Guilty Movie Pleasures: Pet Sematary (1989)

oh yes guilty movie pleasure fans today it's an interesting day because I've never been a cat fan before mainly cause of my allergies but after seeing Pet Sematary and the pet sematary reboot I am definitely not a cat fan because let's face it sometimes dead is better welcome to popcorn top featuring movie discussion noon and interview we talk movies and now here's popcorn talks guilty movie pleasure I was waiting for like the cuts to turn puss and like make little zombie things come out or something I make little zombie zombie amoebas coming out of AMI amoebas that's not something you see a lot of movement that's not hey you're walking we got an innovator right here ladies and gentlemen boys and girls huh welcome this is my Herman Munster impression that's the guy who plays Judd welcome to kiss I'm gonna stop that now welcome to guilty movie pleasures I'm your host Ben Bagley and with me as always is Jesse McIntosh I ramped up that time I like it I like the something new get going feedback if you can yeah I appreciate it Fred Gwynne that's his name nicely old you relax over the structural integrity of this DVD said it's not up to par yes yes we were talking Pet Sematary which I never saw as a kid I didn't watch scary movies till I was 13 and I saw scream I was a big chicken when it came to scary movies and I remember all my friends had snuck and watched in their parents basement and said it was super freaky I just remember the cat on the cover of the VHS I think back in the day and were like looking at the back and seeing like zombie creepy kid he looks like Chucky in this with the scar on his face and yeah and and I remember just being freaked out by it and then never getting around to watching it because I feel like a lot of Stephen King adaptations there either hugely they have a huge cult following but they're critically panned or they're considered amazing masterpieces like the Shawshank Redemption or like them I love the mist you know the new it the original it's cool too as cheesy as it can get at points but um anyways I guess I just never got around to it and then when the new pet sematary was coming out we were I kind of basically was like who wouldn't this be kind of cool and you're like oh god I just have to I sure yeah yeah here yeah all right so before I go any further since I actually watched the new movie before seeing this the same day yesterday I want to know your thoughts on it before I ramble more okay um I have not seen the new one I've only seen the old one now and I had not seen it before today but for today today I saw today did you have any knowledge of it before good thing I didn't know anything about it we were talking about what we thought it was yeah we thought it was gonna be zombie pets so there were there was one zombie pet I flirted mean like zombie Cujo I thought it was there was gonna be a lot of I thought it was immediate they were gonna be pets like out of the gern's and we were gonna be fighting those pets the whole movie yeah not even close like Alfred Hitchcock's the birds but with zombie pets the pet that was a zombie was not nearly as malicious as the as the zombie humans no ended up occurring in the new one that the cat is creepier for sure okay but it's not trying to kill anybody it scratches it one day when there's some cool stuff to do all right you're right you're right it was but it was just like kind of a dick cat which cats already are kind of dicks so he's like okay yeah yeah and it was only attacking the dad and it was and so I there was just like a little bit of a subversion of expectations for me cuz I was ready the whole time for it to be about the pets you're like 10 minutes til the end you're like wins this one of these zombie pets got ambushed about to happen from all the pets buried in this cemetery with an S do it Steve do you know why they it's misspelled is that like a because they call it out in both movies yes but it's not spelled right it's is that like is that like a satanic way to spell it or something or is it just the kids didn't know how to spell Cemetery they didn't strike me as the children in the corn no okay okay so sort of the implication to me was like this whole cemetery was set up like they talked a little bit about like coming to terms and understand yeah they're like complexity of death as a like explaining to your kid so it felt to me like kids had set this up and the whole thing was for the kids and both movies and this isn't a spoiler cuz it's a thematic thing that they both carry is it's one to a greater degree than the other is that the whole movie is a seems like a metaphor for that like a metaphor for dealing with death a metaphor for our inability to deal with it even somebody as clinical as as the doctor the lead the dad who is a doctor who can see everything from a clinical point of view he can't handle the loss of his child so even he's willing to do these go to this this crazy length to bring them back even though he's been warned by a by a ghost ghost and the neighbor yeah and you know the cats acting super weird so anyways but what did you think of it once your expectations had shifted to what it was I was I was mostly on board with it there were like a couple of moments as tend to happen with me where I was like come on the ghost dude got on my nerves dude I didn't need he's great in the new one in this one it's just like it feels like the frighteners like he's he's he looks goofy in the old one well yeah