Hamster Stereotypes and Myths

so there are a lot of stereotypes and
myths that people believe about hamsters I asked you guys on Instagram to give me
some myths and stereotypes you hear people say about hamsters and today
we’re going to be debunking those the first stereotype that a lot of people
believe is that hamsters are small animals so they can live in small cages
or that they like small cages just because a hamster is a very small
creature doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need the space to do its natural
behaviors there have been studies done to show that hamsters do show signs of
extreme stress when they are placed in these small cages hamsters are very
active animals they do need a lot of space doesn’t matter if they’re really
small that’s just not an argument to make their size doesn’t determine
whether or not they deserve a large enclosure and sure a hamster can live in
a small cage but that does not mean they are going to be thriving and happy
because you can shove a dog into a kennel and you can feed them and water
them and never let them out and they’ll live they won’t die but will they be
happy no that is the difference between surviving and thriving they are not the
same thing surviving is doing what you need to do to survive and thriving is
having a happy good enjoyable life the next myth is that hamsters should not
live in aquariums and that they’re bad for them this simply just isn’t true
your hamster won’t suffocate in an aquarium and hamsters don’t actually pee
enough to create a serious ammonia buildup not unless you are abusing your
hamster and you’re never ever cleaning their cage you’re never spot cleaning
then of course they are going to get sick because stuff builds up but if you
are spot cleaning and you are removing their pee spots the issue is completely
gone your hamsters not gonna die from living in an aquarium
if hamsters did die from aquariums there would be a lot more hamster deaths in
the community hamsters chew the cage of bars so they can wear their teeth down
while yes hamsters always need to be chewing
on hard objects so that their teeth can be weared down because their teeth are
always growing chewing on the bars is not a solution for them that is not how
they wear down their teeth when a hamster is chewing on the cage of bars
it is showing signs of extreme stress and boredom due to generally a small
enclosure if a hamster continuously is chewing on the bars it can have serious
effects to them not only mentally but it also can affect their teeth it can chip
and break off their teeth as well as it can cause a misaligned tooth so if your
hamster is chewing on the cage of bars it is important that you take a look at
how large your cages and upgrade it you might need to switch to something like
an aquarium so that there is no bars that your hamster can’t chew on the next
myth is that if your hamster gets wet they will get wet tail this is not true
wet tail is a disease caused by stress not by getting wet Erin’sAnimals
actually did a really great video and explained everything so I’ll actually
leave that linked to see can check that out and learn a little bit more about it
but know if your hamster gets wet they’re not going to get wet tail. The
next stereotype is that hamsters smell bad
I hear this one a lot especially from parents they don’t let their kids get
hamsters because it’s gonna make my house stink hamsters and all other
animals all have odor all animals have some type of odor and certain smell and
some are worse than others hamsters don’t have a smelly body odor like you
don’t just pick up a hamster they don’t just stink it what smells bad is usually
their urine but that can really be easily solved by just spot cleaning your
cage often enough that pee isn’t building up so it’s very easy to solve that issue
the next stereotype is that they are cheap this is far from true of course if
you walk into a pet store a hamster is probably one of the cheapest pets you
can buy there besides fish but that doesn’t mean their overall cost and
health cost is going to be cheaper the startup costs can be
but expensive to buy everything that you need and you’re obviously going to
continue to buy more products for your hamster throughout their lifetime as
well as if they get sick and need to go to the vet sometimes you’re going to
have to pay up to $200 to help treat whatever illness they have so no they
are not cheap pets so the next two stereotypes actually relate with each
other and they are hamsters are only for children and hamsters make great
children’s pets I don’t really know why it’s seen as hamsters are only for
children a adult can certainly own a hamster and they shouldn’t be made fun
of it because hamsters require a lot of care they can be complicated animals so
I don’t see how they should only be suited for children because I actually
don’t believe hamsters make great pets for a child I don’t think they make a
great first pet for a child necessarily because of certain reasons and before a
bunch of kids start attacking me because they own a hamster if you’re a kid you
can of course own a hamster as long as you’re properly caring for them but they
don’t always make a great pet for kids and these are the reasons why first
being hamsters are nocturnal / crepuscular most younger kids have
bedtimes of like 8 p.m. or maybe a little bit later hamsters are going to
be waking up when your child is going to bed that means your child is not going
to often see their hamster awake or get to interact with them and it’s not okay
to wake them up during the day to play with them because that’s wrecking their
sleep cycle and that can affect them the next reasoning is that hamsters are
fragile creatures they can’t be roughhoused with you can’t be throwing
them up in the air like I have seen children do before which is not OK they
