Hamster cages updates! 2019

hey guys so in today’s video I have some
cage updates for you guys starting with bumbles cage I am taking out all of
her colorful bedding because I want to give her something more natural and
colorful bedding just really isn’t natural I am of course going to be
reusing this bedding for some other things as well as I am going to be
recycling it so it’s not actually going to waste I also didn’t touch any of her
nest area or the white bedding just so that still has her scent on and she’s
not going to be too stressed out about it and I did add more carefresh as well I also purchased these really nice acrylic trays and they were pretty
expensive so I did only get two of them but they’re perfect for sand baths as
well as I did try a new brand of Aspen and I really actually like this one it’s
pretty soft and it’s kind of thinner so it’s not really sharp or anything on the
hamsters paws as you can see I also did switch
bumble and honey’s wheel just because bumble is a lot larger than her mom I
thought it would be better to give her the bigger wheel as honey is very very
small so she can do better with the 9 inch as well as honey piece in her wheel
and the silent runner is just way easier to take apart and clean then the wodent
wheel is here I’m also just switching bumbles hideout this is just a IKEA
bookshelf holder thing and then I cut the bottom out so it’s just bedding and
I really like it then I’m taking my orchard grass hay and
I’m sprinkling this over the top layer of the cage I would normally add more
than this but I only had a very tiny amount left in my bag I also really like
orchard grass hay for hamsters because it is the softest hay so you don’t have
to worry about your hamsters eye getting poked out or anything then I’m just
pulling out my big box of herbs because I like to sprinkle those around at the
cage they’re really good to help a hamster encourage to forage and they’re
great further your hamsters health as well I also sprinkled her food around her
cage as well as I got these flax sprays along with wheat and oats sprays these
are great they can also encourage foraging as well as they just help your
hamster do its natural behaviors I also have these really tiny terracotta
pots that I’ve filled with wheatgrass and alfalfa sprouts and eventually when
they grow a bit more I am going to be giving each one to each of the
hamsters so that they can just pick at it and kind of get into it then I moved
on to honey’s cage and I didn’t really change her setup very much I just have
to add in and do a couple of things I did give her also one of the acrylic
trays full of sand and I did add in the rest of the bedding
that I had just because it often on the one side gets really compacted and
pressed and down so I’m always adding more budding I also added herbs again
her new silent runner wheel as well as flax, wheat and oats sprays so the last cage I did of course was
tater tots there wasn’t much that need to be done besides adding the oat wheat
and flax sprays and then sprinkling herbs all over the place as well as I
did add in a hideout in her sand bath because it makes your hamster feel more
comfortable when bathing and that is all for my updates I also
did want to show you the giant mess that I made and I had to clean up after so
yeah guys thank you for watching bye

100 thoughts on “Hamster cages updates! 2019

  1. Who's cage is your favorite?? I love them all! I forgot to mention I'm going to be switching the hamster's to water bowls when i can find a suitable sized dish! It's just more natural and I'd like to try it out. As well as anyone wondering my herbs are from UK small animal subscription boxes that i've collected, I'm not sure where else you can get them as well as the Flaxseeds are from PetValu from a local farmer. & a Happy 20th birthday to me ? I hope you all enjoy this very cold Canadian day hahah!

  2. So cool! Love the natural habitats! I just started putting in around 10 inches of bedding since your last video ? This video has given me some more ideas, including looking into the wheat ? sprays..?? PS. My hamster loves Gerber baby puffs! As soon as u mentioned those, I did some research, bought them, and threw away her junk food yogurt treats ?? Thx as always girl!

  3. Great job Victoria, i really like the idea of natural looks and surroundings for the hamster. My daughter and her friend was out looking for fallen branches and stones to ad to the 38" cage that we expect to get later this week along with all the other stuff we ordered. I guess the only thing missing so far is the hamster 🙂 We want to make sure whoever the hamster is will have a really nice home when we get him.

  4. Water dishes to me are really annoying!!! My hamster always burrows under my water dish so water is constantly be moist in there so I have to throw away that bedding so my hamster doesn’t get sick, AND my hamster ALWAYS GET BEDDING IN THE WATER DISH lol it’s so annoying so I have to pull out the bedding and get more water

  5. I want to get a hamster- is there a book you recommend buying that keeps all this info ? Have you considered writing a book on hamster care?

  6. My hamster goes to the bathroom in his wheel all the time. Could you please give me some advice or make a vid about that? You are so amazing! I love your channel soo much!!?

  7. Hey I loved this! I'm new to the hamster's world but I am loving it???
    Just one question, why do you keep them in different cages? I'm just curious because I thought hamsters liked to be with other hamsters

  8. Victoria is the rosewood hamster cage with lots of shells big enough if you switch the wheel

  9. I have the same cage, how do u clean under the bar?? and between the glass, ive tried soo much even vacuums but the stuff is soo wedged in the glass area! uhh

  10. I really like Honey's cage. I just bought the same hay yesterday.? Where did you get the dust bath? I have had trouble finding dust bath

  11. hii, if u ever see this, im just wondering if u r allowed to have lets say half waterpond (with small waterfall) for the cage ideas. like will it be safe? (cables outside not in cage) like with water inside the cage would it be okay for the hamster?? (and the water wont be too deep that they can drown)

  12. I am planning on getting a hamster soon and I have a huge bin but I'm afraid I won't see the hamster when it burrows

  13. Hey! I used two of these ikea bookholder thingies, but my hamster got stuck in one of the holes on te side. Luckily she was unharmed when I pulled her out, but I was really stressing that moment. Has anyone ever had that or does anyone have any tips on how to prevent it from happening?

  14. I feel so bad for my hamster. I don’t have the money to buy him the correct kind of cage and correct bedding. It’s currently using a large ferret cage that was given me. ? I want him to live a good life like your hamsters do. ?

  15. For some reason when i purchased my hamster the employee helping me encouraged me not to buy “kare fresh” because “it makes everyone sneeze” … ?

  16. What size cage should I get for my Syrian Hamster, I am a 12 year old girl (Responsible) and i was wonder what size I need as I’m moving house soon and will be having a quite small room! I’m in the UK so things might be different

  17. Does anyone else want a lot of small animals but they dont have the right house for it, the space is too small, even though my house is two floors ?

  18. This is AMAZING

    I don't know why I love watching people clean hamster cages even though I can't clean my own room

  19. I might get a hamster tomorrow and I have been researching off of your channel and I wanted to thank you for all of the information you have given all of us and make sure hamsters can have good, long, happy lives

  20. . i love to watch your videos so much! i am looking into getting a hamster what is the best hamster to get that does not bite me .

  21. For my robo hamster I use talon advanced bedding management I get a 35 pound bag for $5, he seems to like it and he will sometimes shred it. I was wondering is it important to have a sand bath for them? Or are they fine living without it?

  22. For the sand you mix reptile sand and play sand but for the play sand do you have to do anything for it and if not where can you get it from?

  23. Can you plz respond to this bc my step mom got this thing for her robo and I asked if it was cotton she said she didn't know but I believe it is and she won't change it bc the hammys only 15 bucks

  24. thank you so much for being a big help i just got a hamster and these videos are helping so much also what’s a better cage glass or metal bars

  25. I dont have the money for a beautiful cage or hamster like this i used it all on my ball pythons 75 gallon and her stuff and my ball python.

  26. Instead of the bedding. Can you put a five inch layer of sawdust then put a one inch layer of bedding on the top?

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