Hamster Cage Maintenance!

so we’re just jumping into today’s video
and that is me doing some cage maintenance on all of my hamster cages
you guys really like these videos so I thought why not today we’re starting off
with honey’s cage and I’m just removing all of the stuff in her cage so that I
can kind of rearrange it a little bit I also am taking out her sand bath because
I’m just going to give that a clean so that I can put some fresh new sand in
there so I’m using a bit of reptile sand and then I’m also going to be mixing it
with some children’s place and because the reptile sand is really expensive so
I like to just mix it so it’s not as much money waste then I’m going to be
adding this wooden hideout in the sand bath which was such a good idea
because honey loves going in there and using the sand bath way more so if you
have a sand bath and your hamster doesn’t use it I highly suggest putting in a
hideout in the sand bath and they most likely will use it a lot more as you can
see little honey and woke up because she could hear me moving stuff around her
cage so I just said hello to her and then I
actually put her in her travel cage so that I could start on this little part
so I give honey all of this bedding and she doesn’t actually burrow in it like
she should so I thought why not make her some type of burrow box I’m not very
skilled in building things so I just took a bit of old cardboard and some hot
glue and I made a little burrow box these also I made myself
these are little wood slices that I put dowels on and I use them as lunches and
the hamsters love them then I’m just putting in the food dish and the water then we have Aspen’s cage here as you
can see it used to have the popsicle sticks I’ve replaced it with Plexiglas
and I wanted to make it cuter so I’m just taking these cage stickers from
furnishables they’re removable stickers and I’m just placing them on
there to kind of make it look a bit cuter as well as somebody gave me the
idea that I should stuff some moss in between the cracks of my bendable
bridges just so that it can prevent any toes or legs from getting caught so I
just want to take the precaution and do that and then I’m adding in some flax
wheat and then oat sprays for her when she gets back into her cage which might
not be for a while so I thought I’d do a little quick update on Aspen for you
guys because she still is in her bin cage Aspen is on the road to healing her
leg is a little bit swollen at the ankle still and if it is truly broken then it
could take 4 to 12 weeks of healing but she still has active eating and drinking
and she’s overall very happy hampster so she is doing ok so then we are just
moving on to bumbles cage and I want to rearrange the entire cage for her as
well so I’m just gonna remove everything so that I can do that also bumble isn’t
in the cage currently she had already woken up so I put her in a playpen with
her hideout and this part actually it reminds me that I need to make a little stand for her Wodent wheel because the bedding does get stuck under there a lot
I’m just adding in her sand bath which I cleaned out and gave her fresh sand I
like to do that every once in a while so I’m going to be putting in this
hideout at the back here so that I can actually see in when she goes into that
hideout she likes to go in there to groom I also had no clue where to put
this bridge so I’m adding in a cork log another cork log because I love my cork
and then her bridge on the top there which I did put some sphagnum Moss just
on the edge there it’s just natural green moss it is safe for hamsters
they do nothing with it really they just walk on it they don’t try to eat it or
anything I’m adding her hideout and this is a wooden magazine organizer you can
get from Ikea it’s called a knuff, knuff I don’t know how to say it properly but
I love it as a hamster hideout then I’m adding in my flax wheat and then oat spray I love sprays and my hamsters love sprays and then I’m adding in her food &
water the food dish is actually a terra cotta saucer and they’re perfect food
dishes so then the last thing I’m gonna do is add in my herbs I always get
questions of what ones I use there is rosebuds, marigold, ribwort, cornflowers,
echinacea I don’t know how to say that one parsley stalks, raspberry leaves,
nettle leaves, dandelion leaves, chamomile dil and sunflower petals

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  1. Happy Saturday ? Today we change some things in the hamster cages and I give you an update on Aspen! I'm really excited for her to go back into her proper cage so hopefully, she heals fast! For anyone wondering about some of the products in the video, I've linked where I got them in the description bar!

  2. My hammster cage is way too small so I let him out a lot but I'm getting a way bigger cage but I'm scared he will get stressed from the move

  3. So I use a tank for my hamster as a cage and today I was holding my hamster and he jumped on the glass and the lid fell on him and I grabbed him really fast and IDK WHAT TO DO SOMEONE HELP (he’s okay and all but I’m worried ??) it fell on his neck ???

  4. Hey!! I heard from many sources that 400 or 500 Square inches isn't the minimum.. I read multiple times that the minimum is 775 square inches! 5000 square centimeters.