he looks goofy and he's also I'm I don't really understand I don't really understand what he's supposed to be doing he's trying to stop them from going down this path but the thing I always find funny in horror films when ghosts come to warn people just say what you literally want them did not do you know don't talk in riddles like the barrier shouldn't be broken well you should just say hey listen man you take something up there and bury it it doesn't come back from heaven an actual like I don't know they don't fully flesh this out but my thought was a demon or something possesses it and it comes back the shell of whatever was buried there with the memories of what was buried there but it's some kind of evil force behind it yeah and also like this should probably rest on the ghost shoulders cuz he introduces the idea in the movie of like beta no one was ever like I wonder what's back in there he even neighbor knew the neighbor knew but in a bird like didn't bring it up the ghost was the first one to be like don't go back there and he's and he's like wait why I would argue that it's the neighbors fault for being like I mean hey we're gonna go bury this all those cat well okay we can get into that also that was a moment that was the first moment where I was like what and I'll say the new one it's it's a similar thing where you're like why are you walking seven miles and not asking more questions why don't you just bury it in your yard why even trek down the path just put it in your garage like you were gonna do yeah I don't know but yeah and he's never like why are we going and the neighbors never like this is why we're going it's a zombie bug but so the like a cat yeah this is my guess is over we have all these bug yeah we gotta I just murder the Sun so the dead guy and then also like the sister are were to like plot devices that I didn't need and was a little bit I they were just there to be scary I think yes I'm assuming I haven't read the novel I'm assuming all of this plays out more in the novel sure it does and in the the thing I will say about the new one because I'll preface it was saying I watched the new one first because I knew nothing about the movie and I wanted to see it with fresh eyes I hadn't seen the second trailer which if you haven't seen the second trailer for Pet Sematary don't watch it if you plan on seeing the movie because they give away some major things that I won't say on here but they give away some major changes to the original and if I had seen that I would have been pissed because you see the whole movie in the second trailer I miss before it was a pet horse horse so uh anyways but the new one they do flesh out some things that I felt watching the original after I felt like I got the oddly enough I feel like I got the context of the original one more because I saw the new one where they flesh some ideas out a little bit more IBM's – no fans of the novel how close either of them are if you want to tweet at us at be something interesting but I enjoyed both I think the new one's a little creepier but I I also can't say that with a completely objective opinion because if I had seen this when I was a kid I would've been terrified yeah if I'd seen it in the 80s or even when I was a little younger I would have been freaked out but so for its time I'm sure it was super scary that that sister is weird with that one sound clip we pulled which is like yeah coming after you all right looks like Iggy Pop a yeah but there are some great moments in both I think the original one has that charming eighties kind of campy factor in moments and it's got Herman Munster in it as the neighbor but the new ones grittier and and it's pretty bleak I don't want to give away anything but I really I'd love to know if you've seen the new one and you're a huge fan of the original what you thought or if you don't like the original and you saw anyone what you thought I so please be interactive with us that's all I'll say I enjoyed it I enjoyed both for what they were yeah I mean the the the one that we're covering today was like there were definitely moments like tense moments and scary moments yeah and the two characters that I pulled out the ghosts and the sister they're like clearly like the movie needed creepiness and you don't like the fleshy parts yeah since we weren't like there weren't zombie pets everywhere and there we didn't get to the zombie humans until like the last half hour of the movie yeah we needed those things and I just like I'm always and I just always wish they would address the like what are what are we doing here why are they here what is their purpose and like give me give me like a reason to believe that they should be here because I it just seemed like they were there because we needed creep yeah but like the the tension with the with the little kid whose name is JJ Reid he just cries a hell of a name that's the greatest name ever that kid is born as a 16 year old kid named gage creaminess that's like an x-men cancer we got gage Creed coming in look out oh yeah all the tension with him was great all of the like everything that happens after the accident yes I felt like really well executed yeah all done yeah but there's some amazing moments during the fight scene though where it's clearly a doll fighting yeah and it's hilarious but the gore is still cool I like the sister stuff but again I was informed more from the new one where they flesh it out a little bit more with her and her sister and they add they kind of add