wanted to feed her child. / – After school, she would give me japchae for dinner. I said, “Mom, have some japchae.” She answered, “I don’t like japchae.” When there was a leftover, she packed it for my school lunch. My packed lunch gave off smell of Korean food. Not many people knew about Korean food. Kids would spit at my food. That’s where the school lunch scene came from. (His struggles in the US inspired the lyrics.) (A rich kid got mad at me) (He got mad at me for bringing a humble side dish) That’s why the song originally mentioned japchae. Why did you change it to jjajangmyeon? It’s a dish everyone can relate to. – It’s a popular dish. / – That’s right. Jjajangmyeon rhymes better too. Japchae is a bit… Mother said she doesn’t like japchae It sounds like a swear word. Mother said she doesn’t like japchae – I think it sounds nice. / – Really? Jinyoung said that jjajangmyeon is better. The song is based on an event in Joon’s life. Fortunately, my mother is living in perfect health. – The story about japchae is sad. / – I know. I didn’t know even though I have heard the song many times. I didn’t know it was originally japchae. Thanks to that song, our members had many bowls of jjajangmyeon for free. I see. Not many people sell japchae. Let’s move on to the next question. (Tony An) It’s about Tony An. “Because of…” “the police had come to Tony’s house.” – Blank. / – Blank. Myungsoo. “Thief”. Incorrect. For your information, it happened in the US. – “Obsessive fan”. / – Joon. “Cheonggukjang”. (Joon answers.) It’s correct, right? – I think I got it right. / – It happened in the US. Correct. (The answer is cheonggukjang.) You know, I have to mail it to the US. I know because of Danny’s mom. When she first came to the US, she cooked cheonggukjang and the police showed up. Really? They thought she was eating dog meat. People were prejudiced. It happened three months after I moved to the US. My dad had brought back a brick of fermented soybeans. He suggested that we make cheonggukjang. It’s delicious. they received a report of a rotten odor. They said they have to check the house. They thought they might find a body. In that case, Joon… I got arrested every day for no reason. – Really? / – At a school, I majored in design. I would drive after drawing in the studio until late and hear the siren. It would be the police. “Put your hands up.” “Put your hands where I can see them.” “Put your left hand and right hand up.” Then he would ask to see my driver’s license. What am I supposed to do with both of my hands up? (What do they want?) I asked, “What did I do wrong?” He said, “Someone who looks like you stole a car.” “The suspect looks exactly like you.” (The suspect is a doppelganger.) My goodness. The thing is, I always got stopped. You should be careful in Korea too. You are right. The next segment is “Find an Exaggerated Story”, – “That’s A Lie!” / – “That’s A Lie!” (“Find an Exaggerated Story, That’s a Lie.”) Let’s go. If we hear a story from everyone and find a lie, puffed grain snacks will rain. If we fail to find a lie, the guests will receive a Korean pork gift set. A Korean pork gift set. (I will fool them.) What kind of stories will we hear? Let’s find out. Everything Joon says sounds like a lie. – It’s hard to trust him. / – I know. I have starred in Janet Jackson’s music video. – Really? / – Yes. We can’t check if it’s true. I was walking in Hollywood. An African American approached me. He said, “Hey, do you want to be in a video?” At that moment, I thought since I was in Hollywood and he asked me, I thought the video was a bit fishy. I told him that I didn’t want to be in the video. – You thought it was fishy? / – Yes, I did. Of course. He told me that it was Janet Jackson’s music video. I asked him if this was true and about the role. He said I might have to dance in the video So I said okay. He gave me an address. I went to the address he gave me the next day. I ended up filming the music video that day. Was Janet Jackson there? Someone tapped me. I looked down. Her eyes were as big as this. I am serious. – She was looking at me with those big eyes. / – Gosh. – Now his story sounds… / – I think that’s a lie. – It’s true she has big eyes, but… / – They were big. Her eyelashes were so long that they were like fans. (Her eyelashes flapped like fans.) When I looked, I saw her glittery eyes and said hello. When she smiled, her teeth were as big as this. – She’s not a monster. / – Goodness. So we met and we exchanged handshakes. They told me to take off my shirt. I asked them why I needed to take off my shirt. They told me