GROW A PET!! Science Experiment Animals come alive in Water, learned a new family game STEAMROLLER!

73 thoughts on “GROW A PET!! Science Experiment Animals come alive in Water, learned a new family game STEAMROLLER!

  1. Hi u awesome guys nikos growing up to quick. … can't wait to see this.experiment I'm.sure it will be the best experiment ever ?

  2. This is a funny video and I am one of your subscribers I love your videos so much adley is adorable and Niko is cute can you do a video of Olive and joppa have a best day ever ♡♡

  3. 31st comment! LOL ?? I feel like I'm always around the 30th comment. Anyways I wish we could post pictures on YouTube comments so you guy's could see us and we could share our fun moments with you!! ????
    My daughter Yesenia and I went to Christmas Village today. We stood in line outside in the rain for almost 3 hours to get in. It's been a Free thing to do in our area for over 30 years! It was worth the wait! Always is… They have real reindeer there!! ??? It was so nice!! Great day! A BEST DAY EVER!! ?☃️???????
    You guy's are awesome!! Love your Vlogs!! Love your kids/family!!
    BYE ? Thanks for reading!! ?

  4. I could have sworn I have heard of people getting there passport next day out of Denver. But I would assume you already have looked into that.

  5. i remember years ago when i was 8 add was first born, like i watched every single bit of her growing up, so i came here to see what she was up to now see how she was, and i’m so happy for your family, hope the best for you all. Happy Holidays!

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  8. So sorry you couldn't go Jenny ? have you guys been to New Zealand?? Could be one the cards for the 10 year anniversary, promise you'll enjoy it here ?

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  10. Awesome stuff and somber (at the end). We used to play a game we called murder in the dark which was hide n seek but the person seeking was blindfolded and the hider could not move. Anyways, Best day & Best wishes to you & yours. I hope that passport junk gets sorted out and congrats on 2 mil subs. :))

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