Gsd puppies available

hi guys welcome back to another episode of Ganesha talk world two guys just like him in a promise kept our mission for Navin Rai McLeod's ki-43 do had German Shepherd key here puppies available handily method deadly just like the higher that he made at a surface nobody owners a contactor a mother father Donahue pictures of course we do mahogany Changi a puppy key qualities they said they arch puppy 30 days can at least 35 days cup of releasing a police began the owner cut you contact nominal direct contact the mobile description box man but please please please please please delivery a mafia car delivery means our efforts are the scams up a hair and other description box Marco sorry sold out liquor well Victor has come mother be puppies already bitch okay busca bath our puppies manuals acting again a Pikachu Brice owner never I have Bob all I had 20,000 per made but Matawai come a donkey made us make resignation and in the second every penny wrapper non-negotiation can run off to a negotiation can running a micro negotiation was at over the hood egg and Neos at over the knee opener the guys are maritime minister Pablo video guys I hope I'm a really enough Sheila give me a very really of the chili notice I'm gonna see all videos they come up guys in the lobby of the building please when to come down on the top there maybe not you see me commission relaxing fees be like extra charge guys nation

35 thoughts on “Gsd puppies available

  1. Bro jab aapke 10k subs the jabse m follow kar rha hu aur aaj 45k Plus ?ho gye pta he nhi chala but your videos are better than others

  2. Muja gsd, lab, pomaroan, rotwiller, American pitbul, in breed masa koi v 1 breed lana ha mana only punja ma lackta hu plzz 1 vedio bana do na

  3. Rottweiler puppies for sale grand children of remo import plus India champion very good quality heavy rottweiler pups available for sale with paper and microchip call 9084736098 , 8630310330

  4. Nice bhai pr ek baat aap video may jo (ganta) word bolty ho wh mayri rae may shi nhi h baki agar many kuch glt kha ho to sorry bhaia

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