  5. P.s: i just saw how much I wrote in this very sorry you don’t need to answear my questions iven do it would help me a bit k if ur still here ok. Hey! I have a hamster and o got him for a few weeks now and he is very cute! I put im in a large ball so he can run around the house and I give him treats and stuff and he takes it I think (his name is Charlie) Charlie is used to me to take treats and stuff but I pet him when he is eating but I’m scared I would get bitten by him I’m a kid btw ? and I have confidence in my hamster that he won’t bite me but I’m still scared like I put my hand in his cage and don’t move with a treat in my palm and he smells my fingers but I get too scared so I move my hand…. so my first question is do you know if When hamster bite it hurts? Like is it a little pinch or does it hurt for long? Idk if u already been bitten by one but that’s just a question and my second question his i saw a video from you like years ago to how to bond with your hamster or something i don’t know and going in a bathtub and put blankets and everything and sit in it whit him like can the hamster jump out of the bath tub?? OH YA ANOTHER QUESTION ok sorry for all the questions I want my hamster to be happy! I watched a video of yours from years ago and it says to take a piece of toilet paper and rub it on your hands then give it to your hamster well like I couldn’t tell if he was eating it or not and I dint want him to die so I just took it from his mouth but he ate a bit of it is he gonna be dead!?!?!?!?! And like I’m just 12year old kid I don’t have a job or nothing and I’m trying to convince my mom to do a diy cage but she isint like 100% in it she hates the idea don’t know why and Rn for the cages I have is two put together one two story one with a plastic wheel (I’m gonna buy a different one I watched loads of videos so I know what to buy) and another one story one fr9m obviously critter trail ? is it okie for a hamster to be in a little cage for like a while till I convince my mom? I’m very sorry for my like 50 paragraphs it’s just that I kinda want my hamster to be happy and I need a little help y’a know? sorry again for this

  6. my hamster passed away today ….
    he was 2 years 1 month and 5 days old
    rest in peace peanut …. ilyssm ?

  7. So glad to hear Aspen’s getting better she is such a gorgeous hammy and soooooooooo happy she’s doing ok love ur videos so much can’t wait for the next one xxx

  8. How do you feel about this ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GUC-Hamster-Guinea-Pig-Mouse-Carrier-Cage/254294042112?hash=item3b351b2600%3Ag%3ALWkAAOSw1eFdDbvK&LH_Auction=1 , read the title and look at the picture

  9. My friend told me I was a little crazy for spending so much money and time on my hammy. I said she was a lot crazy for thinking that. LOL

  10. Hi Victoria I love your channel i have a little winter white hamster named GUS he means the world to to me when you told me that critter trail hamster cages are to small i instantly replaced it with a 40 gallon aquarium now he is a very happy little hamster

  11. We’re those rocks you put in adorable Honeys cage? If they are, are they a special type that hamsters can use, or just regular rocks? Also, all of your hamsters are so cute! Same with Saffron (sorry if I spelt his name wrong) and Bella! Also your rabbits!! Edit: I forgot to ask: My hamster puts her seeds from her food in her sand bath a lot! And I mean a lot!!! Is that normal?

  12. I'm planning on getting a Winter White Dwarf Hamster and your videos have helped me out so much with preparing. I wanna do as much research as possible before actually getting one though.

  13. So since my hamster passed away, I decided to get a new one! I brought her home and quarantined her for about a week. I wanted to start training her so I opened her cage up and began pinching food between my fingers to give to her. She suddenly stood up on her hind legs and opened her mouth, squeaking like a baby pig. I took my hand out and she stood there, frozen, and didn't move for about 5 minutes. Is she okay? Or does she not trust me?

  14. Hi Victoria! So today in the morning I saw a dead common house moth in my hamster's cage, and it's head was looking as if someone ripped it off. Now I'm assuming that my hamster ate its head and I'm a bit worried.. is that ok? What do you think?

  15. Ups, i mean i like these type of videos.
    But i have a little problem. Ny hamster chewing on my cage. I fell so bad when i see it. But i have the detolf cage. Do you have a good idea??

  16. Hi, I love your videos but my Syrian hamster went into his hideout looking normal and came out 3 minutes later with black on his forehead (his fur colour is the same as honeys) I’m not sure what it is but his head also looked a bit damp can you please help me because there is no bump but just black so I think he might have something wrong with him (if he needs to go to the vet I don’t mind because I’m on holidays in the same country and when I get back I’m going to the vet because he was chewing his foot because he was burrowing and didn’t realise he reached the bottom of the cage and he banged his foot) please help


    I love your vids???

