GROWING BABY DINOSAURS as PETS! **Room Full of Endangered Exotic Pet Animals!**

why do you trying to whup your head why so you look beautiful venomous is this guy are you doing what are you doing there but you mean what the heck this is spoon series petulance corn it's my channel I catch them all let's catch them all with catch him all fishing with Zack ketchup that's were out here we just found this kid we've been looking for you forever dangers venomous reptiles guys we've been looking for this man his name is somewhat to see what what's his name Chandler Chandler Chandler Chandler beats Channel Tammy I own am whatever this guy has a bunch of venomous reptiles snakes anacondas all types of crazy stuff even crazy turtles up like bite your finger I dinners nothing but paradise here guys check it out introduce yourself my managers your name is Joey isn't it this is Joey this is ultra mega land Joey he's even bigger what what she's never surprise used to be Fiesta Jones he's retired since Chandler I'm Chandler that's me grab the tongs okay why don't we need this tool because there's been misrepresented and only I do that dear Joey so I am and even you guys want to see how blind I am mmm in the rules that were in his head there you go it's a safari in here you're ready Joey let's go guys come on come on in guys come on in guys the legend has invited us in my manner all right I'm gonna put this down even though I have this thing here you go buddy here we are guys the exotic reptile room this is ridiculous let's take a like a 360 really quick come on come on Jews what use having here to the left to the right we have exotic fish I a mandatory fitted nipples I have all this stuff come the best to earn or planet the first wallet or work this is the first wildlife tour before we get this part guys these animals are just the tip of the iceberg for this man Chandler so what are we gonna do buddy well I asked them what we're gonna do first let's go right over here to the gaboon viper it's not the world's longest fangs if any betting a snake on the planet if it bites you it has cardiotoxins that was shut down your heart you die you bleed out every orifice wait wouldn't you call this thing that's called a kaboom Viper go boom come on I might do ghosts come boom yeah check it out guys way to put that snake are we gonna be feeding these things we are gonna feed all of them they're hungry I've been waiting to feed them just for you oh my god you're gonna switch it up man these are feeding tongs okay they're just fine because you're gonna be feeding these snakes man okay so right here I've got a special little treat okay that's what's in the frozen thawed rodent substrate those are dead down that's a and that's a chick okay because I love my chicks all right listen you gotta understand here in the state of Florida to own venomous reptiles get to work them for at least a thousand hours for each family okay I have the permit this is a sealed room all these cages are locked okay okay so once this cage is open everything okay all right now the ground nice sighs all right how about you do the first one and then I'll follow suit how about that yeah all right good yeah yeah yeah awesome protein lots of roads in okay what's going on hit I'm just gonna stand behind the glass all right so I did I turned off the light okay because of the heat lamp I'm on the pit Piper so he's throwing images like predator yelling vs. predator yeah so now you can actually see the warm ray he's gonna grab watch watch watch no way no way the figis on camera no way the Snead's on camera there we go there we go come on you see because he's a piper yeah this is his hinge bangs – warden the animal down a throat roll hiking poles look at the way this thing is eating no way this thing is eating on camera the longest fangs of any venomous snake on the planet on the planet this is ridiculous Thane Oh that's poop a look at ya that Fang I saw that's a yeah oh this is spoon series hell oh my god yes easy cuz I didn't give a live prey item but when they grab their food in the wild you had a strikeout grab the wrap on the chest cavity and check the Fang so the venom that cardiotoxins go to the chest yeah but they bring the rat above the grounds really you can use for me but do you kick off the ground move the snake yeah grabs it and holds off the ground to a dinosaur like a dinosaur for real that is just ridiculous and he's just gonna down that thing man what a monster oh that's only the first snake we haven't quite a few others oh my god yes some work to do if you tell any rate from a bite puff adders 52 percent feed their guys the fatality rate 52% die basically and by getting in meaning I'm zooming in and far away there's two and I'm spooked now speaking of you not liking snakes are you okay yeah come on man relax relax relax honey okay let's try to find them they have a little tiny teeth thick well like now he's poking around the Oh getting whooping Joey finally all right that's why pulling off the hook sorry – they're okay hey buddy you don't reach in there because he's already cocked