HAP Balanced Living – How Pets Keep Us Healthy

more than sixty percent of american households have a pet and the rest of us should consider it why well they're cute they're cuddly and they also help keep us healthy here's how the bond between pets and their owners is a stress reliever daddy say just petting a cat or dog can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and many of us think of pets as best friends for a reason it's hard to be lonely with a pet around they also help us socialize at the dog park the pet store or out on the town our furry friends can help us connect with fellow animal lovers and give us plenty to talk about all the feeding and grooming pet owners do give our days structure and routine which is great for mental health and finally whether you take 50 for a walk or he walked you all those extra steps add up to a big fitness boost just think of pets as four-legged personal trainers and thank them for the great workout

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