need to be gentle with them and not all hamsters are going to want to snuggle
and sit there and be pet a lot of them have a lot of energy and they just want
to run around and try and explore and try and escape places so they don’t
always make the best pet for children the next stereotype is that hamsters
always bite because they’re mean this simply is just not true
a hamsters only defense mechanism is to bite so when they are scared of course
they are going to try to bite to defend themselves we kind of have to take a
look at where hamsters come from the majority of people are going to be
buying hamsters from pet stores something I don’t recommend but most pet
stores actually get their hamsters from rodent mills these rodent mills
mass-produce rodents to sell to pet stores and they basically rip away baby
Hamster from their mothers at four weeks old or three weeks old however
young and then they ship them off to the store that is a lot of environment
changes and a lot of stressful conditions of course when you get a
hamster from a pet store they’re gonna be absolutely terrified and they’re
probably going to bite you the first time you bring them home and no dr. Phil
you can’t just go to the pet store and trade them for a new one because it bit
your grandchild hamsters need to be tamed
hamsters haven’t been domesticated for very long like dogs or cats so when you
do get one you are gonna have to go through the taming process to get them
to understand hey I’m not gonna hurt you I just want to be your friend
the next stereotype is that dwarf hamsters are aggressive this is not true
at all each hamster has their own personality
you cannot define a hamster by its species you can’t say Syrians are going
to be more calm than dwarf hamsters and you can’t say dwarf hamsters are more
aggressive than a Syrian hamster each hamster is going to be different just
like each human being is different they all got their own different
personalities I’ve had a couple of dwarf hamsters now and I’ve actually been
bitten less by dwarf hamsters than I have been by Syrian hamsters so that
should show to you that no, not all dwarf hamsters are aggressive and once again
if we take a look at where hamsters are coming from I don’t blame them for being
a bit scared and showing like they’re aggressive and you can always tame them
and take some time to actually work with them and get
to be kinder this next myth is one that I actually recently read and I couldn’t
help myself but to laugh out loud but somebody said
that if you don’t handle your hamster’s daily they will revert back to being
wild……… no hamsters for one they’re already domesticated they can’t go back to being
wild because they’re already domesticated so no they can’t go back to
being wild they can possibly get used to not being handled and then they might be
a little bit more scared of you if you don’t handle your hamster for a year
then sure but they’re not going to become completely wild the next myth is
our hamsters are herbivores when actually they are omnivores they need a
variety of seeds grains nuts fruits and vegetables and animal proteins such as
insects or a boiled egg or even cooked ground beef or chicken they are not
herbivores they cannot survive on just fruits and vegetables they will die from
lack of nutrition so this next myth actually came out of somebody’s mouth
and it just makes me want to die but somebody said if you feed your hamsters
meat they will turn into a cannibal-……… no next myth hamsters are just like rats
and mice while these three species all are rodents yes they all are very
different from one another they do have very different diets as well as hamsters
are these little balls with a stub of a tail who have literally no balance they
can climb and they’ll fall down they can’t balance on ropes and high beams
and crazy things like that they can’t jump from a rope and be hanging on there
some hamsters are semi good at climbing but none will compare to a rat or mouse
they’re just really different animals and the
last stereotype is that pet store employees know everything about hamsters longest sigh of ur life I’m gonna say about 10% of pet store
employees actually are educated on hamsters while the other 80% is very
uneducated on them keep in mind now when somebody is hired from a pet store they
are a random human being they do not need a degree to work there I recently
asked a bunch of people hey if you went to go get a job at a pet store what was
the interview like what did they ask you about animal education many people
responded to me back and I told me they didn’t ask me anything about what I knew
about pets they just asked me do I like animals what type of animals and do I
own myself that just goes to show you it’s not necessary for somebody to be
educated on animals to work at a pet store as long as you like animals you
can work there so that doesn’t that doesn’t mean pet store employees are all
going to be knowledgeable on animals and that’s why it’s not the best thing to
trust all of the information that they give you it’s super important before you
get a pet you do all of your research to get that pet before going to the pet
store because if a pet store employee comes up to you and starts trying to
help you and they go hey this really small cage this is a great one for
hamsters you can be like no it’s okay I have a large suitable cage because the
cage they’re showing you it’s probably not going to be suitable and another
thing is that pet store employees they are there to sell things
they’re there to market products and make money don’t forget that so that is
it for all of the stereotypes and myths that I have heard about hamsters
hopefully this can clear some things up for people who may believe these all of
these are just they’re not true hamsters can be such great pets if you properly
care for them so yeah guys thank you so much for watching bye