puppies come look at this alright this is the baby yellow anaconda it was one of my job it's about 11 feet long it's the mother of this baby so stay right there they hooked up and gave me a good deal away yeah sir you bought that basically from my job really late alligator farm where I do shows I think cotton is the largest snake on the planet to get massive the longest snake is the reticulated python and that's been known to eat at least one person per year that thing about three weeks ago lady went missing they're going Indonesia they couldn't open trees video and it's fun come over here he's gonna be calm you can't visit you can't move too much put your hands like this like a tree branch I'm gonna gently put him in your hands and he's just circling around you good there we go nice there we go let me go through sheds he's not as pretty as usual believe that this thing look at that and I'm extra warm so he probably thinks I'm a prey item and he's really showing that hurt here yep he's really strong he's tasted me hopefully I don't taste like fish um he's tensing up I can feel that and I'm spooked right now oh I'm gonna be afraid of this snake when I'm gone it bit me a lot let me explain while we're talking about teeth some interesting features about snakes when they eat they on pins their jaws the deeper those teeth go it's very pink won't agonizing bite that's why I'm not handling that snake he would be on the channel every day as my new soft science shoes can you catch Salmonella from snakes no no no it's mainly like during the raw chicken and and yeah well quite Turtles but honestly I touching girls always wash your hands no matter what won't be some nasty person like grabs a softshell turtle on fishing and then eats of chick-fil-a sandwich makanda here's an Egyptian cobra this is a snake believed to be used by Cleopatra for suicide yeah definitely this one this one has all the venomous and can't remove them from snakes right so you can let's call it a venom oi that's when you take the venom glands out but guess what well I like animals I don't do that to them I want to buy a lion and have its fangs removed you know take its claws away all right so I'm going to take this Egyptian cobra out and get a better look at yes you're not going to need it back yeah oh oh yeah oh yeah okay okay [Laughter] hey you think that's bad wait'll you see the cover I pull out of that hide right there oh my god the cave is even huge Egyptian Kobe just witnessed his head's RA sticking out we know this glare this glare this glare thing out yeah yeah whatever Chandler is getting a cure easy crazy footage look how close this camera is to the snake and this is all the hundreds in this is 100% poisonous right venomous pediments special isn't something you ingest yeah yeah venom is something injected into a venomous oh my god he's dripping he would still get them let them shout down that's me at Chipotle venom let's move on oh we lifted it up just like the other one oh my god geez Louise ah are you looking over here huh what are you looking over here dude I see how actively is how hyper he is I think about cobras they have a fast metabolism so they chow down quick yeah and then the very next thing you put everything on the radiate again really yeah they live in hot area so that metabolism is much faster than the cocoon Viper yeah or some other species keep opening his mouth what a cool snake dude why do you trying to up your head why stir it why is he trying to do that its defensive posture he feels threatened so I want him gonna back on Samson is that venom I know that's rat juice yeah Becca okay what is that what does that mean Anika mannequins come in Spanish Oh somebody I don't know what you're talking about all the girls know that wheels leave them alone we're gonna go down here to the other Egyptian which as you can see is right here do is in the tropics lice you don't get Claire relax yeah it's empty it's full of poison yeah the Cobras your lip why the Cobra she's late dude look at the other go for you can't just look at this thing what up dude oh my god what's up dude you a full stomach over here the next thing is how venomous is this guy cuz she is beautiful he is a she or he D I don't know yeah it's hard to tell it's really beautiful sniffing it's bigger it's gonna duck maybe a female you know snakes are larger look at the colors on this thing guys my goodness a whole room is snake fruit every little hole every nook and cranny but there's a sweep oh yeah the hole is plastered up because a fishing game Lobster and I am sat in here for a whole day making sure they cannot escape the windows are drilled down nothing will get out of this room we take no precaution we keep dink dangerous venomous reptiles crocodilians any of that stuff so if I put catch some girl in here she couldn't escape right yeah I know bacon everything's luck it's not gonna bite your booty like I do get him get him you have a corn snake why I'm going to juice you to like over tongues for you boy is it alright please move that stick out of the way ultra-mega Lajoie thank you