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it seems like the perfect opportunity to her back to where she used to be you can't even tell the cheese wine it happened really fast when glaucoma first set in within about 36 hours her vision was just gone like that seeing her go from a dog who had hiked thousands of miles through remote wilderness to being cautious about crossing the living room was heartbreaking how'd you know to stop that's crazy come on you're almost there she embraced me giving her feedback and hoping the guide to down the trail good all right cool I would tell her careful if she was approaching something careful stop we practiced the stop command follow me as soon as I said it she would freeze stop stop stop it was really incredible to see her work with me to get around better get my little one the florida trails been on my radar for a while 1,100 mile that runs from the Everglades up to the Northwest Panhandle she's in her element out there she's in her confidence back just being a dog and enjoying herself she hiked every single day even if it was just a mile the hard stuff I did end up carrying her for most of it she ended up hiking over 200 miles herself I'm so proud of everything that she accomplished you're somewhere new everything the day and there's challenges every single day and if you just don't quit you're overcoming every single day it's indescribable you just have to do it and you'll know what I mean I got my dog back and that's all I can ask like comment and subscribe

28 thoughts on “Guy Carries His Blind Dog 800 Miles To Help Get Her Confidence Back | The Dodo Soulmates

  1. Thank you ,my dog became blind also I just talk to her and tell her to slow down when she bumps into things

  2. I owned a female Shiba inu named Saki for 13 years until she passed. They are incredibly loyal and she shows it in her confidence in you. She's a beautiful smart dog and you are both so lucky to have one another. Congratulations on making her believe in herself again. I hope you two hike many more adventures and spend many years together. Many Blessings to you both! 🙂

  3. Katana looks exactly like my dog Tula, except Tula is bigger. Tula grew up on an Indian Reservation and she is just wonderful.

  4. The bond between a dog and man is so beautiful! I'm too broken to think I can take that on and then have to face the loss at the end of such a beautiful friendship. I rather be alone than try to endure this type of loss.

  5. This man is so wonderful and the bond that they share like no other is so beautiful. I loved watching this. So much love and trust between them ?

  6. More people should take a page out of this man's book. How wonderful he is with Katana! She is beautiful, and what could have been a heartbreaking decision, he turned into a positive way of life for Katana and himself. This video made my heart sing! every pet should have a human that is this dedicated the them.

  7. You know, I just have to give thanks that you spread positive messages. There is so much hate and vile behavior on the Interwebz that it's nice to see something light, especially concerning people and animals. Thank you.

  8. 1st I have to say Dodo has the best videos. Way to go Katana and Kyle. Such an awesome story. Katana is an inspiration and has to make you want to keep pushing forward. I've had a lot of surgeries the in my life and Katana inspires me.??‍♀️????

  9. Anche io ho un cagnino cieco..è bravissimo!bella stella gli hanno dovuto togliere gli occhi x la lesmania,piccino!anche lui ascoltai miei ordini!e’bravissimo!

  10. If i had to choose between watching every mcu movie or watching this video…i will choose this video in a heartbeat…

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