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  1. Hello! No hate but kids can have different personalities to where some would want to hurt the hamster and some kids would understand to be gentle. So some kids I think it would be ok to have a hamster. I do not know it I would be considered a “kid” because I am eleven. I know a lot about hamsters and my hamster is living a very happy life right now so please do not assume that kidsme would not be a to take care of a hamster and give it a happy life . Also just because I am a kid does not mean I have a bedtime of 8:00 that is just stupid. Mine is 12:00 AM so I wouldn’t have a problem. My main point is please do not assume that kids may not have a hamster, give it it’s needs, and give it a happy life. thank you ?❤️

  2. Not a myth about hamster, but… Horses will do.


  3. Hamsters do have a lot of energy, but one of my hamsters has a bald spot (from an object, we removed it) so I’m tripping to apply cream on it buT she won’t stop moving and my father holds her hard so she move and I don’t really approve of it, buts it’s only for a few seconds so it’s pretty iffy

  4. I have a Robo dwarf and his cage is from petsmart. i’m a kid and he doesn’t chew on the bars anymore or try and escape, since we got him chews

  5. It took me almost 40 years to get a hamster and she is the best pet i have ever had pretty much I wish i could of got one a long time ago..

  6. My hamster only chews on her bars when she sees me… Does that still mean she is stressed or just she just like me???

  7. My hamster bit my finger soooo hard only because the other one was close sooo I kinda flung poor panda onto the bed from the pain…

  8. I have a hamster and do everything for her. I always play with her. Clean her cage. And at night sometimes I will take her out in her play pen. She is having a happy life and I’m 13.

  9. Thank you so much my parents finally let me get a hamster after 2 years

    I watched your videos with then and they let me

  10. You said you can water a dog, just letting you know that you give it water, I LOVE your videos still. I have a Teddy Bear hamster named Donut that we nearly lost in a cabinet.

  11. So I dont really like tanks for my pets cuz there's no really airflow but I use bin cages and I have a 45 gallon for my syrain hamster and I got pet mice without me know aka a present and the live in this small cage for awhile and now the live in this 50 gallon and the messy?

  12. The reason I have a hamster is because my tadpoles died, guess how. Fine, THE PET STORE PERSON TOLD US THE WRONG WAY OF TRANSFERING THEM TO DIFFERENT WATER!!!!!!!!! ??????

  13. I've just got a russian dwarf hamster from pets at home and sold me the smallest cage saying it would be perfectly fine in there. Felt so sorry for him and quickly realised it was far far to small. Had Dexter in there for about a day before going and getting him one 4 times the size. Just started to watch your videos and there great. Can't wait to get him a even bigger cage. Learnt so much from you. Thanks.

  14. As a little kid, growing up. I had in my family 3 hamsters, the first hamster died of illness. Nobody seemed to care that it wasn't alright. Well, i don't really remember. The second hamster was a school hamster that my sister was supposed to take care of, it was a baby one, it escaped and died in my mom's hands. (My sister didn't took care, only my mom did, it also could have fell from stairs, since it was my old home and she didn't had a cage, it was in a box. So that wasn't really cool.) Then the third one lived the longest, for 2 years. It died probably of old age. And my sister (again the same one) gave it to my other sister. My other sister took good care of it, sadly the hamster escaped around 3 times and WAS chewing on the cage. well, i have no idea why…I was the one to notice that it wasn't coming out, so i told my siblings. Nobody cared :T Then after a week, they found out it was dead. I guess i was right, well. Now, i have my own hamster!! A 4th one! I got attached to Trixie, yet…She's only 2 days with me and i don't have a cage yet, not even bedding. I will be getting bedding in wednesday, yet…I take Trixie out of the cage, give her water, food, fruit and stuff. And give her alot of love! She seems being as a little child not really knowing how to drink from a waterdish, but she just drinked, so i guess she figured it out. When i get my old cage, aka a cage that was used for my snails, i will see how big it is, if it's not gonna be large, i will go and get a bin where are my toys. And use that instead, probably will…It's large. (Why i don't know if my cafe for snails is big enough? because i haven't seen it in a year.) Right now, it's in a travel cage, but im trying my best to get it everything what it needs. Am i taking a good care?..

  15. I feel really bad bc my first two hamster had small cages ;-; but I am gonna get a new hamster and I will do proper care this time good thing I let my first hamsters out a lot.. please don't give me hate I was just stupid

  16. If my parents will spend 120 dollars US max for a new cage, what should I get? I want a big cage with lots of space, and I’ll take any suggestions!!!

