Hamster Supply Haul | April 2017

Hey Guys! This week I did a little bit of hamster supply shopping So, today I am going to show you what I’ve bought. First thing I’ve picked up is for Potassium It is a toy/hideaway and I’ve been looking at this for ages but it was a little bit pricey so I held out on it for awhile. Anyway, I finally got it and it is this little, two-level hideaway Is it not the cutest thing? And it goes so well with my ever-growing, natural, toy collection So, we have the little door to the underground level with windows on the back and front And then we have a ramp up to the upper level where there is another little house It is very sweet and I think Potassium is going to really enjoy this. The next thing I’ve picked up is actually from Jumbo not from a pet shop, and it’s this glass, apple-shaped dish. I wanted something a little bigger for Iodine to be able to sit in and I found this and thought it was really sweet. It actually reminds me of dishes we had when I was a little girl. But it is a very lovely-sized, perfect, little glass bowl. And it fits in a nice amount of food. The next item is again for my natural supplies collection and it’s this heart-shaped, wood chew This is made from a single piece of wood that has been cut into a heart shape and it has all these little knots of wood attached onto it. So, it’s a really nice effect and it has this little hook so it can be hung from your cage Then I picked up another one of these edible bridges. Potassium already has one of these but I really wanted to get one for Iodine because I love these bridges so much. Also for Iodine to chew on, I bought a couple of fruit-shaped chews. These are not flavored ones. And once again, my hamsters don’t usually chew on these things But I do like to provide them just in case they change their minds. And the final toy I bought is this hanging toy. This is actually from the bird section. And you will find a lot of interesting, hanging toys in that section of the pet shop. So make sure you have a look there. And this is made from sisal string with some edible wood chews on there and some edible wicker ball chews as well. I was really drawn in more by the color than anything else. But wicker tends to be a little more popular among my pets So I am hoping that Iodine will find this a little more interesting. So those are all the toys…And now we are moving onto all of the treats that I’ve purchased. I have not bought commercial treats for a long, long time. So, I thought it was about time to rebuild my collection a little bit. So starting off, we’ve got a couple of the Whimsie toothbrush chews. Potassium has actually never had one of these. So I am going to give one to him and give one to Iodine Oh! By the way, if you have never seen these before, these are found in the dog section And they are great for your hamsters to chew on. Very, very popular among a lot of hamsters. I recently used up the last of Potassium’s berry drops which he loved so much. So I knew I had to get some more. But this time I got a different flavor..or three different flavors. Because I got the yoghurt, salad, and carrot flavor drops. They all come together in one box. I’ve given one of the yoghurt drop to Iodine already who thought it was just the greatest thing in the world. So, I think these guys are going to love them. The next treat I’ve bought is one I have seen other hamster owners using, but I don’t think I have ever used them myself. And that is the Complete Crock in apple flavor. If you’ve never seen these treats before, they are basically hard, crunchy, flavored shells with a flavored, creamy inside to them And so, a little bit different from other treats you can get on the market. I also picked up some Crispy Crunchy Fruit Hoops And the brand that sells these, I’m not even going to try and pronounce it cause I know I’ll get it wrong, but I am sure a lot of you will be familiar with this brand and these are…they are actually quite big I opened these to give one to Iodine and they are little ring donuts in different colors and different flavors. From the same brand, I also picked up some of the hanging seed sticks And this one is the herbs flavor So, I am not exactly sure what is has in it because I couldn’t find the English on here earlier Let’s see if it is there… Oh here we go! They contain cereals, seeds, honey, paprika, dandelion, thyme, and parsley. And since my pet shop was doing a deal on this brand where you could buy two and get one free, I also picked up the fruit flavor in the same sticks and this one contains pineapple, banana, orange, and mango as it’s flavors. So there we go! That’s everything I’ve bought this time around And all of these products, except for the apple dish, come from two of my local pet shops One of which, I am very lucky that I actually get 20% discount off of the products for So, I’m really happy with everything I’ve bought. If you guys enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to leave a thumbs up. You can also share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Buh-Bye!