more this isn't spoiling anything for the new one but they add more nightmare sequences throughout so that it builds instead of here it just feels like in the original feels like they kind of dropped them in haphazardly a little bit yeah we're in the new one there's definitely it's it's more kind of more kind of modern horror in the way where it it it sprinkles it in a debt like well you don't go long patches without something so yeah creepy and it was also something where like they they've been married for presumably a while yeah I guess they have two kids yeah and she's never ever so talked about her sister do seems like something you would maybe wouldn't maybe said shrunk it out yeah yeah yeah that bugged me too also the thing that drove me the most insane about this is the dad was so boring and yeah his acting yeah was terrible in the old one in the new one Jason Clark is awesome he's in Clarks a great he's so good the acting and the new one is phenomenal and I get like dated like some of the other actors in it are like a little dated but they're still good the dad is so bored he's just like very very stoic he's sound he's not doing anything he literally sounds like he's doing a Keanu Reeves impression but like when Keanu Reeves wasn't a good actor cuz now Keanu Reeves has found his niche of like John wick and he's a badass and he's great but like he's really like alright I'm gonna go save somebody at the doctor's office today oh no my son go to you oh the best part is that one clip I got were stay dead be dead which we'll play later yeah but before we continue maybe we should do the plot in under three minutes you ready in the booth or did we bore you to sleep in there Steve no I was actually just thinking like would it be cool to do a speed sequel with Keanu Reeves and Channing Tatum yeah I mean he's doing a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 3 maybe we got so transpose yo but if we smoke hold on let's start that over say again maybe we got some grounds boss whoa but wait if we slow it down it'll totally blow up dude that's a bummer okay we gotta stay above 50 man it won't blow up my body so hard it can't blow up oh thank you thank you for choosing to end it there before I ruin the joke I appreciate I was like how do i top that how do i top Channing Tatum's hard body saving an entire Buffy was in no one has ever taught you that no all right why not all right okay so there's this opening credits sequence over this creepy Pet Sematary all these birds and other animals that have died and there's this family driving into town and they're like hey we're moving out here to be away from everything to be more family they settle in they meet their neighbor who's huh-huh my mom so how you doing all the hell and everything seems fine an idea like an great dad goes to work he the second he gets to work there's some of the truck I am and his brains hanging out and he tries to save him the kid dies and then he gets immediately haunted by him saying the barrier cannot be broken blah blah blah and he's like what do you know my name and then cut to the house it was so we missed a good cause first the neighbor takes him down to that cemetery they walked down of course take a look this is where he buried everyone buries their pets the road up there is very dangerous pets get killed this is where we bury them but it's not just for pets who are killed it's for pets who die naturally it's like a nice yes and so then yeah then he goes to work and that happens yeah and then so yeah he takes him down those movies are colliding I hate rain he's like don't don't go past this point he's like all right cool and then he wakes up and he thinks it's a dream but his feet are dirty yeah yeah yeah that's a cool thing so then both movies are coming together in my brain so then he Oh later on they find out that the cat got hit by a truck yes and so then the neighbor says oh the kid the kids in them wife go away for a little bit of Chicago they go to Chicago and then there's the the cat gets hit and the neighbors like oh I just think I think she'll be sad we're gonna bury it tonight they walk past the pet cemetery over the big twine wood that's a barrier that seemingly goes on forever I guess you have to block it anyways they go up there they walk for what seems like forever hours hours and hours and the dad never asks any questions this but what are we going up here to bury the cat in this ritualistic way with these rocks go back he's sleeping the cat comes back he's actually kind of strange cats kind of being a dick you know and scratches his face and then they go on like a family picnic and they're flying a kite and the dad stops paying attention to the boy and the boy runs in the street the boy gets run over by the truck cheese and then they're all sad obviously they do the funeral the grandfather tries to fight the dad they almost have a fist fight the dad sends the family back off to Chicago is everything's fine because he's basically planning to yep he digs up the son he remarries him in his burial ground he goes back home and then the kid comes back steals the scalpel from the dad murders the hell out of the neighbors the hell out of the neighbor meantime the moms trying to get back in touch with him she can't the daughters having dreams about everyone's dying pets comes back to life yeah kids coming back to life so the white flies back you got this boy the wife flies back she gets in the truck the ghost is assuring her along everything's fine she goes