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Hey guys, so I have a saffron here with me Which is a very rare occurrence saffron usually isn’t in a lot of my videos due to the fact that saffron just really doesn’t like Interaction he would really prefer to stay in his um terrarium and He’s less stressed when he’s in there to get him out I feel like he gets a little stressed out so that’s why don’t I barely ever take him out? Besides when I have to clean his cage and things like that But I did get him out for this video because I know you guys haven’t seen him in a while So there’s saffron if it’s focusing. I’m not sure there he is he’s doing really good. So that is saffron I’m gonna put him back in his enclosure now, but I thought for all of little saffron little fans if he has any Here is his little moment to shine and there is the grump himself Basil the Syrian hamster I feel like basil is probably one of my most popular animals on my channel a lot of people love basil so much Oh, and this is him using his jungle gym. Another thing I have to say is that I did order Two new wheels for the hamsters one is a Wodent wheel and it is 11 inch And then the other one is a different type, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody use this So I’m really excited to show you guys it, but I won’t be getting them until like March 23rd 24th like around then so it is gonna take a little while to get here basil Also does have a trick with my stairs because he’s recently been wanting to come out so much He like wakes up three times a day to Chew on the bars to let me know that he wants to come out So I’ve had to find different activities for him and that one of them has been Playing on my staircase leading to my basement, which yes, it is pink because this House was built when pink carpet was a very big trend But basil is really smart and he can climb up the stairs And he also has learned how to come down the stairs with the little side part He’s pretty smart ham so he can go up and down pretty easy and basically I just keep putting him up, and then he’ll walk all the way down, and then he’ll walk all the way up. It’s fun So as you can see basil is doing really well his other method of coming downstairs. Is that way? It’s a little more harsh But he can do it. 8:01 PM. Look at Lola flopped isn’t she so cute I don’t catch her on camera very often, and I fall flop like this because as soon as I grab the camera she like gets up, but I’m being sneaky tonight So she doesn’t know I’m actually filming her, but Lola is doing really really well She is molting which means she is losing like her fur not all of it obviously, but when a rabbit molds They lose a lot of fur it’s like a layer of For dogs do it too and think cats might do it – I don’t know But it’s just like they lose a ton of fur because it’s a winter coat or whatever So they’re just literally black fur everywhere the carpet. I just vacuumed so It’s pretty clean but other than that any other thing gets full of fur and I brought when I brush her I get like a giant hairball of just fluff from her So she’s definitely been shedding a ton. Do you see who I see? It’s little bear Hi, bud, how are you? You’re just Staring off into the abyss Waiting for me to show up so you can say hi Little bear also, you can see has done some work on this log here because if you look At the bedding you can see these are like little wood chunks and chips in the bedding That is from him shredding this tunnel so he really enjoys that little bear is a wood chewer He loves to chew on his would choose and some examples would be this one’s pretty chewed um Here’s a cupcake – the whole bottom part if it would ever focus hi is All chewed up, so he does love chewing cleo what are you doing? That’s a hamster chew toy. You can’t have that I just wanna she gets have good little pairs with these levels though. He’s absolutely so good at them He’ll run up and down them like crazy, and yeah. He just loves them so much So I’m really glad I did put those levels in because he does really enjoy them and use them hi Cleo So here’s Cleo she’s doing really well After her surgery. She basically basically recovered within a day So there was nothing like to worry about with her. She was back to herself within a day She’s gonna chew on my finger because I smell like cucumber and pickles cuz that’s what I was eating She’s almost been I think three weeks, she’s been spayed now, so I just have to wait one more week And we can start with the bonding process I feel like I need to give a little bear a sand bath and see what he does with it. I? Don’t know if it’s gonna be too small or too big For little bear, I think he’s digging in it. How do you like that that was really cute? How’d he like the sand in there? What’s it feel like Cleo? Whoa? Oh you’re speedy So I just put a little bear out on the couch here so he can play because he wants to come out so bad Hey, how’d you get up? There? Are you spider-ham? Are you like basil? I? I Have all these spider hamsters Cleo you are not a hamster get out of there So I put little bear back into his cage because Cleo is trying to Live her life like a hamster and live in the cage So he is going to go back into his cage now and somebody is where they’re not supposed to be So yeah guys, I’m gonna end to this video on that note I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in my next video. Bye

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  1. Sorry the video is up a little late! I had to upload this 3 times because I kept finding mistakes in the editing lol! I will be taking a short 1 week break just so I can film and plan some videos I also am starting rabbit bonding which takes a lot of time!