how do you feel with nothing but a light I didn't come out so fast look so big it's so big I can't even get it in the frame piece Oh No stop don't don't look yeah yeah stop it bro where you get whooped by the Cobra enemy what are you doing what are you doing there what what do you mean what are you what are you hissing at this thing oh look at the back what the heck what is happening what is that the snake making that noise that is a monster no we're gonna feed you after pissing her off how long is this thing 6 feet so what are you doing getting so much yeah I'm trying to get these fish for what for a very exotic turtle from South America uh-huh yeah it's it's just an amazing animal where's the turtle guys Wow look at that thing that's a mana mana turtle it's a baby's probably a year old right now those one of those thing oh I gotta get this in slow-motion dude Joe it's about Odyssey it I got it a hundred percent that is sick oh that was crazy look at him smiling afterwards – oh the smile on that thing is so funny ugly hideous mom speaking of ugly and hideous yeah the name mata Mata mm-hmm in South America means kill kill yeah but because of what the model looks like the guys in South America call ugly girls my mama's a mother but now you're gonna hold it gently okay real time guys real time let's go Joey your best affari accent won't you specify exit oh that's nasty that's nasty that's nasty oh jeez are the good did he bite your finger too oh no no no just the fish oh that was sick dude it's all right love you in your cage looking so happy in your cage oh no I guess we're gonna touch you he was a keep the toughest hit looks the goon yeah he's smooth from FEMA and South America before that leaf litter perfect this is a good camouflage for the orange leaves he's got a full belly because he's been eating he's so beautiful laughing oh he's a finalist I don't want it on the state comes yeah you'll want to go around here we go okay now it's really cool see it spikes the crocodilians this spikes right here they put osteoderms yeah take out like spike something tiny so look at that he's an armored prehistoric animal such a gorgeous gorgeous creature do yet this is absolutely insane I would love to have a pet cam and that is so cool we might have to do some teaming up and work on this dream of yours bro because this is really cool man yeah I want this feel my wallet work I don't want anyone along feel like tours and they gonna do crazy stuff they want to have any other big works this feels like a real dinosaur I know it is but it's literally like I'm in Jurassic Park right now with this little guys this is sick it's so cool and here's a big surprise huh I haven't named him yet yeah you want me to name I want you to think of an awesome name okay there's going to be 60s maybe even 100 years winner yes the Jones okay maybe other name guy so we should probably name hurt him something so something that goes either way that's really cool true mutual oh we should name her blue like the Raptor Liu Liu like the Raptor from from Jurassic Laura like a blossom looks like the rough loss oh my god that is insane you actually kissed blue all right back now just like a real Raptor that is so so sick without those covers upsetting you by the way yeah do this guy what what what's more food let's move more food I know it's so cool what's up baby man you look a beautiful that right there I was gonna show you later lay hold on but now that we're feeding them I'm not gonna hold it it's all right what a broth Snowden came in uh-huh I've been thinking about why am i might be one of ten people in the country to own a broad seven ten people in the country yes this one's from a field called crocodilians yeah 24 different species come on the Cuban crocodile was a smallest range of the planet yeah this is the second small strange this is a second Oh has the second smallest like living habitat yeah so they go if they get over hunted for their hides you see she's beautiful she looks like a leper yeah look she has spots she has tiger stripes of the talons on beautiful his name's Bruce the broad snout Cain's a guy or a girl you can use that name yeah man over here making the joke whoa he's going to the predatory fish bash are you yes young mother oh it's fun his birthday so you know I'll be there I bet they are yeah they are yeah I think you might thunk you hope you enjoy this episode it's been really fun thanks so much for having us do this amazing I can't wait to you have your own park I'm definitely gonna try to go yeah big cross bears tigers lions cobras rattlesnakes and me evil I will be one guys hope you chose ever so subscribe to my man Chandler and catch them all get him up

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  1. Love your videos also I don’t know how you wasn’t scared I would be scared because I am terrified of snakes like when he brought the snake out I would have been out the room ?❤️

  2. Lack of respect for these animals will put you in the ground……something that should be said here.

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