  17. I have a hamster named Penelope. She was surrendered by her last owner for some reason not sure. We adopted her. I think she was the last hamster up for adoption. She used to have a critter trail I did my research before and I knew she needed a bigger one. After a month we got her a aquarium cage. I can tell she’s way more happier. You are one of the videos I watched before get one. (Extra: My class had a class pet and it’s in a critter trail. I told one of my friends it wasn’t big enough and they were like “He’s small he can be in there” I was like “Yea he’s small but that means he has even more energy. My friend said this “Well the attachments”
    “Doesn’t help” smh)

  18. U have helped me so much! I would be doing everything wrong! I’m getting my hamster tomorrow and u helped me so much!

  19. My hamster chew his bars a lot and I don't know why. His cage is large and I play with him a lot.
    He is also very tame.

  20. Thank you soo much Victoria for the info about
    Hamsters from your channel!! Now my hamsters life is amazing Tysm!!! And it almost made me cry when that child slapped the hamster☹️?

  21. I went to Petco and they recommended me chinchilla dust for my hamster :/ I told them it's too fine but they said that's what they use for them that it was fine ._. Yeah I'll just get some sand.

  22. Wanna hear something funny?

    My cousin was holding my hamster then he put her in my shirt and down my back then he picked her back up and she peed on him!

    I miss her she died :’(

  23. A pet store employee said bar chewing is normal and the Internet isnt always right and my dad actually believed her
    Smh, smh

  24. Person : dwarf hamsters are aggressive

    Me: * looks at lap to see cinny (my hamster ) perfectly fine and gentle*

    sure dude

  25. I’m 12 and have being doing a lot of research of a Russian dwarf Hamster and being watching your videos I have been researching for 4 months do you think that I’m old enough for one x

  26. I was thinking about getting a hamster my parents said I could if I did my research thanks to you I got a hamster she is the cutest thing her name is Smokey thank you soooooo much u gave me my best friend ?????

  27. "Its gonna make my house stink!" That's exactly what my parents said before I got a rabbit. It still smells the same.

  28. My hamster never bit me. He bit my mom, but just because all she did was hold her hand out to him so he thought it was food.

  29. Im 11 i have bought my hamster, cage, hamster accessories, food, treats, and bedding. Your videos have helped me alot! I now sound like the comment down below. ??? lololololol

  30. My "hamster" Looks jsut like a mouse. Hates being handled. And Is really good at climbing. IS MY HAMSTER A MOUSE???!!

  31. I have been watching your videos and especially this one because my hamsters have been chewing on the cage bars and I recommend my mom to buy big enough bin and they are very happy now! (Or seem happy :P)

  32. I've had two bunny's which died then a kitten which ran away and then a year or two later I got another kitten which lasted about three years before it went missing. It's been around three years now since ive had a pet and I really want a robo dwarf hamster! But I'm only a child and after watching this I'm not sure I should have one. I'm considering it! Thanks for the advice!

  33. My hamster chews on her cage but she has a huge cage we have a ton of chew toys in there and we feed her fresh food can you reply ?

  34. The pet shop I got my hammy was from they were so un happy 🙁 I didn’t want to support the pet shop but I didn’t want to leave him there. What happens to hammy that are never bought? xx

  35. Stereotypes: hamster can be housed together THIS IS NOT OK i was young my dad was with me we were getting a family pet they said that I can have these two girls from the same litter and I could have both these winter whites together and two months later we had the shocking discovery the attacked each other so please like she said do not listen to the pet store with my experience

  36. My dog smells worse than my hamster 😛

    Edit: BTW no my dog doesn't have any access to my hamster's cage

  37. I got a hamster about a week ago, I did my research from you, Victoria!! Thanks for all the knowledgeable facts!! ? ?

  38. About the hamster mill. One of the Pet Stores in my town, breed their own hamsters. And put a date on when they'll be able to sell them.

  39. I think my cage is large enough? My parents wont let me get an aquarium.They just don’t understand. I told them everything you said and that she probably needs a new cage without bars but they said “it will be fine she wont die” and I said “ but even if she lives she wont be happy” and my parents said “well that does not matter if it dies we will get another one” please help me i want to get Pickles my hamster a new cage so she can be happy but i am broke. But i still dont know the size of my cage:( but i can fit in it? And i am 74.5 pounds and 5.00?

