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My name’s Jeb And I’ve got a little problem The first thing I do when I have a problem like this Is think about how I could have prevented it The most obvious step you can take is Just keeping insects out of the garden With screens and doors Also limiting the number of guests That access the plants In this instance though I think the visitor that brought in the pest was a plant I fell under the spell of this cilantro And let it go to flower And even seed But it spent Christmas break In the window next to some other houseplants And I think they hitched a ride in the dead foliage Inspecting plants for issues regularly Is another important step This grow light Puts out light that is Unappealing to the human eye So I turn it off Deep water culture tomato You look so much better now Turn the power off Before you do regular cleaning of your environment Gotta get that algae under control too This was caused by Adding nutrients while the water was still in contact with the rock wool I was planning on taking clones from this sickly basil But instead It’s probably moving on to the next stage of life It’s always important to Make a positive identification of a pest So you know how to handle it best The trick is catching a little bug without smashing it Having a 30x jewelers loupe Really makes you look like a pro This one even comes with a light This small one looks like a nymph Let’s see if we can find an adult Someone’s been laying eggs in my rock wool And there she is It almost makes me sad (to see the dead animal) But then I’m filled with rage Well I think it’s thrips Which are very treatable But since these seedlings are only two weeks old And they’ve already been damaged I know exactly what to do (Joyous Singing) Are you Laughing at me? Shame on you! There’s no hope for this basil either But I’ll try to keep the tomato Share with a friend Thanks for watching

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  1. I almost cried, the atmosphere in this video is quite emotional. I tried to be hard, to fight with my own emotions, but at the beggining I can't barely see what was really going on, on the middle of this I saw how dramatic could be to be in front of all this type of, I don't know, it's all for me, this is to much and I can't handle that.

  2. Ruthless! I love it! I only found your channel after i made my own aeroponics. simple circuit of pvc in the big tubs you use for krakae(spelling) method, water pump and air stone in net baskets. Been going a week and it's great! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Can someone explain to me why he needed to throw away almost all of his plants? It's like only 1 bug that was laying some eggs, which look to be removable with tweezers. And I didnt see any bite marks on those plants.

  4. Thrips suck, yes literally. Time to put that Scotch brand tape all over your office walls, so you will catch all those bugs.

  5. Preemptive permethrin spray every few weeks. Could have saved them little ones. Let them live out their days in the shade of your back yard. Reminds me of the whitefly wipeout I had last year. I cried myself to sleep that night. Knowing I could have done something, but weeks earlier. It being all to late drone me mad. I'm better now.

  6. if u put like a 3-4 inch plastic barrier up around the container then add in water bugs/pill bugs/rollie pollies<all three are the same bug(only its actually not a bug, its a tiny animal related to shrimp species. they sorta look like mini armadillos, they eat bug eggs (gnats/slugs ect) as well as dead plant matter, i have em in my blood orange tree pot to prevent gnats from spawning(filled pot leaving 4 inches from top, cant seem to hold onto plastic for very long and fall down back into the dirt mix, put leafs and oak twigs on top, live for like 3-5yr and the miscellaneous madder on top will also prevent moister loss there for i wont need to water it so often(in the winter i water it like once every month sometimes every 2 months)

  7. I have done hydroponics since college at the U of W (botany major) circa late 60s. In fact, I was one of the pioneers of modern hydro. That said, I love the music and sardonic attitude; my kinda guy.

    Apids, et all, can be dispatched using hydrogen peroxide. 3% (drugstore variety) works, but hair salon stuff (80%) works a whole lot better.

    STERILIZE your spray bottle in the microwave on high for 5 seconds before filling!

    Also, if you tire of oxygenating the roots in deep culture, oxygenated the water by pumping it into an elevated column of glass marbles. Sounds better and does the same thing.

  8. By the way, rock wool is NOT NEEDED! Use a mere pinch of pink wall insulation. It will hold a seed for germination, but not have enough surface area deep in the bottom of a net pot to support an algae bloom.

    I use BLACK 5 gallon buckets with lids. I drill out 1 3/8" holes, which hold the net pots AND I grow indoors (spare bedroom) so I can better control temperature, air flow, light and pest exposure. Try it; you'll like it.

    Oh! How cliche.

  9. I grow micro greens using reusable a/c filter material. I just hose off used roots and dry in direct sunlight, which let's the UV kill all the wee-beasties.

  10. I use the $.98 blue return-air filters Home Despot sells. I'm trying to find a source for CHEAP floor scrubbing machine material. All you need is something for the sprouting seedling to anchor onto, nothing fancy. Pink wall insulation works, but sometimes holds too much water, which invites an algae bloom.

