Happy birthday Penny!

Hi guys, guess what today is? It’s Penny’s
Birthday. It is the anniversary of the day we found
her 6 years ago and that’s when we celebrate her birthday, so today she’s 7 years old.
She was about a year old when we first found her and I should say she really found us. Hi Penny! Want a treat? Good girl. Penny found us. We were having a Mother’s
Day barbeque and she literally walked into the yard and she was a stray and no one claimed
her and I fell in love with her right away. How could you not. Look at this little cutie. So, I fought really hard with the shelter
to take her home and she’s been a part of my life for 6 years. So, I have some presents for her today. Penny, want to see your presents? Good girl! She usually don’t bring toys outside but it’s
really nice out, so figured I would try it. Ha ha, she sees treats up here. Look Penny, we got you some presents. Want to open up your presents? Sit, sit. Here you go, look. You got a new Care Bear. Can’t see it. Care Bear, yea! A little tiger. [Laughing] and this cute little Tasmanian Devil. I got her all these toys at PetSmart. They are so cute! Penny, what do you think, you like your presents? All right. We’re gonna go have a party later today over
at my sister’s house, you’re gonna go hang out with Rocky and have some treats for the
dogs and maybe we will have some more video from there. Bye Penny. Happy Birthday! Love you. Bye Penny. Bye guys. Penny loves you. Look at your bow tie, it’s cute! You’re all dressed up for your birthday. Penny, come here! Penny! [whistle] Penny, back off. She just wants to check it out, it’s okay. I just don’t want her stepping on there and
getting hurt. I know. That would suck. Penny, come here. Penny, back up girl. Back up. Look at her head stuck out there. Okay, come here. Take her over there, I don’t want her to get…Penny,
come here. Yea, there you are! You’re so cute! Rocky! Time for some treats! Rocky, sit! Give it to him. No, no, no, they’re gonna fight for it. Give one to Penny now. Off. Can I do it? Yeah, would you like to? Okay, well let her
eat that one and you can do the next one. Yum! Rocky, you want another one? Can I feed him? Yeah, grab one. Hey Rocky. Okay. He almost bite me! Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! No! Don’t be crazy! You want to give him one? No thank you. Okay. Good girl, Penny. Take it easy. Yeah, they want more treats!

21 thoughts on “Happy birthday Penny!

  1. Too much cute for one video.  Penny Lane (my favorite Beatles song) is soooo sweet looking.  Happy Birthday Penny!

  2. Rocky looks like a manly dog hes scary but i like them both penny and rocky happy birthday penny!!

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