that I had to do something. So I did. – They put a diaper on me. / – What? – I put on a big diaper. / – Okay. I asked what it was for and if this was a real video. I told them I didn’t want to film anything weird. They told me it wasn’t and we started filming. There was a rope and I was told to pull the rope. (He pulled the rope in a diaper.) – So I pulled the rope. / – Okay. I was told to pretend struggling to pull the rope. – So I did. / – Okay. The director approved of it and told me to go home. – Were you an extra? / – So are you in the video? Yes, I’m in the video. – Really? / – Which song is it? It’s “If” by Janet Jackson. – For that… / – It was released in 1993. How long is your part? If you sneeze, you will miss my part. – You’re gone. / – That’s how short it was. After I filmed it, I went home and told all my friends. – What is it? / – We can check this right away though. How much did you get paid for your appearance? – Should I give you an honest answer? / – Yes. Tell us. They paid me 897 dollars. – That’s a lot. / – But it was a short scene. – That happened in 1993? / – It’s about 800 dollars. – That was my fee at that time. / – The value is now… – It’s about 1,000 dollars. / – It’s a monthly salary. (I have starred in Janet Jackson’s music video.) (Is this true or false?) I wonder what other untrue stories will be hidden. His story might happen in the US. – I have been… / – By the way… The staff told me Edward has gone crazy. – He’s everywhere. / – He’s all over the place. – Really? / – He is all over the set. – I heard he’s gone berserk. / – He’s making a mess. (Don’t worry about me.) – He’s a mutt. / – Edward. (Oh, no. My poor dog.) (My dog doesn’t behave like that.) After my dog helped me at first, I didn’t do much. – I will do better in this segment. / – Great. – What is it? / – I have been robbed of money by primary school students. – That’s possible. / – How old were you? That happened when I was in middle school. – Middle school? / – That could happen. – Some primary school students are big. / – Right. They looked me right in the eyes and told me to give them everything. – Around my stomach, / – Goodness. I felt something was poking. – Oh, my. / – I looked down to see what it was. It was a big knife used in the military. – What? / – It’s called Rambo knife. – Rambo knife? / – Yes. They asked me if I still didn’t take them seriously. – You’re good at storytelling. / – So I… I said that I was sorry. I gave them my wallet and bag. But to be honest, isn’t this believable though? The story was too boring to think that it was made-up. – That’s true. / – This must be a true story. – There’s no climax. / – I’m sorry. – The story was boring. / – It was long too. At first, I suspected that it might be a lie. Because of the long, boring part of the story, I had to conclude this is a true story. This has to be the dullest story ever told – in this segment. / – This was an easy one. (I’ve been robbed of money by primary school students.) (Is it true or false?) We will listen to Ilsub’s story now. (Ilsub tries next.) I helped Kang Sooyeon the top star of Asia make her debut. I helped Kang Sooyeon make her debut. – This is true. / – We can ask her. – It can’t be a lie. / – Why don’t you give her a call? – Do you have her number? / – No. I don’t. – He has no plans. / – You told us to call her, but how could you not know her number? Anyway, there was a TV station called TBC. – A stadium was in Unyeon-dong. / – Really? It was when Sooyeon was in… (How old was she?) (Is he making up a story now?) Are you making up your story? Are you? Was it her second year of primary school? – Primary school? / – She was a third grader. – That’s possible. / – She came to the TV station. She called me and came to me. I thought she was so pretty. She was so pretty. I asked if she wanted to be an actress. She said yes. That’s how I produced a children’s drama. Everyone starred on it. I think you reached your limit as you make it up. – Did he stop? / – When you are talking… Anyway, the children’s drama was successful. – I can’t believe it because her debut… / – And – can’t be veiled like this. / – She became an actress. – How come we didn’t know about this? / – Exactly. It is true she started off as a child actor. – It is. / – She shot a film with Sohn Changmin. Anyway, – she was successful after that. / – Wait. “Anyway”. (He must be flustered again.) – You never listen to us. / – Right. – What do you mean “anyway”? / – I’m relieved now. – Anyway. / – What? – He keeps saying it. / – I saw her once. She said hi. – It’s a lie. / – Why do you