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  1. I'd love to have a hamster but I won't buy anything from pet shops because I don't agree with how the pet trade works/treats their animals so I'd only adopt but as you can imagine it's pretty hard to find a hamster up for adoption ? and even then I wouldn't have any toys/treats because AGAIN I'd have to use a pet shop

  2. I think my hamster has night mares cause sometimes in his sleep he squeaks but he only does it once but I'm a bit worried for him cause I was watching him and I think he was having a nightmare so I woke him up then after that he was fine

  3. Lovely haul!!!! I have yet to buy Moo any of the yogurt drops, I wonder if she would like them?! I may have to get some next time I'm at the shop! Hope iodine is doing well!!! ???xo

  4. Erin!! I found somebody imitating your channel. Just search erinsanimals on YouTube and go to the "channels" tab and u will find it. They copied your logo and channel name. I thought you should know so you could report it because I'm pretty sure if someone imitates your channel you can report them to YouTube.

  5. Hey I need advice… I got a new hamster from my cousin the other day and this hamster does not let you hold it no matter what. Even my cousin (it's old owner) would not let her pick her up! What do I do!?!

  6. Erin,
    I was wondering if a large bunny cage with one inch space between the bars would be suitable for a Syrian hamster? All they sell at my local pet shops are those bunny cages and Critter trails. Please reply!

  7. My family owns a couple of those apple dishes, when I was little I always remember using them for yogurt and granola.

  8. Erin I really need your help hamster got out of the cage I've already tried your bucket trap and it is still up I put his water out so he could get water if he wanted he has been missing for a little over 24 hours and I'm so worried do you have any tips to help catch my poor little hammy

  9. Hey Erin, how do you clean / sanitize the natural wood house that you showed?? I have one too but I'm not sure how to clean it — thanks!

  10. My hamster loves the toothbrush chews, almost to a fault. She chews the entire thing in a matter of days. She always try's to shove the entire brush into her pouches, she fails, and ends up running around frantically with it until she decides on a safe hide out to chew it in.

  11. hi Erin I was just wondering if maybe u could do a winter white Russian dwarf hamster infomation video please as I'm really struggling to choose between a syrian and a winter white because I heard that they r quite simular but I'm not sure about the taming process or which one is best to get as a bigginer

  12. Just LOVE you Erin and enjoyed your hamster haul. It's 9:50am here in Montgomery N.Y. and I just finished watching your video and always gives me ideas and makes me smile even more???

  13. My hamster has a wheel that is too small for him. He is spining it from the side with front legs while standing up. Is it ok? Do I need to buy bigger one?

  14. I have those complete croct treats for my hamster and they LOVE them! 😀
    I also have them in carrot and berry flavor 🙂

  15. Erin! I may sound weird but I recently watched your cages video and saw that 20 gallons was rather minimum for a hamster cage today I found out my fish tank ( that will be a hamster cage ) was 20 gallons! I was so worried about it. I just wanted to say because I think I commented saying " ERIN MY TANK ISNT 20 GALLONS WHAT DO I DOOO" so just wanted to clear that up. Now I want to get a hamster but I need help choosing between a Syrian and a dwarf. Can someone help me??

  16. How do you know when a hamster is sick? I got my hamster 3 or 4 months ago and it acts quite strange and irregular. I just need to know the symptoms and what to do if my hamster is actually sick.

  17. what online websites do you use? i need good website to by spaghetti a bigger wheel and better toys! (spaghettis my hamster) ps. Iodine is adorable! ??

  18. I always wondered if those toothbrush chews for dogs would work for hamsters.. good to know they do!! totally getting some for my simba

  19. Hey my hamster cage is a rotostack cage the space one is it too small for him because I don't have that much room for a big glass tank what shall I do ?

  20. Could you do a video on hamsters nails? My Hamster seems to have some dark red nails instead of white/clear. I was wondering whether this is normal or just a little harmless thing. Thanks!

  21. +Erinsanimals I think you could use the heart hanging chew as a treat hiding toy, and you could put some of the new treats in the holes for your hammies to forage. wishing you and your new Iodine luck 🙂

  22. Hey Erin, I am fairly new to hamster owning, I have done plenty of research, and just got my Syrian the same day you did. When during the taming process can you start sitting in a playpen (or bathtub) with them? I know it is a popular method of getting the hamster used to you, but when can you start this step? Thanks in advance ?

  23. this may be unrelated to the video, but i watched your homemade hamster bedding video and I'm wondering if there's anyway you can colour it ?

