Growing Popularity of Octopuses as Pets

this is my baby man part of a growing trend celebrity Tracy Morgan recently appeared on the show tanked with his beloved pet Giant Pacific octopus however an octopus expert says even if they have the best entertainment and living conditions octopuses still don't make good pets Kathryn harm encourage understands people's excitement about having a fun and intelligent pet like an octopus but she insists they're much better off in the wild aside from emotional attachments octopuses require heavy investments of time attention and money they have their own personalities interact with us and get bored quickly studies show that octopuses who had a larger exciting environment to explore were much healthier than others who showed panic and self-mutilation in smaller tanks containing standard aquarium fare like beads and shells octopuses need at least a 55 gallon tank maintaining a specific pH balance a second filtration system tank and a strong lid to prevent escapes they'll also eat any other creature with them including another octopus plus the nocturnal animal like spending a good portion of the daylight hours hiding in its den food is expensive one owner said you go to Whole Foods and buy shrimp experts recommend live seafood lastly octopus lifespans are fairly short most only live about one year with some species living up to five you

25 thoughts on “Growing Popularity of Octopuses as Pets

  1. ummm my favorite animal is octopus.. but im not sure about that… like they have alot of predators that feed on them + alot of them are being killed and eaten… so if some1 take octoups as a pet but take care of him really good like givwe him the tank he need give him shells to hide stones and everything they like im not sure its the worst idea….i prefer them as a pet than eaten or boiled alive by asians…

  2. youve got to really have an octopus mansion if you want to keep one, they are simply too intelligent for most tanks

  3. god these comments here are depressing for the most part. people claim to love animals but they don't care about the well being of the apparently loved animal and would rather keep it in a tiny tank where it can barely move and go insane with boredom – wouldn't anyone with any level of intelligence do so in an empty room their whole life?? and people don't care, they just want to 'own' anything they take a fancy to, without caring what's actually in the animal's interests. even worse are the people bragging about how they'd eat them. psycopath behaviour, if it wasn't so socially acceptable for some strange reason… -_- :;(

  4. Name a single pet that isn't "BETTER OFF" in the wild. That's not including cats and dogs seeing how their genetic code has been fucked with so much they're no longer fit to be wild animals.

  5. so many idiots in this comment section like jesus Christ  . Plurial of octopus is freakin octopussies holy fuck is it so complicated? y is everyone debating and shiet like youtube albert Einstein wannabe's

  6. omg thats horrible, poor lil octopus's , look at them being victimized. This is total cruelty !!!!   so your telling me I cant have a tiny lil pet octopus cuz the whole worlds gonna go downhill because of it,   octopus's are the kings of the world !!! sucks they don't make for good pets huh, living in a tank in the water and all.  And here I was like im goin to get A PET octopus and were going to take long walks on the beach and watch movies together, get our tentacles done at the beauty salonnow this….   DEVESTATED :'( noooo </3  , r.i.p hopes and dreams :'(

  7. And they're fucking delicious!!! We like to tenderize them with Hawaiian salt and dry them out in the sun for a couple days. Then we cut their legs up about 1/4 cm thick, and fry them up. They're perfect to snack on when you're grilling and go great with beer.

  8. oh man so lucky i wish i had a pet octopus but the closest ill get to that is my glass octopus collection 😛

  9. This video, I feel, sounds very biased towards the idea of not having an octopus in a home aquarium.  Yes, it is an octopus versus some other aquatic animal, but so long as the parameters and conditions are met for the animal to thrive and be healthy, then why is this issue such a big deal?  The video also makes reference to how much money they can be and the lifespan of these animals, which I think is a statement that has no bearing whatsoever.  At the end of the day, if you're wanting to do any type of saltwater tank and you want to set it up properly the first time around, then it is going to be expensive. Period. As for the lifespan of these animals only being 1-2 years, that's not that bad, considering some fish don't make it past a month due to a random disease or stress caused by other tank mates.  So, I guess what I'm saying throughout all of this is, If you're willing to put in the money and the research and the care to have one of these animals as a pet, then go for it, otherwise, you're killing the animal before you even have it.

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