to that a neighbor's house and she gets killed and then the the kid calls the dad the dad goes over and the dad kills the kid and gets the wife and buries the wife and she comes back and then she goes in with the syringe oh that's right that's yeah yeah first he kills the cat we missed he kills the cat oh yeah by syringes syringes yeah God there's some kook I forgot how much because my brain literally was trying to remember and not spoil the other ones yeah thanks for taking that one buddy you did the best I could let's play out let's get into it let's play clip number one this is them describing the pet cemetery this is Herman Munster aka Fred Gwynne Frank Quinn Fred Gwynne describing the pet cemetery this place good plant nothing but corpses here anywhere I go how can you call it a good thing a graveyard for pets killed in the road built by brokenhearted children well that's learn about death somehow know them as great why why why what do you mean why because oh man what a snow plow parent am i right I've never heard that term today I heard it on on the news where they were talking about snow plow parents it was all about the college admissions scandal thing and how there's a trend of parents nowadays just trying to push every obstacle out of the way for their kids oh and this would be a great example of it worse like well they need to learn about death somehow why why we're all kind of become cybernetic organisms that live forever this that's what I hope for actually genuinely that's what I believe yeah because I never had to walk through snow this guy the neighbor it I didn't put it together until the end when she flew into Logan International Airport this is happening in Boston where is this dude from I think it I thought it was its main in the new one is it main in this one it's New England somewhere I mean because Gerry main is yes she flies into Boston and then must drive somewhere but that accent is not anywhere local to New England is it is it in any kind of accent no I don't think so it sounds more southern than it does laughter hey God makes it words yeah go a little strange it's such a weird choice but I like it it works I also love before this like the very first thing that we see is them driving up to the new house and I this movie trope drives me absolutely bananas when the family drives up to a new home and the dads like what do you think it's like did no one ever did no one see this home are you the sole decision maker that's right no this is not collaborative no I was like I would maybe like to see it before we show bring some photos up yeah take some Polaroids a lot what happens a lot like like all the time yeah and I don't understand it let's think of your new home especially in modern movies you would have already at least taken a virtual tour online yeah you know or you just snap a pic on yourself yeah on your cellie on your cellie yeah so yeah that whole phone and they established right away that the road is dangerous yeah and I think the kid and you meet the neighbor right away yeah the neighbor saves me and the kid almost runs into me so you immediately are like oh it's like check-offs gun you're like it's checkoff semi truck yes you're like here it comes it's gonna kind of hit somebody yeah and yeah it's it's just super unnerving I think the semi trucks are the scariest thing in the movie to media yeah like those guys are assholes they're driving so fast down these I know they're country rose but there are families yeah this is not a new construction these houses have been there presumably for a very long time this road has been there for a very long time nobody who lived there saw the pet cemetery and was like let's maybe put a fence up and make sure our animals are cool yeah no one yeah no one was like we need a barrier between it was just wide open space the second my son accidentally almost ran into the road I'd be like cool putting up a gate yeah yep get up you know some sort of barrier there like a doorman or something just have the neighbors hang out I wouldn't go on the road now you you are you're gonna get hit by a truck yeah all right yeah it's super casual about it no ok well we'll look out for that thanks for the heads up I realize roads were dangerous I said here my first note about the dead dad seems like he's on sedatives and is kind of an asshole sure yeah because in the beginning he's like it in the new one it makes it seem like oh he wanted to be spend more time with his family and not be an ER doctor in this one he seems jaded that he has to be here he's like oh it's so boring and like when he's leaving for work he's a total douchebag and then the wife comes out and apologizes to him right well what well well ladies yeah well ladies it's always the ladies fault he also seemed like bizarrely disinterested engaged yeah like he was always like he had there was just one moment where he was kissing the son in the doorway and but every every other time he like when when they come back from the from Chicago and she the little girls like daddy daddy any like hugs her and kisses her engages like hi Daddy and he just hands flowers to his wife say what's up to your kid who's excited to see you probably thought you disappeared forever did he disappear forever yeah why'd we leave daddy forever right yeah yeah say hi to your son it's such the kids key is super adorable too I think he was acting in a bunch of stuff that was a day I think anyways so then there's the the second he gets there and he thought he was