  40. I went to my local pet store and there where two girls saying that they are untameable beasts and boy I was upset inside because I have one of the mot sweetest little hamster ever his name is Bear

  41. When I was 7 I got a robo dwarf hamster and I got a tiny tiny critter trail and got loads of tubes. Then I thought he was lonely so I got another one? I got rid of them because my mom hated them because they smelled and gave them to a lady who teaches special ed for her classroom? I am so mad at my self but now I have a very happy hammy!??

  42. My brother got a hamster for his birthday and wasn’t taking care of it :/ he was 7 at the time ? I took his hamster and took care of it for about 1 year and then she sadly passed away three days ago ? but my parents were so nice as to let me get a new super cute Syrian hamster ☺️ I’m 11 and I take pretty good care of hamsters I think 🙂

  43. Im almost 10, want a hamster, is watching this video, has done a lot of research on hamsters, will keep dog/cats out of the room the hamsters in

  44. ok im a kid and i own 2 hamsters and there not my first and this is why im watching your channel to get inform.

  45. Tbh when getting my first hamster I did all the research I could possibly find and looked up all the questions I could possibly have and watched almost all of your videos and I knew that its better to adopt than to shop but considering it was my first time and I didn't know anywhere or anyone that I could adopt a hamster so I went to the pet store and I got my first winter white hammy there.. And I was like aight when the employee comes to help us choose wat to get and all that ima just tell her to go cuz i got a list of everything i need but my grandma was there and she insisted on listening to what the girl had to say and i didn't want to be disrespectful so I went with it.. And I was actually surprised… Everything she suggested we get for the hamster was on my list, everything that I noted from your videos.. She took us straight to the 40 g aquariums, and just everything right.. And when my grandma saw the little tiny ugly hamster cages the employee even said "oh no! you definitely don't want to get that, they aren't good for hamsters, hamsters run 10 miles every night and have a lot of energy and they will get bored and stressed in those small cages." and i was just like.. heel ya brotha. So believe it or not, there are some good petstore employees out there n.n

  46. Ok so before anyone attacks me,

    My parents pay all the essentals
    Tank food dish water battle ect

    I pay for the stuff I want for them
    Extra hides more toys ect
    This goes for all the animals I own!

    A 1 year old bearded dragon named mushu in a 40 breeder

    A 3 year old northern aligator lizard ( Google it ) in a 20 long

    A 6 month old winter white drawf

    The hamster was probably bout my 60th pet (including the bugs worms and butterflys?)

  47. I want to get a hamster and my parents said maybe I can get one I’m 13 and I’m very responsible with pets you’re channel has been so helpful to learn more about hamsters and I will make sure to get a big cage for it also my cousin said that you should get two hamsters because they need to interact with another hamster is this true?

  48. I agree with all of the things you are saying especially the kid stereotype there not only for kids just because there tiny and also If the kid and the parents know how to take good care of there hamster than go ahead but if the kid just wants one and the parents just give without knowing the proper care for the hamster

    I myself is 12 years old and I have a 40 gallon tank with toys 6 inches of bedding chews two hides sand pit 10 inch wheel oat sprays and of course food And water bottle weekly veggies and treats her name is Nala and she’s a cream colored long hair Syrian hamster I love her very much and she’s so sweet

  49. Another thing to add. Hamsters like to be on the ground level and of course burrow while Rats love to climb and be very very high meaning rats can deal with a very tall cage (as long as it's a suitable size so a 390 square inch cage for example would not be suitable for rats) because they like to climb and climb. Hamsters like to burrow and burrow.

  50. I own a hamster I'm getting an ikea detolf hamster? cage in December right now he has the bars cage but he has about 5 or six inches of bedding in there I'm 10 years old I also stay up late to I never throw my hamster up in the air I learned robots don't like staying in 1 place he also has a friend but there were not close hes friend died, it was a bata fish but now I'm focused on my hamster my first pet was a bata fish and I loved him but sadly he passed away and my hamster is getting use to me ?? a lot I live so much in the summer I should stay up to 1 also in my school morning I wake up at 4:05 am

  51. My best friend (Katie) has previously had 3 hamsters (not at the same time and they all lived good lives.) and recently she got 2 mice. Mice are social creatures and they do better together. When I went to Katie’s and saw the mice, I realised how different from hamster they are. Also mice are a lot more skittish than hamsters so they can like run out of the cage as soon as you open the door in a second and they have better eyesight so they know how high up that are and won’t just jump of.

    Also from personal experience in a bath tub with them that LOVE to climb up anything and Ember (RIP my yoghurt loving mouse) climbed up my back but under my Top and up my sleeves etc.

  52. Is it okay if I’m getting a hamster from a friend? As in she bought a hamster and she gave birth and I’m getting one of the babies. It’s a Syrian

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