100 thoughts on “Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge #2! Eating Heart, Tongue, Rat, Rabbit, and Octopus.

  1. Well, some of us can no longer say that we have never eaten a rat before. Have you ever eaten any of the real things we used in this video?
    Looking for other gross challenges? Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItbpcAifAXY&list=PLSqiExuEA-RGSWBng-eSejFu7nKSDGxO1&index=4

  2. Adam: octopus expecting Jamie to freak out


    Adam: I’m Sorry,I cant control it!

    Jamie:*gets heart*

    Adam: thinking: THATS WHAT YOU GET!!!!!
    gets the real heart

  3. No one:

    Legit no one ever:

    No one in the world:

    Vegans: OMG WHAT THE HECK YOU MONSTERS has a heart attack (I’m not vegan)

  4. All the boys are winning and there's only one girl and I'm getting so mad ?really I still like vat19 but I don't like this video

  5. 2:33 that is the best food ever!! I’ve had chicken heart so many times in my life. It may look disgusting but it tastes just like steak or chicken wings

  6. Ok once my friend ate ox tung about 4 times and that is now is favorite food every then I said “Why!? Why do you want to eat something that can taste you back!?”

  7. 0ne day i was watchin vat19 and said do you know what i would love to work there i then remember i am vegetarian and realised i cant eat animals or even most jello and gummy

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