Happy Pet Story!

hey guys what's up LD tality and today I'm trying out happy pets sorry it still sounds lovely let's start a new game we get to choose a character let's randomize him a couple of times see what the possibilities are oh they're so cute okay let's make a customized one though we have to have it pink but what shade of pink shall I choose oh my gosh there are so many more colors let's go for this pink and I'm gonna change the shape of the head Oh an alien let's try and make it look a bit like a cat so I'm gonna go for that one and change the eyes to be super cute like that or like that nope they're bit face perhaps these eyes they're pretty cute I love me some brown eyes so let's keep those and change the nose oh my gosh we have a little Rudolph nose a little piggy nose oh and that's a koala nose that one's pretty cute that one really works now let's change the ears cuz he looks a bit of a bear at the moment so I'm Liz although that looks super weird hi stranger let's try the cat ears they're pretty cute oh no this just looks like an abomination of nature what kind of animal even is this I don't even know what to do how to fix this I just keep making it worse let's customize the mouth next I want to give it a cheeky smile just kidding that's actually terrifying oh my gosh that one's even worse Oh magic looks wrong how about this one nope even worse these are all super weird I like that one that one's pretty cute and what's this Oh eyebrows I didn't even notice the eyebrows I kinda like the ones that he already has cuz they look like little love hearts let's test out some of the others I didn't notice how much eyebrows can change your face let's go for these what are these oh they're like facial details okay do we want any of these wow we could make a tiger or a giraffe we could make a panda hang on no that doesn't like a panda at all oh my gosh changing the color I just can't decide do they all look so cute I really like the yellow though it's really bright and colorful okay I'm gonna go for yellow because I'm feeling bright and colorful so let's create give it a name I'm gonna call it sunshine let's do it welcome to happy pet story I'm mojo Mayor of the term let me be your guide okay this is your room pretty basic now isn't it let's place the cupboard over here okay why do I even need a cupboard I am a bear oh we've got books apparently a bad that can read great have fun decorating your room you can get more decorations from the town's decor shop see you outside okay for starters shall we get you dressed up Tara has some great looking clothes in store for you at the fashion shop okay I mean I don't think I need clothes everyone seems to be fine with me running around naked right now but I don't mind getting dolled up every now and then let's find this shop then oh here it is good day and welcome let's have a look at the clothes they look a little weird by the waitress dress for zero dollars well if it's free I'll take it oh no I should have tried on the other stuff now I can't buy any of that I guess this is what I'm wearing now okay what is this good day and welcome here you can get any deco pieces for free now consider this as a gift for me oh oh my gosh look at this how adorable there's a little sheep bed or this statue I can't decide I think I can only get one I think I'm gonna get a little sheep lamb bed cuz it's so cute there you go a fine selection look there's a clue that you can tap on get the clovers to get into fever mode what tap on the fever button now okay what happened oh my gosh okay this how long does Stephen I don't know what's going on can you die of a fever but I don't feel well oh thank goodness fabulous you learned the ropes like a seasoned townie already I'll be off to guide new Tony's have fun okay so now I am going to decorate to my house because it is looking rather plain let's find that bed pop that in here oh we've got loads of stuff on this bath and a chair right next to it in case yeah I want some company while I'm bathing Oh in this adorable chest of drawers too I can put my books on there that is all the furniture that I own now apparently so I guess we should buy some more all right let's stumble over to the deco shop good day Philip what do you have to say all today oh it's still got the statue should I buy it yes why did I do that okay now we can put the statue in sir I'm just gonna put that in the bathroom of course where else this is definitely my favorite part of the house oh my gosh I'm in the bath let's try and find that guy oh hello what are you doing hanging around outside my house in and out in and out who's still in the house can you tell me now you all right no Joe sure let's do it there's a mini game happening I don't understand what do I do okay there's a hat what mojo went in the house and that terrifying looking thing went right out the other side so I'm pretty sure mojo still in there oh my gosh Shep was going too fast now guys slow down this one's in the house can't fool me my goodness guys slow down there's like seven people in there now Wow you got it wrong whoo you ad pay good attention here's your awards whoo