  17. hey Victoria!
    i’m researching to get a winter white hamster (or a robo, i’m not quite sure yet) and was wondering how you made the cover for honeys cage? i’m planning on getting the same one!
    your videos have been a lifesaver, since i’m trying to give the hamster the best life
    thanks! 🙂

  18. Hey!! Love the videos ??!
    I have a question:
    I bought a hamster a week or so ago and thought it would be common sense to buy him one of those little rolling balls.
    I lowered him in it and he did quite know what to do…. In fact he fell asleep in it.
    I figured it'd just take time.
    I've let him in it 6-7 times and he can rock around in it, but not roll.
    He loves his wheel, but he doesn't seem to know what to do in the ball.
    Do you have any tips on how to help him learn to roll around?
    I'd really appreciate it!!

  19. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your compassion for animals and especially for hamsters. People think because they're small that they're not as special as a dog or people. I recently adopted one and I have to admit I am learning and made the mistake of getting her a small cage in the beginning, but your channel has taught me so much more than a google search, and I'm making things right now. I hope others come across your channel so they learn how to properly care for hamsters because they really deserve to be happy, as do you!! 🙂 Thank you so much for your videos! Please keep them coming <3

  20. I love you so much you are the best hamster youtuber ever I am getting a pet hamster for Christmas in a ikea detolft

  21. Thank you so much for your videos! My sisters hamster Lucy is now starting to let her pick her up for a little bit! She’s only tried to bite her a few times . So my sister put Lucy in one of her handmade cardboard playground box and she seems a little stressed after a while. Any tips? We put some of her bedding in there so she had some familiar scent but after a little while she was ready to get back to her home

  22. Thanks you help me today cuz you helped me about hamsters and you help me with my new male robvorski named kyle

  23. Could you make another video on how to find a hamster when it’s lost because my hamster has been lost for about a week now

  24. I tried putting a sand bath in my hamster's cage for her to play in and instead of playing in it, she was eating the sand. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

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  26. how do u spot clean its so hard because my hammy poops everywhere thank god he poops in one corner LOL

  27. It’s sad how your sand bath is the size of a lot of pet store hamster cages. You are an amazing hamster owner!

  28. Hi I was thinking about getting a dwarf hamster and I was wondering if they like to explore and hide and stuff so I was wondering if you could help me out with what kind of stuff I should get thanks!

  29. Is it bad when your hamster doesnt use his wheel? Like he runs around and it's big and accessible enough but he doesnt use it?

  30. I have a question about the hamsters cage where did You buy the glass cage where You put things Into? Pls answer ❤️❤️

  31. Hi I have not so big hamster cage but I’m gonna buy bigger so I have a question if I can use fish tank as hamster cage??btw your hamsters are the best!?

  32. My dwarf hamster only eats pellets. I want to feed her what’s in this video. Is it ok for dwarf hamsters and ok to change her diet?

  33. I love your videos, I’ve been watching your channel ever since I got my hamster. Your videos have been so useful when it comes to hamster care. And cages. Thank you. ❤️

  34. Meant to also ask. What is the twig thing with the little balls on it that they are eating and what benifit does it have to a hamster?

  35. I have a hamster called syrup she is a short haired Syrian and she looks like Bumble!!! You are really good at looking after your hamsters 🙂

  36. I’m getting a hamster Monday and these videos are helping a lot. Thanks for helping people like me who don’t know what there doing.??

  37. Is it safe to use fake moss? I couldn’t tell if what you used was fake or not so I just wanted to know if it’s okay to add in fake moss to my hammy’s cage.

  38. Instead of cleaning my hamsters cage once a month with spot cleaning could I just clean my hamsters cage once a week

  39. Hi could you tell us where you find the flax sprays. I have oat and millet but I can’t find flax. I’ve looked online but it won’t pop up. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  40. I love these videos. I think Victoria deserves more subscribers. I’m 11 and less than a week ago my hamster Winnie had a small cage with a 6.5 inch wheel (she’s a Syrian hamster) and now she has a new bin cage bigger wheel proper amount of bedding and a healthy diet and Victoria helped me give her a better life thank you Victoria Winnie also thanks you

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