just gonna have an easy day cuz it's the country it's it's not gonna be anything too crazy immediately there's somebody that gets hit by a truck and a truck not just hit by a truck half his head and his brains are coming out and dies immediately and then immediately comes back to life spews a little bit of blood on him and says clip number two please did you know so this is a really creepy scene for a horror film right it's creepy yes the logical part of me goes he goes dude if you're trying to warn me maybe say something that makes a little bit more sense than the soil of man's heart is Stonier sure yeah well what does that mean I don't know I'm gonna get what it means is that this this is they say it later that in the Native American burial ground up there that they go to that the soil is stony and that's why it takes them so long to dig a two foot hole and she was like it takes in three hours to dig a two foot hole yeah but what is it so your heart is Stonier you're the soil of your I don't know what it means I don't know either I it's gotta be a line from the book that made much more sense in the book I like that line anywhere I can't imagine any context that would clear it up for me really unless unless it's making a reference to something that was said but I also want to point out yeah the doctors like main concern is how he knew his name not that he like had a brief ten-second reconciliation with his own life and was like I'm here I just have to like say something to you yeah he was he wasn't like when they figure out what you mean we're like how did you how did you get your breath back he's like it could have just been someone carrying him one of the like 26 carrying him dr. Lewis is the doctor's name is Lucas he'll be taking care of you a good point I I would have loved it and this would make it actually terrible but also kind of hilarious he was like wait a minute first I have several questions one how are you alive still – are you really alive or are you coming back from the other side three have you heard other side by that's a very good zone it's the best so then basically we keep getting told that the ground is sour mm-hmm don't I don't know what that means but it's a cool unlike that phrase the ground is sour I dig that phrase I'm okay with it I don't need to fully understand am I to understand I'm with you am I to understand that if the ground were sweet that people would be coming back as zombies but cool zombie maybe I don't know they just need maybe there's a section of there that's sweet in a section that sounds pretty great and they buried in the sour section that goddamn neighbor does that mean he's a he's a Sour Patch Kid at the end hey sound effects okay so let's just go back to where they bury the cat because there's a lot of stuff that happens in between where the daughter's having these dreams that are super on the nose about what's gonna happen yeah so this I wish had been addressed by somebody I wish somebody it's like you're having a really super accurate dream yeah like really and their daddy I had a dream that what's the cat's name what church church that church died and came back and was scratching you yeah and then he's got that I don't know I don't know that's exactly what you say right but yes yeah yeah yeah that happens a lot in movies where people are dead on and it's like oh oh no you're a kid right you're just kid yeah and it only comes into play at the end when the mom is like the ghost the dead guy Victor yeah Victor Ralston or whatever it is I forget his name yeah that's when it comes a bit like I don't know just maybe some slower build to that moment I see yeah well being like are you like something's going on with my daughter she's like strangely omniscient yes you strange like in tune with everything that's happening yeah I do like the idea in both movies that that kids are more aware of otherworldly beings like that as adults we kind of shut out the supernatural yeah that's a horror trope that I've always really liked and it resonates with me because I'll never forget when Daisy was first born I was rocking her to sleep she was like few weeks old maybe a couple months old it's all blur when you're not sleeping but I remember I was holding her and she was looking up behind me to the wall where nothing was and she was gone like and like reacting in these super strange varying of emotions like going from like really happy to super scared and I was like what do you see behind me like do you see cuz Renee's grandma had just passed away right before Daisy was born so I was like oh maybe like Renee's grandma's behind or something if you believe that said baby and then I was like but then did a demon like elbow her out of the way it was like what is happening or she's just you know smiling and then farts and this like what was that feeling I don't know didn't know and you'll never know when you should go home and ask her is that when you were about between three weeks and three months old when your face was changing so they bury the cat and my biggest the biggest leap for me in both films is why the dad just follows the neighbor beyond the clearly marked pet cemetery I don't know over this creepy Ridge where the neighbor and when I don't I won't say anything about the new one cuz they do some cool stuff that justifies it a little more but this one I'm just like why is he following him yeah so long yeah I audibly I was and it was in the room while I was watching it and she looked up cuz I audibly was like what