okay now what I was looking for a cool gadget but I guess not everyone carries around all this time especially when your inventory looks pretty empty are you sassing me mojo what the heck he is so rude okay I think I've been in this building yet so I'm gonna check it out good today oh we can get new hairdo let's check it out not really me that one it definitely does not suit me and apparently hats aren't my thing either is there anything else I can wear nope okay I don't like these choices Bonnie the hope has been looking for a trash banana cap for quite some time would you be so kind to deliver this to your neighbor oh okay so we have to make a delivery now I don't know when it became a delivery driver I thought I was wearing a waitress dress but let's go find Phillip is he in here Phillip wow this person has a fancy house they've got a tiger whoa this place is awesome okay where the heck is Phillip has anybody seen Phillip oh it's right here good day here's your trash banana hat oh my you are a lifesaver please accept this as a token of my appreciation cool Oh what does this do oh I'm fishing I just throw a Pokeball out into the water oh here we go we got a fish well what do we do I got an ocean seabed all right then let's do some fishing well we're here come on yeah oh it's a fishy oh wow what do I do with it I sucked it up into my armpit okay what else is lurking in these waters come on yeah what the heck we got a snack it's actually a long thin eel and I suck that one up too what the heck this is very bizarre okay what is that Oh a beautiful fish if I ever did see one I wonder what I can do with all these fish trolly their only purpose in life is not to be stored in my armpit that one's wearing a hat if called John Dory here we go this is it whoa it's so cute okay what did the heck am I meant to do with all this can I sell them can I put them in my house or something wait hang on here all the fish they're all mounted I'm gonna hang this snake eel above my bed and where's my sea horse I'm gonna put that I'm gonna get rid of this one and put my seahorse in there instead there oh look there's new stuff in the shop why is there a heart monitor what would I need that for okay what about this magic wallpaper yes I probably should have previewed it first but I have bought it without actually looking at it whoops I hope that looks good in my house here we go ah can I go refund please I want to sell back my magic wallpaper which is disgusting thank you come again okay so we offloaded that hideous wallpaper the whole town is talking about the new Tony's arrival let's go and visit okay oh my gosh who is it it's Sarah I'm extremely excited to be here hey Aunt Sarah welcome to the town why is she saying welcome she's the new one I'd love to get to know you better after I finish my 100 laps okay let's do some laps whoa oh my gosh this girl is fitness crazy can I get on the treadmill oh my gosh of course I slept on the treadmill what else would I do want it hang on a second we can go and visit other people I'm gonna go visit subdued oh whoa they look like a human they gave me money just for visiting them look how cool the house is it makes mine look like trash it's pretty cute I'm just gonna sleep in that bed we can go visit this shop they don't have anything cool let's look at the clothes huh what is that what is this a squirrel I'm not gonna buy it I'm gonna resist okay let's have a look at the hairdos more like the hair don'ts what the heck these are all so weird maybe I just don't look right with hair yeah I think that's it I'm gonna come to your town Wow look at this guy's house ha oh my goodness I love it this is amazing let's see if we can buy some stuff no there's no cool stuff here where did he find all that cool stuff whoa that's cool though I'll buy that oh my gosh it looks amazing perfect now my lounge looks a lot better I'm gonna go visit a stranger oh I feel a lot better about my house now after seeing yours no offense floor guy seriously this place is empty well hello I love this oh wow this room is so cool whoa man my room sucks we buy anything cool to make my room look a bit better okay let's try one more house whoa oh hello careful with that sod thank you for the money whoa look at this bed that is the best bed ever is there anything to sell in your shop that is cool we've got some cool floor I'm gonna buy it Oh space lady let me take command of this spaceship whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa that is adorable I'm getting that and I'm getting this little toadstool as well up and 2-part okay let's go home and just cry for a little bit and with my new furniture which I spent all my money on oh that's hideous oh well too late now let's put this little heaven lamp up oh that's so cute my room is adorable well that is where I'm going to leave it for today guys if you enjoyed this make sure to leave a like and I will see you in another video

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  1. Can you go to my town in the happy pet story my name is queen wolf pls go to mah town thanks you : )

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