  24. I HAVE A QUESTION? it's really out of the topic but if someone can please help? my hamster April's issue is that shes really hard to tame. she constantly hides in her hideout and tunnel. I try to be friendly and patient but it's all too much! is their anything I could do to try to get her out of her shell? HELP?!?!?? thanks 🙂

  25. Great video! I live in England and my shop( pets at home) is really boring can you recomend some websites that I could maybe buy off that are cheap?

  26. Ok I really need help I have wood shaving in my hamster cage right now and I want to get ride of the asap so can I use scented toilet paper for bedding instead ??!!?!?!?!

  27. hi guys i would like to know if there are any one that has a diabetic
    hamster because i am pretty sure my hamster is and i would like to have
    some more info

  28. I have the hut that you have brought Potassium as well although my hamsters tried to fit in the top together and ended up getting stuck.. ah well we got them both out unharmed , can't say the same for the hut though.

  29. Erin, this is a cry for help! I got my hamster 1 year ago, and bought her from a local pet shop. They claimed she was 100% tame, happy, and healthy. She was ok with human contact when I was in the store. After 3 days of being left alone…. she was 0% tame. So I went through the taming process…. nothing worked. She only let's me pet her. I have tried taming her for 1 year. Every time I try to pick her up she screeches and tries to jump. I don't know what to do! She is such an intelligent and active hamster, but it just saddens me that she can't trust me. I do pick her up but its so fast and short because it's usually only to put her in the ball. She is a Syrian short hair, and is quite bitey. She may never stop doing this but I would love to spend our time together in peace and not a always having a struggle. if you have anything that may help I am willing to try it.

  30. I got a hamster today, I have no idea what I'll name him, but he's staying in the corner of the cage and I'm concerned about him <3
    Can I do anything for him, or shall I leave him alone until hes used to his surroundings??

  31. one of my friends cant afford a big enough cage, so could you do a video on how to either maximize the space (they have a roborovski) or to make sure the hamster doesn't get too stressed? ex. playing more and such Thanks in advance!!

  32. does anyone know how to get fitch bedding in canada. when i went to checkout it only showed united kingdom and a blank

  33. Were can I buy a hammster!1! How big are syringe hammsters? What about Roboticski? I alweys wanted a chenseee hammser ???!1!!1

  34. Erin I have a question my old hamster (oreo) she was getting very fat, eating a lot, and not running (Later she died of an eye infection) but do you know what was happening to her?

  35. I bought tiny toothbrush chews. They very tiny and easy for them to stash away because I can't find them. I will get more for them.

  36. I sow that two story hideout house in pets at home for like 3 pounds or something but I wasn't sure to buy it of not

  37. Hey Erin, I got two Roborovskis and their nails are getting really long and they do not like to be handled in such a way so I can keep them still. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get their nails trimmed?

  38. Erin i have a hamster with a 32 litre cage is that big enough?
    also it's low and can't fit in the wheel what should i do?

  39. Erin! Can you please do a "How to convince your parents for a hamster" video? Your channel is my favorite hamster channel on YouTube. I'd love to see a video like that. I'm sure other people would like it also!

  40. do a haul where you show us everything u already bought im getting a hamster and i would like ti know what to get him

  41. Great Haul! I have the wooden hideaway from the beginning of the video. It is my WWRD hamster's favourite! He really loves it (but I took it out of his cage since it had been there for a while and I wanted to change it around. But I will definitely put it back). My hamster also goes CRAZY for the apple flavoured complete crocks, but I don't give them to him very often.
    I LOVE that apple dish! I need it! Some day, I will find it….

  42. Hello! I am not British and have NO IDEA quite what a Euro (spelled it right) is! Could someone, PLEASE help me! Thanks!

  43. My hamster LOVES the Complete Crock treats!! She has the flavour blueberry. If I remember right they have bunch of vitamins in it too. 🙂

  44. I have a lot of pets, and my mom takes care of most of them. The only pets I take care of are my cats and my hamster (I have siblings that take care of their pets). I really want a dwarf hamster since I have an extra cage and have never had one before. I don’t know how to ask her because I know she will not say no because she’s too nice, but I don’t know it she will exactly say yes (does that make sense?). I would take care of the dwarf but I don’t know how to ask my mom. Any advice?

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