    Currently, I'm trying out some "webbing" material, which is used to keep stem ware (bar glasses) in place on a shelf. It looks promising. It costs $1 for enough to full the bottom of two 10 x 20 plastic hydro trays.

    Give me your email or Web URL and I'll try to send you some pictures.

    I'll be visiting my kids in San Diego Nov. 1 – 15. If you're located within 100 miles, I could drop by and tell you all I know. I'm 68 and have been growing hydroponically since about 1968 or 9. I'll be staying at my sister's in Lake Mission Viejo.

  11. OMG…it wrenched my heart when you threw those seedlings into the dark depths of nevermore! Damn those thrips (may they rot in Hell)!

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  13. This is so poetic, so beautiful in an abstract way and Jeb he is very fluent when it comes to talking, his diction is a solid 100 for me. These videos are wonderful Jeb keep up the great work.

  14. I recently found mosquito larva in my garden and had to throw some of my herbs out… I had but a taste of this rage…

  15. so you need to let the water drain until it doesnt touch the rockwall before you add the nutrients huh? i will keep this in mind

  16. Hey Jeb. That wasn’t a thrips. Pretty sure that was a sciarid fly. They eat fungus and decaying leaves and algae. Thrips only lay eggs in the plant tissue, not the media. Simply giving a little bleach to the algae and removing any dead tissue probably would have fixed your issue.

  17. dam that hurts to see you throw away those plants, couldn't you have put them outside in a shady area? 🙁

  18. I have been reading about the use of silica to stop crawling insects…diatomaceous earth made up in a spray. Abrades the joints of small insects like sand in a bearing…breaks their waxy seal and they dry out and die. Also silica as a mineral taken up by the plant and making the cell walls very strong…i have no idea how or what to apply for this.

  19. Hey, compost happens. Just MoveOn.

    Of course, if you want to accelerate the process from seed to compost, keep growing in rock wool. I learned that one along time ago. Now, I suspend my plants in either net pots or with a plastic ring. No more rock wool for this boy!!!

  20. What do I do to get rid of gnats? I have a habanero plant and a patchouli plant that I sprayed down with neem oil after I found them. They were gone for one day and now today are back again.

  21. That is the fanciest eye loop I have ever seen. Peroxcide worked on the houseplants in dirt but in water,no hope. Jeb the man☺

  22. Wait so after all then the only solution was to throw it all away? Didnt you try to save the tomato? What is the solution when you need to treat this?????????

  23. If I have a pest problem at early stages I will spray with neem seed oil. 1 quart water. 3 drops dawn dish soap. 3/4 teaspoon neem oil.
    Only issue is the smell for a week.

  24. Would have been a better idea to either compost those or bury them somewhere outside. So that the ugly part of nature's cycle continues. And less organic matter ends up in the wastelands.

    But you were filled with rage…so me understands.

  25. know the rage uuugh..

    I know some stuff about thrips, but by far not all of it. I´ve had that pest plenty of times, luckily on plants that could take staying really dry for a while. There´s almost always thrips in the earth or subtrates when I bring just any plant home it´s annoying. not even to talk of other cochineals……while twice I had a kind of pest I can absolutely not say what this were, internet was no help in the search.
    What I did to thrips infested plants is dry them out if possible, but yea with salad and stuff it was a big problem.. for non food plants,i have no mor ehelp than putting matches for the sulfur and /or repot them in more mineral substrate,like with the sukkulents, they got much better after that. A single one just rot away, but i could grow something tiny, new from the healthy parts.
    I often find nematodes to use for thrip pests and hear it is great, but never made experience with it, one reason is cause its expensive and if it´s various plants standing far apart ..

  26. having a 30x jewelers loop may look like a pro Jeb, but I have one along with the multitude of other tools from over the years and people just think it's really odd that I have so much junk. I'm actually super jelly that yours has a built in light, that's lit. like… for real because it's a ligh- you know that joke sounded better the first time I said it in my mind we'll just leave it at that.

  27. Had same prob, Jed mine tryed neem oil etc nothing worked half side of the Mary Jane plant was sucked dry,is this what they do?I mean next morning get up half the side hollow dead had to chop half off side of,it was split cut the top to make 2 ,they were growing fantastic untill these small bastards stuffed me couldn't believe how qiuck they sucked it to the point were branches were hollow,has anyone had same problem?would love to know exactly what happened.cheers..

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