GTA Online pets!

introducing GTA online pets ever wanted to roam the sunny streets of Los Santos with man’s best friend as you go down the hookers well now you can with GTA online pets come visit the website to browse all the adorable little pets you can have as your loyal companion feed them play with them and also train them to become something that doesn’t just shit all over your carpet train your loyal companion to attack other players for you perhaps get your discounts on your next shopping spree of $50,000 for the turbo upgrade please you fuckin walk go get him Charlie can’t get ahold of your useless mechanic who needs cars anyways when you add your loyal companion to leave something to complete your evil lair no problem for those willing to fork out the cash we can supply you with so I’ve learned that you’ve been calling me a weed behind my back Mr Hudson I’m afraid that simply we’re not doing this establishment my friend this cannot go unpunished Mr Hudson allow me to introduce you to my latest addition to my aquarium my two lovely sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads goodbye mr. Hudson we need to make some cash well now you can take part in the criminal world of cockfighting and make it large as the next big daddy in the cockadoodle dungeons cocks aren’t for you well how about pitting up man’s best friend against another dog or he’ll against a boar anything goes in the worlds of GTA online pets log on today and indulge yourself in the world of cuddly cuteness only on GTA online [Music]

100 thoughts on “GTA Online pets!

  1. If they don't do this, they can at least make it so you can buy a small aquarium, with some fish, and be able to "feed" them (might cost a small amount of cash) and/or "watch" them.
    Would just add a little bit of realism to the game (although GTA Online has become very unrealistic at this point.)

  2. Maybe this could work but I want an american bald eagle that swoops down and pecks the shit outta of other players.

  3. If GTA has a update to get a pet it will be the best update of GTA5 online but it better not be 1 million dollars a dog

  4. That would be pretty cool to add to the game like buy them for a couple 100 and make a big house and more

  5. No joke I want this update but rockstar aren't focusing on gta online anymore ? why God this would be beautiful.

  6. I would love to see some pets, just nothing quite so stupid or Austin Powers (redundant to call it stupid) as armed sharks. Besides, real wannabee Bond Villains use lizards.

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