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  1. Pakistani India Peopel how stupid in the world no heart no mind!Allah give this peopel ooo soo right !!!!!! HARAM HARAM????

  2. Dear Hinglish Facts,
    What do you think about our new video about Bully Kutta vs Afghan Shepherd?
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  3. Gull terr=bull terrier

    Gull dong=bull dog?

    The gull terr is the old time ”original” Bullterrier that had being kept as they where from the beginning,this is a good example on how the kennel clubs are ruining breeds especially almost all the old fighting,bull baiting or boar hunting breeds,the modern bull terrier is inferior to the gull terr and they are escentially the exact same breed..the gull terr is healthyer,more intelligent ,has more ”game” and working ability and it does not have a deformed head as thr bullterrier..dont get me wrong im a bullterrier fan and because of that i was lucky to find this preserved version of the bullterrier breed! Now i just want breeders to set a real standard for the dogs and make sure they dont dilute the breed with other breeds as som ”breeders” do already in Pakistan and india

  4. Why are the dogs ALLWAYS so fucking dirty?? Wash your dog you cunt! And feed it better! The dogs in almost all the videos from Pakistan and India the dogs are malneurished ,they are to skinny,and i dont mean the fat because a conditioned gamedog should have really low fat percent on theyre body but you should give the dogs HIGH PROTEIN AND HIGH FAT (good fats like salmon or other natural animal fats) PLUS GIVE THE WHOLE UNCOOKED RAW MEATY BONES SO THE CAN GET THE NUTRIENT RICH BONEMARROW IN ORDER TO GET YOU DOGS TO GROW MUSCLE IN THE BEST WAY! these are just tips in order to get your dog to be superior to the other dog and look really good is a nice plus! ?

  5. Great video lkn mene suna he Bully Kutta Pakistani breed he, see this channels video https://youtu.be/GQB7_QYA1qE this is also an Indian channel

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