Guy Rappels Into Canyon To Save Abandoned Dogs | The Dodo Faith = Restored

We head down to
the climbing area. On our walk over, I hear the coyotes
again. And I look up and I see two little heads. And I’m like, looking and those coyotes are kind of
weird-looking coyotes. Our first thought was, “Somebody has to
be up there.” So we start calling
for the hikers: “Hey, hey, is
anybody up there?” And so there was
kind of no hesitation. Brody decides, “I need to go up there
and see what’s going on.” I’m trying to orient
myself, I’m like, “This has to be
where the dogs were, but I still don’t see the dogs.” And I’m like, “There’s no way
they’re all the way down here.” And I’m just about to give up because I don’t see anything, but I decide to walk like 10 more steps. And that’s when I see
this shaded cave. And I start downclimbing
that whole section again and I end up back where I can
see the dogs with all my gear and I start talking to them. This is my initial contact
with these dogs. For a second, I just
kind of turn off my climber brain
and I’m just like, “Oh, I love dogs so much!” And I get over to them. Both of them start giving
me kisses right away. I’m, like, using all of this gear that I brought up
with me to make dog harnesses. And so I rig myself a rappel, I rig the two dogs for
their own safety lines. By the time we got to
the overhanging point, which means my feet are
no longer touching the wall, I’m floating in
space from the rope, one dog sat on
each of my legs and I’m able to
use my hands to manage the rope while
having my arms around them. So I’m down at the bottom preparing for the arrival
of our two new friends who I quickly named because our own
dog is named Spaghetti. We very quickly abandon all of
our climbing plans for the day and we start heading down from the cliff to our car and we put Parmesan
in Brody’s climbing backpack. We carry Meatball. And we walk down to the car. And by some chance, a ranger happens to
drive by at that moment. We start driving into town with the ranger so we
can get some service. I have Parmesan on my lap. Brody has Meatball on his lap. We were on our way
to a work trip and we couldn’t
take them with us. We drive down to the shelter. We had to say bye to
them and that sucked. It was really hard for me to
leave the two dogs at the shelter. But having that experience with
them and knowing what sweet and wonderful
dogs they were, I knew that they were
going to find homes. We got an update a
few weeks later that Parmesan and Meatball I think that our experience
with Parmesan and Meatball was really a beautiful
lesson to us about, you know, the hope
that there still is out there and that you can do good
things and that we can

100 thoughts on “Guy Rappels Into Canyon To Save Abandoned Dogs | The Dodo Faith = Restored

  1. I only watched half of this so far but when you said "I dont want to make to much noise to scare them into something more dangerous" the only thought that crossed my mind was "these dogs called for you, they aren't going anywhere but home with you" and I havent been able to stop crying. You do what I do on a regular basis and … you've made me a very happy man atm

  2. Btw those two dogs will never forget your scent. Because of what you did your scents have been stored in those little doggy happy brains

  3. So many people are so certain those dogs were abandoned. I highly doubt it. I live out in this area. Our tourists lose a lot of dogs when they run off because the terrain is so hazardous, and because the dogs get chased and eaten by coyotes. Which is to me the most likely explanation of how they got stuck in such a hazardous spot. Owners probably believe their dogs were eaten. Out here, when a dog runs off and doesn't come back by nightfall it probably isn't coming back. You hear coyotes calling in the hills and you know your dog is being torn apart and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. The owners should have left their information at the shelters, and they should have had their dogs microchipped, because you just never know, but I imagine there is a grieving family out there who simply don't know their dogs were rescued.

  4. What happened to giving them away to someone who can love them and care for them? To actually climb a mountain and leave them there is unbelievable! It's like the man who killed his wife and children because he didn't want to have that family anymore!! What happened to responsibility and divorce?

  5. How kind, and wonderful, …these two people are! I cried, felling mixed with joy and sadness. First, that the right people, with the skill and humanity, came alone at the right time. Then, the reality that people discard their pets in a slow death situation, rather than take them to a shelter. God bless these two lovely people!

  6. Man I was about to congratulate this guy but I just got this weird feeling that this was a staged video for attention. It just seems too perfect. I hope I'm wrong.

  7. To me these are rescue dogs that look the part. Then these two staged the whole rescue. I just get a bad vibe from these two.

  8. Greetings from Alaska, what a great story, you guys could not have gotten there at a better time and you did a great job at rescuing them. Thank you so much.

  9. If this man was a soldier he would have gotten a medal for shear duty above and beyond. And to the prick that abandoned them. Hope you get mouth herpes.

  10. can I have a break Jesus? The more I look into the videos I get more and more angry and sad. How could someone leave a dog in a fucking canyon???
    Are people this evil? Disgusting beings, waste of space and organs.
    Dogs are babies. You don't leave a baby and more you don't leave a baby in a canyon!!!

  11. You hear people being called Heroes so often these days, you forget what real heroes really look like.. this video has helped to remind me. Thank you. x

  12. Hopefully they got to go home together cause they stayed with each other that whole time and when he took the little dog the big dog followed ?

  13. Thank you guys! But I have a question for those who push “??” this, are you out of your mind?! This couple saved this two dogs, they are heroes, why you pushed unlike?! Really?!
    Once again, thank you guys, best wishes to you!

  14. Ok people shut up about it being staged, would you have liked if they left them there? NO! so just watch the video and nobody wants your opinion

  15. Thus horrible thing happens all the time in NM. Now, I'm First Nations Cree ,lived in NM for 4 years. The Navajos are notorious for mistreating and abandoning horses, dogs & cats. Many star e their animals as well. Several times while driving in the canyons/mountains in NM I witnesses Navajos dropping off barely weaned puppies in the freezing snow. Each time I rescued the puppies and looked for good living homes. I witnessed a car full of Navajos driving down a road that I was behind , saw tem throw a big bag out their car window. I stopped to see and it was a few kittens. I reported it to animal humane and they told me that sort of things happen all the time. That they haven't the manpower or money to improve, educated and prosecute. Was told most are related to each other one way or another and nothing gets done legally or morally. It discussed me that I had to move from that toxic state.

  16. You have used the humanity bestowed by almighty… thanks God you are taking care of each have been a wonderful instrument of God

  17. Wow great job not giving up on them very brave! Just can t you guys not better beautiful names for them?! Instead Meatball and Parmesan?

  18. Most Wonderful story of All. Praise to God for miracles and for the sweet brave heroes that saved them! Hallelujah! And great to know they were adopted, hopefully together. ??

  19. Your right, look for someone hurt but from what I’m used to seeing it doesn’t surprise me if they were dumped there waiting for them to fall to their death.

  20. Brody and Katie, you both are awesome! Thank you for your hearts of gold! God bless you both! I am so happy for the two babies you saved!

  21. Hey everyone. I'm the owner of the two dogs rescued in the video. I'm at the bottom of the canyon and need help. I broke my back and can't walk. Please send emergency services. Are my dogs ok? So very thirsty…

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  22. Wow, how did those pups get there? You two are soooo sweet. Doggie angle people. Nice work. Glad you followed your instincts and did not go with coyotes. Wow. I am so proud of you both.

  23. If i would stumble upon those cuties on one of my hikes and i would know that they had no owner, i would think "whelp now i got two dogs".

  24. Uplifting story about two passerby's stealing the beloved dogs of a victim stuck inside a rock collapse in a canyon.

    Tune in at 7 p.m. PST on NBC News for live coverage as the event unfolds.

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