Guinea Pig Adoption Checklist

Hey Scotty’s Animals, Scott here
today’s video is Guinea Pig Adoption Checklist. So you think you want to adopt
guinea pigs this video will get you ready. Before you bring home your new
furry friend here’s a checklist to make sure that you get everything you need to
give them the best home and the best life ever
all right number one whose guinea pigs are they are they going to be yours or
are you getting them for someone else for your child you must be responsible
for them and you can’t pass that responsibility on to another person
especially a child children under 11 shouldn’t carry guinea pigs or pick them
up unsupervised dropping a guinea pig can cause severe injury or worse
suffering the loss of a pet due to carelessness can be traumatic to
children and devastating to families they are your responsibility and you
can’t pass it along their well-being is in your hands number two
boy or girl guinea pigs choosing their sex determines their living conditions
by that I mean boys must live in a pair and bonding is a process trio’s rarely
work out girls bond a lot easier and can be kept in larger groups if you have the
space multiple pairs of boys can be kept in separate cages like this side-by-side
boys and girls personality actually means a lot more so once you bring them
home and get to know them you’ll see how special they are with the right habitat
they will thrive and become part of your family alright that brings us to number
three cages the cages for sale in pet stores are way too small guinea pigs
need at least eight square feet per pair and always go bigger if you can at the L
a guinea pig rescue we prefer to build the ciency cages that stands for cubes
and coroplast but we also set up Midwest guinea pig habitats
so the Midwest habitat would be this one and the cubes and coroplast CNC cages
would be the ones here in here the different types of bedding that can go
in these cages are fleece pine or paper bedding
fleece should have an absorbent pad underneath it such as u-haul pads and
pine shavings should always be kiln dried for animal use paper bedding
should be intended for small animal bedding not just shredded paper or old
newspaper wire bottom cages are never okay I personally prefer kiln dried pine
shavings but there’s plenty of resources out there for whichever you choose
so what cage setup is right for you over the years I’ve tried many different
things until I found what works best for me focusing on minimum cage size minimum
care and minimum effort that is a sure sign that you might not want to do all
the chores associated with guinea pig adoption remember eight square feet is
the minimum cage size we like the Midwest or the CNC cages and bigger is
always better raised cages allow for better
interaction and easier cleaning keeping your guinea pigs healthier and your
relationship stronger more satisfying number four what are the must-have cage
accessories keep it simple pigs need food bowl 2 is great large
water bottle hay rack or the snack shack and a Heidi the snack shack actually
acts as a tunnel and hay rack so the main thing is don’t clutter up
the cage guinea pigs they need space to run when they do it’s hilarious and
inspiring so give them space to run free if you keep their hide either food bowl
in their water like in one section then that will give them free space to play
number five what foods are must-have for guinea pigs they must have timothy hay
and timothy pellets and fresh water available at all times
hay helps them grind they’re constantly growing teeth and it’s essential for
their nutrition and their digestion it’s also important that guinea pigs have
vitamin c supplemented twenty to fifty milligrams of vitamin c is appropriate
daily my pigs love child life vitamin liquid vitamin c fresh veggies should be
thought of as a treat fed in moderation too much fresh veggies can lead to soft
poops and soft poops can lead to foot problems from standing in dirty wet
bedding soft poops also are a sign of the beginning of digestion issues if you
see soft poops stop all fresh veggies for a few days until the poops return to
normal conservatively wait an extra day number
six what are the must-have accessories for bonding and interacting with your
guinea pigs cuddle sacks quality carriers and clay pens keep it simple
don’t force your will on them the thing these accessories have in common is
comfort and security cuddle sacks keep them feeling secure
and comfortable and they protect you from getting peed on carriers think
long-term comfort how long are they going to be in it I have several
carriers for different situations I have smaller emergency carriers versus larger
travel carriers or weekend away set ups play pens are easy to make with CNC
grids just zip tied together you can make a playpen any size you want
put down fleece or an old towel or blanket or sheets and they’ll just run
around and you can protect your floor and you can have a playpen in any any
anywhere okay here is a bonus accessory frozen water bottles keep some water
bottles in the freezer and you can wrap them in a sock and put them in your
guinea pigs carrier keep them cool on hot days keeping them comfortable is the
name of the game okay accessories that you can forget
about forget about leashes and balls and wheels they can stress them out and hurt
their backs remember they are prey animals and their home bodies number
seven you think you bought everything you need now are you ready to adopt well
there is one thing that you cannot buy but you need to make it’s not available
online you can’t get it in any store but you must make it yourself you must make
a commitment to their care and well-being you must decide now if you’re
willing to put the time and effort and energy into their care guinea pigs will
almost inevitably get some kind of illness in their lifetime and a trip to
the vet for your guinea pig shouldn’t be an unexpected expense it’s inhumane to
ignore an animal suffering and refuse it treatment
besides financial costs you got to be willing to spend enough time with them
to notice the changes in behavior that indicate illness let alone spend the
time required to have them be comfortable with you or tamed they’re
intelligent beings with the capacity to feel joy and pain empathize with them
provide them with the home that they deserve so where are your perfect
piggies remember this is a guinea pig adoption checklist not the pet store
before you buy checklist finding guinea pigs in need is just an internet search
away pet finder local animal shelters rescues are you going to help save
animals in need or contribute to the cycle that produces animal abuse
suffering neglect and euthanasia of sick and unwanted animals in every city
around the world you might think that in your area the only option is a pet store
think again if there’s a place to buy animals then there’s a place where
they’re being surrendered if you can buy then you can adopt don’t rush out and
buy a guinea pig and perpetuate the pet store to shelter cycle don’t shop adopt
but before you adopt make sure to complete the guinea pig adoption
checklist be a hero to animals share this video with your family and friends
and help them get ready for their new guinea pigs thanks for watching