because where does he go doesn't even really ask until he gets all the way up there and it's like what are we doing all the way up here yeah and not only that but he falls like a long way and maybe that's why he was concussed and the rest of time he was just like I guess I'll follow you I don't know if I have fallen I would have been like you know what not a good idea going up there I'm gonna stick to the actual cemetery I'm already in yeah yeah I don't know I guess me let's just figure this Evan Terry yeah he deserves what he got is what I'm so they bury the cat they they come back mm-hmm Church live Church is acting real weird a little mangy and and a little covered in blood yep and scratches his face almost immediately and he's like man what an asshole yeah and I think his initial reaction is that he must have clawed his way because he's like I'm not a vet right doesn't he say that he says that he's trying to like justify how Church could have gotten out of there he's like I keep thinking I buried him alive and he got out but I don't know and the neighbors like no when you pulled him up off the ground yeah he like it was a gross thing oh yeah when the cats froze into the grass yeah sorry my notes are so sparse I'm trying to remember everything and I'm trying to not give away any spoilers for the new 100 we forgot yeah the hell is that everything okay out there we we forgot that there was a random helper cleaner lady named Miss I totally forgot about this I don't know why she's there she she's always talking about her stomachaches yeah and then it's gonna get better and the doctor offers to help and she's like no it'll be fine then she hangs herself yeah and I don't know why that that's not in she's not in the new one there's no Missy character it was it was so confounding that I forgot about it I don't like it was totally irrelevant to the movie I'm sure in the novel it has some really deep meaning but in this it was like what I guess they would somehow ties into the theme of death with a suicide but in the movie it's very young I was waiting I was waiting for her to be the one that the like one human that had come back yeah had been like cursed with this or like something drawing her back to death yeah and I thought that that was gonna be the never they never even mention her they never bench they go to the funeral they're like well yeah and then there is this cool thread that in both films were the sister Zelda is this she had like some kind of spine disease where she's like all twisted up and in this movie she twists around so much that she breaks her own neck it looked like I guess I guess and and first off the doctor is right that the parents were very irresponsible leaving an eight-year-old kid with their dying sister like that super shitty parenting yeah and it's it's creepy like the whole like makeup effects on the spine and everything and just how she talks it's very weird and we have a clip of that but um I'll shoot I guess are you skipping the hair ball I don't want to skip the hair ball one no so we'll do that one first so the cat comes back being a real jerk the family comes back they just they don't know anything happen cuz they weren't here the dads the only one that knows there's something off of the cat and this is cut number three when he gets pissed off at church fuck okay play that again and tell me that doesn't sound like Keanu Reeves fuck that sound like when you're not watching him it sounds like Keanu Reeves yeah yeah that's how he reacts to stress as he goes to his chaotic place he does some of his own liners in this it's so good and then he goes over and talks to his neighbor Judd and Judd goes on this whole rant which he should have told him beforehand yeah about the fact that there was a neighbor who put the dog in there and then the dog was bad they put the dog down and then he put his son up there like all this stuff maybe it's like the Adam Sandler quote once again something that would have been good to know yesterday you know it's like why didn't you tell them all this awful stuff yeah that when they come back they come back changed and messed up this is not a decision that the neighbors should be making for this family and not merely just like took control of the situation it was like we're gonna bring this we're gonna do this by the way there may be some demonic possession and it may end up in the downfall of your entire family structure and half their lives but on balance is better than explaining to your daughter that sometimes things die I mean this is the one code I definitely agree with usually death is terrifying to me but in this context I agree that cut number four what's the bottom truth sometimes that is better the person you put up there date the person that comes back it may look like that person what it ain't whatever lives on the ground beyond that cemetery again if you know that yeah why to let its Sambi cat when you know the dog went full rabies and like attack people yeah and they had to put it down again oh and again the new one I think they could do some cool stuff to justify why the neighbor does that but this one I'm like what are you doing yeah I will also say it's not like the sour land was super accessible no it's not like anyone accidentally would have been like well guess I'm burying my cat here you have to like yeah seek it out yeah spend a full day yeah getting up there and getting back it doesn't it's not convenient it's not easy and it's not good like how is anyone burying