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This time on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World,
an epic Tiger shark adventure! Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my
world! The Tiger shark. It’s one of the most dangerous
animals in the world, infamous for attacking surfers in Hawaii and Australia. It patrols the shallow tropical ocean near
shore—where people swim—creating a situation ripe for disaster. But there is a place, in the Bahamas, where
Tiger sharks and divers can come face to face on equal terms. It’s called Tiger Beach. To reach Tiger Beach, I have organized a unique
expedition to the Bahamas on my favorite dive boat… …the Dolphin Dream, run by my buddy Captain
Scotty, who I’ve known for over 20 years. We’ll be diving with at least five different
species of sharks for 9 days in an effort to learn more about shark behavior. On our way to Tiger Beach, we are accompanied
by a few Spotted dolphins. When we arrive, shark handlers Connor Cassidy
and Rich D’Argento tie the Dolphin Dream into a mooring. We’ll be sitting here for
a week of adventure. Rich gets the action started by dropping a
big box of chum into the water. Then he cuts some smaller bait that the sharks can’t
resist. Within only minutes we have sharks around
the boat. Caribbean Reef sharks and Lemon sharks are
circling the chum box. And up at the surface, they are devouring Rich’s snacks. While we wait for the Tiger sharks to show
up, Connor gives our group a pre-dive briefing. Then Captain Scotty follows up with a few
words of wisdom. …get the procedures down pat, then as the
week goes on we increase with more and more sharks… Finally it’s time to hit the water and find
out if the Tigers have shown up. Rich hands me my camera, and I descend to
the bottom. It’s immediately apparent: we’ve got Tiger sharks! Rich soon joins us on the bottom with his
feeding crate full of yummy fish snacks. These are big Tiger sharks, but they know
the routine. Be cool, and get fed. The sharks are pretty good about taking turns,
going around and getting fed one at a time. Anything left too close to the fishy scent
from the bait box could be a snack, even a camera. You have to dole out the food slowly. Feed
them too much, they get full and leave. Feed them not enough, they get bored and leave.
They have to be fed just enough to keep them interested. Sometimes the shark handlers have to deal
with 6 or more Tiger sharks. Today we have three, which is plenty! When a Lemon shark moves in on the action,
the Tigers don’t like it. And they have a way of making themselves understood. The Tigers are big, and they aren’t particularly
maneuverable. When a shark misses the snack, she opens her mouth quickly, which produces
a suction to try to inhale the food. She is not trying to bite Rich. A Tiger shark produces
extraordinary suction by opening its mouth quickly. The Tigers do get a little pushy with each
other, but they never actually bite each other. With this feeding going on for many years
now, most of the Tiger sharks have gotten used to being handled by the divers. Some
of them even seem to like it. They keep coming around time after time to have their noses
rubbed, and even get flipped upside down. Connor demonstrates a Tiger shark spin. You know what I’m thinking, right? I wonder
if I could learn to do that!? Don’t go Away! Jonathan is going to learn
to flip a Tiger shark! Interactions with Tiger sharks have come a
long way since the last time I was here at Tiger Beach back in 2008. It used to be exciting
just diving with Tiger sharks outside a cage. But now, divers play with them like puppies.
Big, hungry puppies that could bite your arm off. After I begged for a while, Connor and Rich
agreed to teach me how to flip Tiger sharks. You can’t do it like this. They are way
too heavy to lift. You wait for a shark to approach at least
a meter or so off the bottom. One hand goes on the nose, and the other hand under the
chin to hold its mouth closed. Then you sort of…that’s not really how you do it. Let’s try that again. Okay, one hand on
the nose, one hand to hold the mouth shut. Then you sort of push the nose down. In response,
the shark twists its body and throws its tail up to turn. Honestly, you really aren’t flipping the
shark. The shark is doing all the work. It seems like a silly thing to do—like teaching
your dog to roll over. It has no real purpose. Yet, some of the sharks really seem to like
it. This small female keeps coming back to me to be flipped. I’m not the one doing
the feeding—she hasn’t been getting fed by me. But she keeps coming to me and I keep
flipping. I have to admit, it’s kind of fun to engage
with a large shark like this. Tiger sharks are amazing animals. They are
huge, powerful sharks, easily capable of eating a scuba diver. Yet around us they are almost
docile. They are intelligent enough to know what is going on—play nice and get fed. Like any wild animal, Tiger sharks are not
totally predictable, and who knows what dangers a really hungry Tiger shark might present.
But here at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, Tigers are very cool cats.

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  1. Crazy to see the size of those two big tigers….but then you get a glimpse of the water above them and you see a dozen or two sharks swimming around keeping their distance from the dominant tigers. Poor reef sharks and lemons

  2. Nope…nope….nope…..nope

    It's beautiful and really cool that you are willing to do these things and film it for everyone to see. I however will nope the f*** out of here and leave the giant fish with hundreds of teeth alone.

  3. im always amazed when you dive with sharks i have shark toys and i like playing with them also i like marine life just because they are still very mysterious

  4. In this video we can observe the most ferocious, selfish and dangerous predactor on planet earth, along with them we see some lovely tiger sharks..LOL

  5. Wow this was absolutely fascinating. I know sharks do get a bad rap for being this big man-eating danger. But I never knew sharks even liked their noses rubbed. Personally, (even though I love sharks), I would never swim with them. That’s their home and I have no right or reason being in it. Personally, in my opinion, unless you’re a marine biologist studying sharks and other underwater fish and you do that for a living, I don’t see a reason to be this deep in the ocean swimming with sharks. Not saying you can’t go to the beach and enjoy yourself, but I don’t see the reason for all of this. You’re just in their personal space. I would never want a shark in my home. But that’s just me. To each it’s own.

  6. I'm going to Nassau Bahamas but terrified to go in the water I read the Bahamas is one of the most shark infested places it's a legit phobia
    Reply is it 100 safe

  7. My favourite animal was sharks and i came to the farest ocean and does scuba diving and then we saw a shark + the shark was hammer head shark i was like OMG

  8. They feel like a bag of cement, a really big bag of cement with fins, teeth and 300 million years of evolution.

  9. Huge fan of your channel! Also, do sharks attack humans on purpose, or by accident? I’ve heard rumors that most shark attacks are accidental

  10. I absolutely LOVE Tiger sharks (as you can probably tell because of my profile pic). They are my favorite type of sharks, and I literally just heard someone say that Tiger sharks eat garbage yesterday! I told them that that is not necessarily true. They glared at me lol.

  11. Yay now I’m scared to swim in the ocean but thank you because my sister thinks I am a scaredy cat but now she’s scared lol

  12. Thing with those bird spikes on the boat’s rails is that you wouldn’t be able to lean up on your forearms on that…

  13. I never thought I'd see the day where I would actually hear myself say sharks can be cute… But this is too adorable not to watch

  14. Lemon sharks are my equal favourite sharks along with great hammerheads. Does anyone else like lemon sharks?

  15. That was amazing. I dove with Caribbean sharks with the help of Stuart’s Cove Divers and it was an amazing zen experience. After watching your video, now I want to dive with the Tigers.

  16. It's so cute that they like being petted. It must feel good to 'em. Very cool of these sharks to be such good hosts for the divers, even though they're 'intruding' into their world. They seem more playful & chill when around the divers than I expected! They keep coming back to be flipped… I wonder if that's fun for them?

  17. Me being a tiger shark, my reputation was bit like Pakistan due to negative advertisement, but people like Jonathan changed that perception….

  18. Quelle superbe créature honteusement démonisée. Ils sont presque dociles ces mastodontes d'une grande puissance. Superbe vidéo ?

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