Habitrail OVO Studio Special Edition for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice Cage Review

and here we go with another Habitrail
habitat for hamsters this time it’s the ovo OVA studio is much like the
Habitrail ovo dwarf hamster set up but the tubes are larger and we have some
more accessories here for larger hamsters these are all the components as
they come out of the box make sure that everything is not broken and in good
shape because if it is broken you want to send it right back these are all the
connectors there’s the exercise wheel to the right right there and if you get
anything extra for your setup I recommend you get more elbows and 180s
and connectors so that you can do other things with it there’s this discover the
new world of Habitrail ovo they lists all of their components and accessories
in it this is the Habitrail ovo studio special edition I don’t know what’s
special about this edition it’s just the way it came bought it on Amazon and
we’re going to put it together starting with the basin and just like the others
that have this round shape we start with these two receiving collars on the sides
a little fussy line them up with little slats there and flip them in place and
then you’re going to be connecting the top opening system to that so it’s
pretty much the same if you’ve seen my other videos simple straightforward
we’re just gonna follow the instructions here here is again the support for the
exercise wheel which is also the Hideaway for your hamster and on top is
the food dish list of the squeaky sound you want to fix that the way I’ve
explained in other videos which was to put olive oil on this axle put it back
together and you’re gonna hear the difference
excellent plus it moves easier for your smaller hamster we’re going to be having
dwarf hamsters when we get this entire system finally put together that’s how
it clips in now you can also twist that 180 degrees or 90 degrees there so that
it locks in better but I just push it straight down and it seems fine this
exercise wheel is a little over 7 inches in diameter so now let’s just clip on
the top here and then we rotate these silver wings on the side and that locks
it down in place very easy to remove again if you need to clean or get your
system for one reason or another little hideaway also is nice and dark this is a
pod that connects up on the table and it has this cardboard insert in it that
they call a maze I think your hamster your mouse or your gerbil is gonna chew
that up pretty darn fast I’m not gonna put any bedding up in this we’re gonna
put the bedding in the base and down below and then let the pet take it up
there on its own here’s the drinking system this water bottle has an EZ
stainless steel cover that you pull off fill the bottle easy to clean easy to
snap back together once this is installed in your system it is easy to
pull the water bottle out and service it without having to open it notice all the
drips here you want to make sure and let it drip out before putting it back onto
your tank system or your pet you don’t want them walking through the water and
this shows some different configurations that are included in the instruction so
you’re not locked into one setup again I recommend you buy extra tubes and
connectors and tees and elbows so that you can start to run these things off in
other configurations although each time you change your system around you will
cause a little bit of stress to your pet so think that over these are the
connectors that go on either side the little red things are called windows and
they just close off dead ends but these are the areas that you can also use to
connect other habitats together the connection rings are straightforward
they lock securely very easy to use just put all the pieces together put the
windows on the sides which also help all these pieces together and then just
continue to connect the rest of the tubes and here’s the whole thing setup
ready to go if you’re looking at square inch wise I would say that the studio
which is the same as a dwarf because it is round it’s roughly 132 square inches
most people are going to say that’s not enough for your hamsters so you’re gonna
want to connect this to other systems and here’s a drinker on the end note the
little red window there that you can pull off to wipe any drips off at the
bottom if it tends to leak a little here’s the exercise we all take up a lot
of space in here you may want to opt to get the external exercise wheels so that
it won’t take you’re prime real estate inside the
habitat but this is it pretty simple look at this thing
it’s a good size I think it’s going to be a nice place for your hamster your
gerbil or your mouse but you’re also probably gonna want to connect it to
something like this Habitrail crystal cage which expands the floor space and
gives your pets more space also with a crystal cage note that they use a
different water bottle thanks for watching I hope you get some nice cages
for your pets

14 thoughts on “Habitrail OVO Studio Special Edition for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice Cage Review

  1. I just ordered this for my hamster on amazon as well, from what I have read and other people say, is that it's "special" because its bigger for syrian hamster's… I got this for a add on play area to my 40 gallon breeder tank, I had two crittertrail's hooked up, but my syrian had gotten stuck in one of the tubes one time when I was away at work… so i disconnected them (ASAP) and felt so bad that he had gotten stuck.. 🙁 hoping this instead will be better for my bigger hamster to get through the tubes…

  2. Would you recommend the Suite or the Dwarf Hamster habitat for 2 female gerbils? They're currently living in a OVO Home: Pink Edition.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the review of the Habitrail Ovo. With regards to the water bottle, it will not leak if you create the proper vacuum seal. To fill the water bottle, remove the stainless steel nozzle and fill the reservoir full with water. Replace the stainless steel nozzle, turn upside down over the sink and rotate the bottle in an up/down motion 3 times to allow vacuum to form, and then insert into the water bottle support. It seems that the rotating back/forth up/down motion increase the speed at which the vacuum forms.

  4. Question I have a dwarf hamster and I want Too by two of these can I run the tubes so they can connect together so my hamster can go in both cases ?

  5. Hello! I hav been looking at some of your videos for a while now and I am trying to convince my mom to let me get a pet. I thought about getting a setup similar to the one at 4:36 which is the Habitrail studio and habitrail crystal cage combined. Would that be a good setup for a Robo or dwarf hamster?

  6. Hello again, I have a question about the tubes in this cage. Are they small enough for a dwarf hamster? Also can dwarf hamsters climb but the tubes alright with the setup shown on the box? I may want to get this as a add on to another Habitrail but I want to make sure that a dwarf or Robo hamster can climb through all the tubes before I get it.

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