Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage also for mice and gerbils, assembly and thoughts

ok today we’re gonna talk about one of
the most popular Habitrail cages on Amazon and we’re just going to do a
quick 5 minute review here of the Habitrail cristal and cristal is just
what it looks like this is how it came out of the box most of the plastic is
absolutely transparent other than the base which is opaque white and these are
the parts that come in it all the way to the left is the food dish then you have
the little hideaway cover you have the clasp for your 2 ounce drinker and then
the 2 end blocks and a ladder so we’re looking at the side here the lower size
of the clear portion are solid so that you can put deeper litter in it and
these are the wheels these wheels come with the ovo and other things made by
Habitrail as well they look big enough for a Syrian hamster and so that means
it would be also good for the dwarf hamsters and it comes pre attached to
the steel wire sides but I’ll go over something about that when your hamster
gets in these things it’s going to be spinning them all the time usually at
night because hamsters are nocturnal if it’s a gerbil this is gonna be spinning
during the day time either way it’s gonna bother you by making this sound I
recommend that you use olive oil and that you lubricate that axle and this is
what it sounds like it also spins easier and if you have a very small hamster
like one of the robos or one of the other dwarf species of hamster they will
be able to spin this nice and easy I also recommend that you put it as high
on the wall as you can so that does not interact with the top but leaves plenty
of space for bedding underneath now on each end of the cage there are these
plugs it does not come with other accessories so you’re gonna want to put
these plugs in place and you’re gonna bond block those holes it’s also where
in the future if you get accessories for this or if you’re gonna connect to other
cages and I recommend that you do these are the holes that you will be
connecting the tubes through there are receiving divots and a little hole there
and they match up with the ring and and attach the cover on as I said before
also this is where you’re going to attach elbows tees and other accessories
to the cage when you expand it okay just snap together and that’s it
now this is the interior bedding area this thing is somewhat softer plastic
and it clips on the steel bars on either side you do have to install it near the
top because it’s just not long enough to reach straight across in a lower area so
just as the top of the cage starts to curve over that where you clip in you
also have this ladder the ladder spins a little bit so you can pick an angle you
have that amber colored cover that gives privacy for your pet and clips right in
and that’s pretty much it all these components are easy to wash and clean
and remove so pretty well put together steel bars these steel bars are nice and
tight close enough together for even a very small hamster or Mouse and this
is what it looks like all together here’s how you open and close it to
access your pet again its up nice and high and what I do like is they left it
deep enough so that you can put nice deep litter in here
although this thing is kind of small if you’re putting a hamster in it you’re
gonna find out I’ll show you the dimensions here of the base so you can
figure out how many square inches it is there is the feeding Bowl you want to
put the food at the opposite end of the water so that when the water drips in a
little bit it does not foul the food here’s the 2 ounce drinker that’s
included 2 ounces is more than enough but you should be changing the water
daily even though your pet may not consume all the water keep your water
fresh here’s the clip that goes into the steel bars
and the hole that receives the drinker spout again like I said 2 inch 2 ounces
once you fill it up though make sure you start with a tissue of some kind or use
a paper towel to catch those grips until a vacuum is created inside the water
bottle and then it won’t drip into the cage so you do not want water in the
bedding of your cage so there it is 2 ounce drinker put it as low as you can
on the side because I think that is still fairly high off the bottom you
don’t want it in contact with the bedding of course because then it would
just leak in and notice the food dish is all the way
to the right keep food and water well away from each other so that they don’t
get wet this is the whole setup looks pretty good now let’s put a tape measure on it how
big is this thing because a lot of people are concerned about square inches
when it comes to different pets of different sizes and activity levels nine
and a half inches wide at the end fifteen and a half inches in length so
we’re talking about roughly 147 point 25 square inches of floor space most people
are going to tell you that is not enough by itself so you’re going to want to
attach this to other cages and other accessories maybe you’ve been thanks for

17 thoughts on “Habitrail Cristal Hamster Cage also for mice and gerbils, assembly and thoughts

  1. I really like this review and how you explained things but the part u said about the wheel being big enough for a Syrian I kindly disagree with they should ideally have an 8 inch wheel at the least

  2. Ooooh ima get this cage after watching this…pretty afford able!

    Oh know…you have to build some of the items AGHHH

  3. NO HATE AT ALL if you are going to put a hamster in this it is way to small never buy this cage you need a 450 square inch cage!

  4. Does anyone else have trouble with closing the door? I haven’t gotten the door closed yet (no hamster in it yet) so please tell me how.

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