Guinea Pig Tooth Trim

This girl I was gonna say little pig, but she’s actually really big giant cuy. She has some teeth problems going on you can see how the bottom tooth here is broken off and This is really pointy and becoming quite sharp, and then the top tooth is kind of responding by Starting to curve inwards like that It’s very thick and fairly long so Just want to take a little bit off the top here What can you say about this? Just evening it out. So that was it, they have no feelings in their teeth actually so people freak out because their like, “Oh my Gosh it’s gonna hurt!” It doesn’t. Leave the bottom teeth the way they are? No I’m gonna take a little piece off the bottom, too So it’s not as pointy because it’s becoming quite sharp here. It’s actually pretty sharp That’s not gonna be very pleasant for her That’s better Okay, and then we keep trimming So, in about four weeks and see it again and see if she needs a little more taken care of and then hopefully we can correct whatever is going wrong right now. Yeah! So, there. Good Girl! (Wheek wheek wheek!) That’s buttercup? Mm Hmm, That’s Buttercup. Little Buttercup. All right, thanks Saskia. You’re Welcome.

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  1. Awww, Buttercup is being so good! Is she on something to make her calm? My piggies would NEVER let you open their mouths like that, it just makes them too uncomfortable. thanks for caring for her teeth. So precious!

  2. Great video. People find it hard to understand that a piggies teeth keep growing and you need to check them regularly for situations like this. We had a few piggies which had a broken tooth one time or another and making sure they keep eating is especially important. Keep up your excellent work guys!

    It is also great you are utilizing the power of Youtube! Its a great way for you guys to generate extra income which you so sorely need. Me and my wife have donated several times in the past and will do so in the future but this way you can create an informative channel with lots of piggy information which is already SO hard to find in the web. Keep on creating and sharing these great, informative and sometimes VERY cute vids!

  3. I have 2 guinea pigs and one of them has a quite long teeth, I dont know what should I do because i'm too scared to hold them, should I give them out a mineral block? Because I heard that it helps shortening their teeth.

  4. I thought that it would hurt the guinea pig, until she said that it doesn't hurt because they have no feeling in their teeth. What an adorable piggie!

  5. hello rescuers❤️ i noticed you dont use a dremer’s wheel for this. is it because this particular pig is a calm one or do you trim without the dremer’s wheel occasionally? also is the tongue getting in the way a problem? i got one of my pigs teeth cut by a gp specified vet before but tomorrow im seeing a normal vet for this. might sound very silly but would the cut teeth fall into its throat and make him choke? ??

  6. How can u open a guinea pigs mouth calmly? I wanna check my guinea pigs mouth but I don't know how to open it.

  7. I just had this done for my boar toby. But he is still drooling and I am worried. Its been a week ago. Is this normal? Either way im calling his vet tomorrow. ?

  8. Hi there Saskia, my guinea is 4 and his mouth looks very similar to this guy's. The right bottom tooth broke off below the surface and then the left started to go crooked and then it too loosened up and came out. Now the top of course have gotten real long and the bottom right which was the first to fall out is still not in and the left is. Tonight I notice that it's red and will bleed on the right when rubbed. The gums seem to cover it at the base on the right. and under his jaw feels like a hard mass has formed. I don't think this was there when this whole scenario started 2 months age. I hate to take him to the vet because I feel they're not too experienced and want to charge me an arm and a leg to get to the bottom of the issue. Where do I begin? Should I assume because it feels bony it's a tumor and that's why the tooth broke under the skin in the 1st place? Should I ask for a lateral xray at the least and see if it's a tumor? Is it even hopeful to think it's curable by antibiotics?

  9. oh my gosh i really need help ;- ; my guinea pig is raelly skinny and only weighs 1.4 pounds and he broke one of his teeth a while ago.. i only just found this out and that is why he wasnt eating much ! we dont have many piggy vets around here

  10. My Guinea pig is really skinny and emaciated and we tried cutting his tooth because it was really long and the other was broken and now he isn't eating and we have to syringe feed him ? water and pumpkin is all that is keeping him up right now

  11. This makes me so sad :/ 20 years ago, as a kid, my pet guinea pig needed a tooth trim so we took her to the vet. They put her under anesthesia to do the “surgery” and she died that night at home. It was just too much for her. I wish we had known how to trim her teeth ourselves. .

  12. What kind and where do I buy them?? My guineas tooth is rounding in her mouth and the vet is to expensive and we'll I went to the vet a month ago and told her she needed a tooth trimming and she said her teeth doesn't look that bad and she gave me and she gave me antibiotics and said she have that would work and then about two weeks ago kerchief look even worse so I rather just do it myself instead of paying almost $200 just to trim their teeth when I asked her last time to trim her teeth..

  13. I need help, my guinea pig lost her bottom tooth just like this guinea pig did. It became infected, it is doing better now after we took her to the vet, but now her top two teeth are very overgrown. She has not been eating and is pretty skinny. I have told my parents this but they don’t want to spend more money, which I completely understand. Do you think this is something I can do myself? And if so, what is that tool you are using? Thank you.

  14. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Question: What are the clippers called? Our vet trimmed one of our fosters and showed us how to do it hands on…but i forgot to get the info on the clippers theirselves.

  15. How hard do you have to press down to cut their teeth? Is it like nail hard or is it bone hard I’m just so worried I won’t press down hard enough

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