anything here doesn't make any sense and as much as I'm skating for building a fence around your property I would also maybe say someone should build a fence around this area yeah if the result of it is yes that barrier was there but how far does that barrier go yeah the Native Americans just stack up twigs for like mile but it was all natural barriers it was like a tree you know what this movie proves is walls don't work didn't such a good call such a good call you will find a way to get to the poison land and then so there's so then they're all everything seems fine after this they're flying a kite the kid runs off again they're not paying attention you're busy a strode yeah gets hit by a truck in and to me what's a really effective moment of the just the bloody shoe flying was horrifying to me yeah kid dies immediately he pushes good lesson to tie your shoes he shoves the mom and sister out the daughter the daughters starting to have all these nightmares and the moms having nightmares now the she's with her parents and the dad goes to dig up the son but before that this is the nightmare where Iggy Pop aka Zelda her sister comes to the mom [Applause] no that goes to like four different creepy voices yeah goes from we are going to get you drew this voice for letting us die and then it's every creepy voice in a horror film combined into one nightmare sequence and uh letting her die I would like to bring up again the fact that she was like eight years old yeah was do not respect she's not have been responsible for another especially near death human being yeah and what a dick of a sister to like be put that on your eight-year-old sister haunt your parents man your parents yeah you're terrible genes did this to me you know and the sister nothing to do anything it was just kind of a scare date your own come on Zelda you have a cool name but not cool attitude not as cool as gage Creek age creed the best so Louis goes and digs up his son and at first I thought he was gonna do it in broad daylight he goes there with a shovel like Marek here's what we're gonna do yeah he waits we skipped the best scene in the movie the fight at the funeral yeah like what the dad comes the grandpa comes up to the dad and it's like it's your fault you never should have blah blah blah and they're gonna fistfight knock over the casket with the body inside that's the most dramatic and and traumatic funeral for everyone involved yeah like both those dudes need to check their egos at the door and then two days later the grandfather's like sorry about that like what no no no no you're not sorry and knocked my son's casket oh here's the other thing is I understand that he seems like kind of a boring guy his dad but why does the parents hate him so much he's a successful doctor he's taken his family to the suburbs he has two beautiful children what why do they hate him what has he done to them that makes them hate him so much to the point where they're gonna where they're gonna go up to him at the funeral and be like I knew this was gonna happen why what and if you knew did you get premonitions too you should have warned us about come on is very strange for you so then the daughter and after the creepy nightmare with the sister and the thing about gage and I will get you it's like whoa all right ghost you're being very overt here the mom puts it together she gets on the plane this is where the ghost to me I like the ghost up until this moment when the ghost helps on like the road trip section yeah it's super students this is what I mean is I don't understand what the ghost is do because then I'm like if you have that much control of the physical world I could have done more like it just gets a little goofy to me I liked him being creepy and ominous which I know is hypocritical of me to say he should have been more specific but that's joking because you can't do that no heartfelt letter wouldn't be a movie so I'm fine with the ominous ridiculous like coded language but when he's holding the door so that the flight attendant can't shut it yeah when he's sitting on the plane giggling and like then when he's in the passenger seat of the truck being like this is as far as I can go it's like what why what do you mean by that and then what he comes back later so it wasn't as far as you know he was just taking a break it's like it's like a goofy brain hanging out his head obi-wan Kenobi is yeah this guy very very strange exhalation very inconsistent the ghost that honestly had nothing to do with any of them I don't know why this ghost is so enamored with the doctor and his family cuz he just like happen to die near the doctor he should have been haunting the truck driver who ran into him yeah hey driver what's he doing with the doctor maybe he was just you know like a live and let live like hey it wasn't your fault I guess wasn't your fault truck driver good for him man so yeah I would have an aunt and the shit out of it I bet he would have shaken the grandfather's hand at the end of his funeral hey man it's okay now so oh then the flashback the thing we forgot is that the Sun there was we find out that the this local dad his son died coming home from the war so they buried him and he put him back up there and the son comes back and he is immediately a zombie he's like has a limb in his hand that he's eating he'd killed he tries to kill the dad they end up burning the house down with the dad and the son inside yeah super dark again something judge should have disclosed before burying the