27 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Adoption Checklist

  1. Thanks Scotty, every educational video helps spread the word. Lol, I just got a snack shack through by mail order today. Funny it was mentioned. I lost Grooty 2 weeks ago, test results said it was lymphoma sarcoma. RIP sweet boy. I have an empty cage, looking for a adaptable pair. The cost to care for guinea pigs is very expensive but the joy I get doing it is priceless. I can’t imagine giving them less than the my best.

  2. Loved this! It’s helped me know that with all my research I am on the right track to preparing for my guinea pigs!❤️

  3. Good point about having different size carriers for different things. I have a regular sized carrier for vet visits but I live in south Florida and we have to evacuate in case of a hurricane. For evacuations and road trips I use a c&c playpen with some fleece blankets, the whole works fits in one of those reusable grocery bags. Be prepared for the worst ?

  4. I got my baby boy at a pet store and I’m so glad I did. I did not know it till a few days of having him. But he was really sick with ammonia. I’m glad he came into my life I love this little guy.

  5. Just watching this again. Scotty, you are a great person! One day I wish to come to L.A., and visit the rescue and meet you, and also Saskia,in person! Shutouts to all the volunteers, Yea!!

  6. Does anybody have any recommendations for allergies due to Timothy hay? I always have to jump in the shower immediately giving my girls their hay. Otherwise, I have a sneezing fit and my eyes start to burn. I've tried Benadryl and Zyrtec without any results. I can live with the minor allergies, but if anybody knows an over the counter medication that would help, I would really appreciate the suggestions!

  7. My gang don't like it when I wrap their water bottles up. My little devils deliberately unwrap the bottles and look at me-'Mummy!!!! Why did you wrap it????' They love to lick and mouth the bottles if it is a really hot day. I have bought pet cooling mats for my gang now, they love running over the mats.

  8. Hi! Love your vids but I do have a question… you mentioned pine shavings, I have had and fostered many hamsters. It’s widely accepted that pine or cedar is not healthy for small animals due the oils causing irritation, only aspen, which is dust free is the only safe wood shavings. Does this not apply to piggies? Always like to be informed about care!

  9. I put an ad out that I was looking to adopt piggies and got a crap ton of replies. I really didn’t want to get them from a pet store so I’m really glad I was able to find a piggy rescue.

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