gaze into space? – He’s staring at empty space. / – Why do you do that? You ate three puffed grain snacks. – Are you thirsty? / – You ate three. Are you thirsty? She must have felt thankful to you. Why are you laughing? (We caught you.) – Why are you laughing? / – Stop eating. I… (He is at a loss for words.) – Are you nervous? / – You didn’t know? From my observation of you today, – Did you / – you never moved up so close… – just fail? / – when you talked today. We can’t fall for his act. (He fidgets to pretend he’s flustered.) – Can it be true? / – Call her and ask. You don’t know her number. How can we? Seolhyun, do you think his story is true or false? – I saw one of the episodes. / – Okay. Shin Gu starred on the show and told his story. – I thought it was a lie but wasn’t. / – It was true. So I’m not sure. With Shin Gu, we thought it was a lie, but it was true. I think his story is a lie and it probably is a lie. – His story is not true. / – I mean it. – Everyone can see that. / – Isn’t it too easy then? His story is a complete lie. It’s fake. – “It’s fake.” / – “It’s fake.” It’s fake. Don’t you agree, Tony? Isn’t this a lie? Have you ever thought my story might not be true? No way. Yours is true. It’s boring and true. – It’s boring. / – Hey. Boring stories have to be true. You can’t tell a story in a boring manner if it’s not. I think he will be robbed of money again today. I think so too. (I helped Kang Sooyeon make her debut.) (Is it true or false?) All right. Kwak Siyang. Yes. – I almost died from a mine explosion. / – What? – This sounds serious. / – He must have watched a film. No, I didn’t. (You watched “Joint Security Area”.) This is a bit… I served in front-line GOP division. – You did? / – What’s the abbreviation for GOP? – It’s a good question. / – See? He doesn’t know. Well… – That’s… / – Isn’t GOP an abbreviation? That’s right. – You’re right. / – That was a silly question. (They are silly detectives.) (He always makes a wrong guess.) Did you ask for an abbreviation for an abbreviation? In a way, I’m an underdog in entertainment industry. Please start the story now. Every morning and night, we inspect the wired fence. – They do. Right. / – I was on my inspection. It was a claymore mine. – It’s a strong one. / – Claymore mine? It explodes at an angle of 120°. – The marbles fly into the air. / – Right. That’s how people get hurt from getting hit by them. I was inspecting the fence and something exploded. Everyone should have been dead. The reason why we survived was because there was a gap. It was off by 12°. We were within that angle. We were in the gap. – You were in the blind spot. / – We were. – The claymore mine… / – This is… The claymore mine was installed. What was the reason for the explosion after the army investigated? – You don’t know the reason, right? / – I don’t know. You hear this kind of story at reserve forces training. (It’s a story often heard at reserve forces training?) – He emphasizes on dangers of the mine. / – He mixed – in professional stories. / – The officer always told us we will die when we step on the mine. (I almost died from a mine explosion.) (Is it true or false?) Seolhyun. You are the last one. What is it? I was kicked out of my agency due to “Kung Fu Panda”. – What is this about now? / – It’s possible. We will settle that it’s possible. – Great story. / – All right. – We are not done yet. / – That’s a lie! That’s a lie! (The answer has already been decided.) That’s a lie. Sit down, please. (Is it over already?) – Myungsoo. Go back to your seat. / – Okay. – Seolhyun. / – Tell your story please. It was when I was a trainee. We practiced from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. “Kung Fu Panda 2” was released. All of us went to watch the film. We went to the theater after our practice. Out of all the people, the director saw the same film. We had to go back to our dormitory right away. The director personally took out our belongings and told us not to come for practice anymore. The director was heading home afterwards. We all thought that it was the end of our training. We kneeled down in front of the elevator and begged. We apologized and begged, but the director went home. – The director was angry. / – Right. We went to our practice studio the next day. All of our stuff there were taken out too. – That’s a lie. / – So I… – This sounds like a lie. / – It sounds a bit extreme. So then? We came back to our dormitory. Since it was summer, I wanted to eat – shaved ice with red beans. / – That was so sudden. We made shaved ice with red beans and were resting. – Did