Guinea Pig Haircut with Tank

hi this is Saskia from Los Angeles
guinea-pig recipe I’m gonna show you today how to do a proper haircut this is
tank and he is not a fool long hair but he does have a lot of hair in his butt
so we’re gonna want to keep this nice and trim so it doesn’t matter okay so
coming over and then I show you okay so let’s have a look he has all this and
its really thick as well he’s actually an interesting mix because here he does
not have the long hair he’s got a few little wisps coming out of there okay so
you kind of want to because if you try and oh what’s important is that you have
a good tool this is just a really cheap austere hair scissors you can expensive
but high quality yeah you mean sorry inexpensive high quality they’re not
gonna be sponsoring this video because if you use like the regular scissors
that you use in your household it’s not gonna work really if those are for
cutting hair those are specifically for cutting hair yes okay so what you want
to do is you want to cut like this just all around you don’t want to cut here
you’re not gonna put it on a big bowl want it yeah yeah and then cut around it
so that’s when you’re gonna get a really nice result okay alright alright so
let’s start because it’s so thick I don’t want to do all of it at once
someone just gonna start tanks behaving really well over there so far so good
tank II know I should have redone the polish on my nails sorry guys
I like that the blue looks good you can’t tell that it’s uh you say it’s
chipped yeah you can’t tell it looks great but we’ll find out in the comments haircut was fabulous the nails need work okay I’m gonna do you want want a piece
of carrot is he eating his own hair looks good this Bob is setting in nicely
his publicity the video those are my scissors and so you want to
do two is kind of get the hair underneath so you really want to and
then he also has quite a bit of grease stuck here kind of clumpy stuff and
because his skin is light here this grease isn’t light color as well never
the best way to deal with that I found it’s just to cut it off because washing
this stuff it is so greasy there is bit that there is just no shampoo that can
that can work with this so I just cut it off I’ve had some success working some olive
oil in there but yeah yeah they say it’s easy people some oil on it leave it to
soak in and then shampoo it off I mean you can try but I’ve just found it’s
just much better just cut it off and see if you can gently pull out little pieces
as well I was gonna mention that this stuff doesn’t smell funky and musky but
it actually has like a weird industrial kind of smell that grease it’s not yeah
I mentioned that every time and people look at me like I’m crazy but I think
the guinea pig boards recent ordinary smell and that Neal well it comes from
like working on bicycles you know it smells like the same kind of thing he
looks like MO and he is really good boy because he’s sitting nice and still yeah
so like the eating his own hair what are you doing over here he is super Hampton
we cannot eat your own hair that’s terrible yeah he’s super handsome okay so looks
much better you see how he’s got all this so you
don’t want to do that as well so I kind of lift them up like this yep very carefully so before I cut I actually
want to make sure that I see my scissors yeah see I’m not gonna just go in just a
beast Abbi I’m just gonna open see there is the other end I can cut it now see
that tricks of the trade looks like a salon on the floor too so good that
makes my job easier health checks yeah all right yes no it looks like he is but it’s
funny I think I got some hair in my face there’s a haircut don’t the scissors
alright so what was this chipper new trimmer clipper austere austere don’t
use it like left-handed school scissors okay alright that was a tanks haircut yeah if you like this video if if now
you’re now you have aspirations to go to guinea-pig cosmetology school like and
subscribe thanks everybody

45 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Haircut with Tank

  1. It amazes me to see a guinea pig behave so well for a haircut! My peruvian boy is a nightmare to cut! It's a two person job, and he is terrified of scissors, and it can only be done with the electric clippers. My other three are all short hair, so of course, he is the only one who loves to lounge around in his pee and needs his hair cut often. He's my mister stinker butt :). He is always so calm until hair day, any tips on how to deal with wild and terrified pigs? That is a video i would love to see!! 🙂

  2. I really like the dynamic between the cameraman and the woman doing the haircut. The video had real personality. tank was adorable as well, and that was a great cut! I did like the nail color. You really can't tell any chips from this far away 🙂

  3. SO SWEEET! Take a look at my channel and our newborn pigies ❀ ❁ ❀ ❁ ❀ ❁ ❀ ❁ ❀ ❁ Thank you in advance !

  4. I constantly struggle with my Peruvian girl and keeping her knot free. I use proper scissors and do the method you use but she is so wriggly and squirmy and I’m so scared of cutting her. I usually try and someone to hold her for me but she then start crying and so my friend then gets upset and refuses to hold her. Have you got any recommendations on how I can get her better at being groomed?

  5. What a good boy! I have a boy piggie whose hair is a little longer than my other boy’s hair with a train of fur down over his butt. It does get quite messy.

  6. Lol, I do something similar! I call it the Bieber butt cut! Lmao!!! Cause my boy love's getting brushed or combed so I just cut it at a higher angle and then it takes longer for it to grow back over his booty! Lol?

  7. A few comments:
    1). This was oddly satisfying to watch.
    2). Tank is super handsome.
    3). My piggie, Strauss, does not act as good as Tank during his haircuts.
    4). Scott (cameraman…I think that’s his name?) said things right after I thought them two or three times. Psychic!

  8. When you were cutting Tank's hair I had my blanket over my mouth and I had some of the fuzz on my mouth and I thought it was Tank's hair because of camera perspective ?

  9. Thank you so much for showing this! I have watched the other haircut videos you have done but this piggie has hair just like mine. He only needs a "Butt cut". It has come time for a trim as the hair now drags everything he walks through. I have learned so much watching your videos and Scott's too! Thank you all so much for sharing and showing! My 2 boars thank you too!

  10. we live in a hot climate, so our Guinea Pigs don't grow too much hair or require a haircut, but this was a wonderful video!

  11. I have a short hair gunieapigs but the hair near her butt gets kinda long and a little mattted. Should i be cutting it too i just dont want to cut her skin and im scared it i trim her hair i might cut her skin

  12. My guinea pig Pippin looks almost exactly like Tank except all white and yellow in the face like his bum. Same kind of guinea pig too! I think he's Abyssinian. Thanks for showing me how to properly trim his hair. I think I did it way wrong the first time. I will try it this way. Only thing is he has a cow lick in the back so not sure it will look the same. Wish me luck! Thank you!

  13. We just got too new guinea pigs today a grey one short hair and a brown and black one with like medium hair the we have 3 cages 4 guinea pigs in each but don’t worry they have a lot of room to run around these cages are really big my dad build them and they have their own room well it’s like a pet room and and a play area

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