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31 thoughts on “Happy Dog Reacts to New Wheelchair | The Dodo

  1. This reaction is all we need four our #MondayMotivation! Keep up with Pigeon and all of her adventures on Instagram, @pigeonpup: http://thedo.do/pigeon.

  2. I just found this video and am so happy for you and your girl. She seems so frisky energetic..

    I have a Pit Bull named Buddy who means the world to me. He can no longer use his hind legs and your wheelchair looks like it would be perfect for him.

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it?

  3. what is the brand name of the wheel chair.  I have a poodle that can no longer use her back legs due to a spinal injury. I wanted to get her a wheel chair so she can start running around like your dog…

  4. This had happened to my French bulldog but sadly didn’t make it his name had been hank. but after a couple of months he had been put down we just had to it was very hard for me I was only seven at the time. But I knew he was going through pain. He was such a happy dog on wheels .?

  5. I love the name I have a dog named bird it was originally bear since he looks like a polar bear but everyone mistook me saying bear for bird and now it stuck and I just say bird on purpose

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