7 thoughts on “Ground Squirrel Hunting ( Pest Control) with Air Rifle

  1. Im srry boss i see the stalking etc, just looks under powered, like a .22 to a deer head shot. not that bad but not very humane, exp if you miss the head. Sure a .22lr head shot will kill a deer, but i wouldnt use one. I understand you didnt say you would do this but in my opinion your basically doing it. Now a .25 cal squirrel head shot at 50 ft sure, but im asking why not a .22lr? 34 lbs of energy at the muzzle, why not have 5 times that? I guess barely this is effective on these squirrels and ill see if you have some rabbit vids, but why dont you use a .22. I just dont understand. Do you own fireams? You seem like a very nice guy, and it looks fun but why not more than enough power for a clean kill even with a slightly off target shot? Why the pellet gun man i know you see its barely killing those squirrels, and im talking rabbits.

  2. Hi I'm from San Jose and I was just wondering where I can do some hunting with an air gun. Would you mind suggesting some places?

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