cat I feel cuz then Judds all broken up about it like I think it's my fault and it's like it's definitely your fault this was definitely your fault Jud but a very funny moment only somewhat related to this but when when they're discussing the the burial ground and the dad is like has anyone ever tried to bury a human up there and Judd knocks over both his beers accident like has some strange reflexes just shoots his arms out why would anybody want to go and do something like that yeah it's like I don't know explain that Ben so he doesn't ever do that yeah anyway I would have there would be no movie but there's ways around it to not make it I think the new one figured out something I don't want to spoil it so so then the son comes back and is full-on immediately angry zombie Chucky doll yeah was and Hannah asked me actually when this segment was going on what did this come out before after Chucky because it seemed a little on the nose yeah it seems one of the other this was 89 so it had to be after 2 after right after yeah yeah there's a ton yeah there's some cool stuff that works like Daddy can play with me yeah and in fact the phone call I have this is so the kid is creepy in this movie he's a lot of fun clip number 6 that's just yeah yep yeah near before well then that means a but could have been a productive Ben at the same time yeah yeah okay clip number six please I will say the bettors really had to offer good towels I was gonna say goo dying and coming back to life makes you incredibly articulation sad I kid a super dad that kid learned some stuff yeah on the other side yeah in those four days so you guys full zombie nutso he stabs juds foot cuts his heel was brutal he stabs the hell out of Judd right do I can't remember cuz he does I that I just have the lasting image in my head of him slicing his achilles yeah and then the mom comes he kills the mom yeah stabs her a bunch of times and then the dad goes in there to fight him and there's this awesome showdown between the kid and the dad where it's like a mix of creepy and hilarious because it's clearly him rolling around with a Dalek cuz I mean he's not really gonna beat up a yeah there was over like it was very clear separation of shots where they would get a shot of the kid's face and then get a shot of the kids arm which is clearly not attached to the kid just like a fake bass yeah oh the best even one like that I think when the knife cuts his foot it's like a it's like a dummy arm yeah but we forgot that the dad gets the syringes and goes and kills the cat first he picks it up and he puts the syringe and no he puts this her in he syringes the meat and then has the cat eat the cat kills itself yeah yeah okay and then this is the this is his my favorite line from the dad where he actually shows some emotion clip number 7 by down play dead dad so good it's such a good line though yeah so cheesy but awesome at the same time I love that lines to go to go on lay down play dead so good so good so he goes in there he fights his son gives his son the syringe as well the Sun fades away it's a creepy moment kind of super sad too yeah he hasn't learned from this experience he thinks he has he thinks yeah he's has so much time passed that's why he's like oh it's cuz he was four days or whatever but since you just died you'll be fine yep buries the wife he's sitting there she comes back half her face is melted off for some reason cuz she was only stabbed yeah I also don't know how he carried a full-grown adult human being up a mountain for six hours or her mama bear strength ELISA car I guess she comes in hammer faces which at that point he's clearly lost his mind because her eyeballs like gooing and it's a great practical effect that he starts making out with her and she picks up a knife and kills him and it's such a creepy awesome ending I love it yeah love it I wish she would have been smarter than to leave a knife right by a pen making out with homicidal zombie GUI I'd to face right anyways that's all the time we have for today until next time where can they find you Jesse you can find me on Twitter and Instagram add too much Jesse and for sketch at the prom losers you can find me at the bed Begley on Twitter and Instagram and I had a blogs talking about this 80s classic it was a lot of fun a lot of fun it's got some camp but it's got some great stuff too I see why it's a classic please tweet at us let us know your thoughts of the original vs. the remake and any other suggestions you have we've been having fun going down the list of what people want us to talk about so until next time what is your Quixote movie pleasure from producers Maria Menounos Keven Undergaro Phil speedtech than the entire popcorn talk Network we would like to thank you for tuning in for questions or comments be sure to visit popcorn talk comm I'm Sir Richard Wentworth and this has been a presentation of the popcorn talk Network views expressed herein are those of the host

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  1. I am so happy you guys are reviewing this movie. I saw the original in the theater and cracked up when the superboy leap towards the end takes place. Hilarious!

  2. Missed you guys,42 minutes in Stephen King plays the Priest ,&the funny thing one of his kids entered the Priesthood.Also,the Ramones-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker plays when Gage gets yolked in the road&of course they did Pet Semetary song for PS2?:)

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