you eat cold noodles too? / – The agency told us to come back and we went to practice. You ate shaved ice out of the blue like a psychopath. – You were to be kicked out, but you ate that? / – I… It sounds like a bigger lie than Ilsub’s. – I can’t believe it. / – We only practiced and never had breaks. (They needed to relax.) We treated it like we were having a break. It had been a while since we had a break. – If this were true, / – You only watched a film. the agency didn’t plan to kick them out at all. – The agency wanted to scare them. / – I agree. – They just scared you. / – Right. (I was kicked out of my agency due to “Kung Fun Panda.) (Is it true or false?) I think this is a true story. – I think so too. / – Whose story is a lie then? (Ilsub’s story gets picked.) It’s Ilsub’s story. I second that. (You are the liar!) (Here you go.) I also agree. (Is his story really a lie?) All right. Ilsub. That’s a lie! We might be right. (Was it his outstanding acting?) (Or was it really a lie?) (Ilsub’s story) (was true.) – What? / – I knew it. It was a true story. – Was it? / – Really? – It was true. / – Goodness. I knew it was true. – He told the truth. / – He pretended to tell a lie. Right. He was acting. – You were acting, right? / – Yes, I was. – Amazing. / – They defeated us twice in a row. – You’re right. / – We lost twice in a row! I thought that it couldn’t have been possible. – Me neither. / – Can we ban old actors from starring? We have to invite Lee Soonjae. We have to win now. – Sooyeon was pretty. / – Pardon? – She was beautiful. / – We all know that. – Was it “The Adventure of Ttolttori”? / – Yes. – She took the leading role? / – She starred in it. This means then… – He has two votes. Let’s check his story / – Tony’s? – It could be a lie. / – No way. – Tony. That’s a lie! / – That’s a lie! I think his story is true. I told you. It’s Siyang’s story. – It’s Siyang’s story. / – Was it true? I told you. It’s Siyang’s story. I am certain. (He investigated him up close from the start.) (He doesn’t miss even a small detail.) (Once I have you in my clutches, I never let go.) That’s what happened. (I am Detective Hyunmoo.) – Siyang! / – I am certain. – Siyang. That’s a lie! / – That’s a lie! (Will his detective skills pay off?) (I almost died from a mine explosion.) – That’s a lie. / – I told you so! (That’s a lie.) Gosh. That was so close. It was Siyang. – Hyunmoo was right. / – Siyang. (Siyang was the liar.) This is driving me crazy. I didn’t make it up. I was an administrative clerk. I was a clerk in the army. – He heard it from someone. / – He was clerk. Gosh. – Did you hear it from someone? / – It is like – a myth in my division. / – I told you. This makes sense now. This can’t happen. – I knew it was a lie. / – He wasn’t nervous though. – I can’t trust Siyang now. / – Exactly. Tony’s story was true just like we predicted. – It was true. / – It was such a boring story. It was. I think being boring has to be my talent. It was a true story. How could you have – told the story in such a dull manner? / – I mean Seolhyun. Your story was amazing. So you were about to get kicked out due to a film? Right. I was kicked out. At first, we were flustered too. It was so nice to have a break at last. We were resting and they wanted us to come back to practice. We were a bit sad. – Gosh. / – How hard the practice must’ve been. You were happy to eat shaved ice. You were sad to go back. – They were sad. / – We thought we’d get a week off, but they called after three days. They were just scaring you. I must find the video in which Joon was in a diaper. – We have to. / – There really is a music video? – Does it exist? / – Were you in it for two seconds? Anyway, since we didn’t make the correct guess, we will give all five of you a Korean pork gift set. (Every guest receives a Korean pork gift set.) Thank you for joining us today. We will come back next week. – Thank you. / – Please support Happy Together! (Scene stealers have been dispatched!) (Their roles can be small or significant.) (They win the viewers’ heart.) (Next week’s episode will be funny as well!) (“Paper Umbrella” by Yesung)

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  1. I randomly looked at HT's wiki page last night and it said that each recording would now be for 2 episodes at a time because recording often went way overtime and too much good footage would end up being edited out. I have no issue with that but wiki also implied that the show was also changing its entire hosting team? Has anyone heard of this?

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