Hand Signals For Dogs – Teaching Your Dog Sit Stay

I had to take me here with my future
son-in-law debut in my best friend man dog frisbee have you ever wondered what
are the right hand signals for dogs when you’re doing some training and its video
debut in fridge we’re going to demonstrate some basic hand signals for
the most common command you don’t have to make this complicated there’s only so
much you can do with your hand you have three options really a close they’re
usually with the treat inside an open hand or pointed finger let’s start with
an open hand and just to sit command Xavier will demonstrate with Brittany every time a dog that’s what you want to
do make sure that you reward him with a treat using hand signals for dogs is so simple
because they’re so smart it really doesn’t take them longer understand now
busy learn to do this quite a while ago but if you’re just starting to teach
your dog to sit you would want to start with a treat in a closed fist and hold
it in front of your dog’s nose and then move it back over his head this creates
the physical action for the dog has focused on the tree to lean back into
his deposition 2013 given the treat immediately Xavier will demonstrate the
motion to this with frisbee but again since bisbee already set he might jump
the gun you can see how he helped the treatment front of his nose first and
then back over his head to get him to sit next to you want to get your dog
comfortable holding the seat position this is referred to as the first use
your hand signal to get your doctor state and reward them for the sit with
the treat you can start training him to hold this it by holding up your index
finger or an open hand signaling him to stay and you can reward with treats for
the stands well you stay standing close to him and continued to give rewards
every five to 10 second city holds the state exam and frisbee are demonstrating
its hand signal you should voluntarily Simmons start over to repeated practice
the best way to release a dog from a training position is to simply say with
authority ok I will make sure you actually released a more if they’re
really good at the sixth a position they might stay there forever this it is very important and using hand
signals for dog makes its pretty easy to teach to take the six day a little
further what you want to do after your dog it’s just holding the state it’s why
you’re standing closest to move away a few feet and asked him to stay by
holding up your hand or finger and fans state walked toward him every three to
five seconds initially and reward with a treat and then release them once again
exam during frisbee are demonstrating you can see he’s getting further and
further away and he’s gonna walk back and reward and first thing you can do
this multiple times as long as your dog is focused and cooperating and this is a
great way to get your dog to hold this position to take this shit they training
further just increase the time between treat where you stand at the same
distance then repeat this process and we further away you can even add
distractions like a doorbell ringing opening the door to make this command
even stronger with your dog I would recommend practiced in the city and
state as long as it takes for your dog to comfortably sit and stay no matter
what you’re doing and only get up when he’s released with the command of okay
if you come down to this it just got him back but don’t reward him because he’ll
get confused by the reward to start again and only reward him for staying so
you can see that just using hand signals for dogs is really simple but I sent
super important to learn if you want to learn more about training your dog with
everything from basic commands to be a ton of money then check out the online
dog training I found it so much information of value for dog owners you
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to follow when I highly recommend it for all dog lovers also value from this
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frisbee my problem child watch when the next video which takes it to the next
step which is the dow command using hand signals thanks again for watching and I
wish you an awesome life with your furry friend

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