  2. Can somebody please tell me some advice i have had my robo dwarf hamster i have had him for two months and tryed tameing him his name is diesel and he is very scared i got him from petsmart and he runs up his tunel every time i put my hands in and i jave a taming tub to someone please help me

  3. Is there a way to build bin cages without a drill? I have wire cutters and galvanized mesh, duct tape and zip ties but no drill. Is there any possibly way to do it without a drill?

  4. Hello! 😀
    I need help regarding my hamster.. ):
    I have the detolf hamster cage for my Syrian Hamster, my detolf cage had already had a tiny hole when we got it, but when I went on vacation while my dad was watching my hamster, I came home from vacation to find that the hole was huge!
    That was back in June/ July of 2017, and it has only gotten worse! Now she is able to squeeze through the hole to get out!
    I have tried almost everything to stop this.. such as buying her more chew toys, putting cardboard in front of the hole,
    playing with her for as much as I could, but in the end she just keeps chewing! Right now there is cardboard behind the hole, and holding the cardboard is a paint can.
    Please help me!! I'd do anything to stop this, I just want my hamster to be safe! ?❤️

  5. Is it common for hamsters to get salmonella? I just got a hamster and I’m deathly afraid of getting sick from him.

  6. Well guys….I dont even know where to start.. last night, jellybean didnt come out.. so i looked in her nest and she was fine, just sleeping (at the time she was breathing, i saw it) and then the next morning.. my mom said she didnt hear her at all last night (she has a loud water bottle that my mom always can hear) so she told me to check her when I jsut woke up to check her………. Jellybeans gone. 🙁 It was my 2 month anniversery with her today. 🙁

  7. i really want a rabbit! every time i think about them my heart races and i become weak i just go so happy. I already know i want a holland lop and i know what to feed the "cage" that is needed ( i'd use a dog playpen thing ) the toys etc. i have wanted a bunny for a while but i get really awkward and scared when having to ask my parents for ANYTHING my mom brought it up and so shes on board with getting a bunny. now my dad…. i can convince him i guess but its brining it up, please if any of you have and idea of how to bring it up i'd be very happy!

  8. Hi! I just wanted your opinion, Should I get 2 rabbits (a male and a female) or 3 rabbits (2 males and 1 male) for first time experience? Thank you!

  9. It must be pretty difficult to have two huge hamster cages in your house along with your rabbits and saffron.

  10. Lol when Cleo got in the cage it reminded me of when I was cleaning my hamster cage and my dog sat it in 🙂

  11. Awww…..Basil is SO CUTE!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Edit: Of course so is everyone else!! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I just realised that Basil’s ears are usually tucked into his head, like it’s not sprang out like hamsters normally do when they wake up from a nap. I was wondering if that’s one special trait about him.

  13. I absolutely love your channel! Your videos are great, and as I mentioned before, I love the little screen comments, they're precious! Your animals are so beautiful, I am in love with your jammies! I just adopted a boar guinea pig to put in with my girls, I am researching THE best exotic vet I can find in my area to do the procedure. Even though neutering is easier then spaying, there's always some risk, and he's pretty young, maybe 7 months old, so I want him to live a happy, healthy life. Please upload as much as possible, I love watching your videos while I am relaxing!

  14. 1:50 my house hose pink carpet on the stairs leading to the basement and also the pink carpet is in all of the basement

  15. Hi again um so I've sorta been facing a sort of tough question. I might get a hamster and I want a robo. But from some of your videos it seems like robos arent really the ones who like to be held. And if I get a hamster I'm gonna want to take it out a lot and play with it in it's play pen sorta of thing but if a robo is to hyper and I'm a beginner what hamster should I get? I was thinking a syrian but is the size a problem? Also what type of hamster is little bear?

  16. If A Rabbit Can Do That To Their Fur We Can To And Every Year We Can Almost Fill a FootBall Field By Our Skin!

  17. Hey I've been watching you for the past 3 weeks I think you are amazing and I'm jealous of you hamsters ?

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