Grooming Van for Sale, Mobile Grooming Vans for Sale!

hello folks welcome to Pet Grooming
Vance calm my name is George if you need me please call me – mm – perfect go out
and make some money now let’s go inside I’ll show you how I built it and what we
have done so you have an idea here we have a door that opens we have your
driver side was really nice here is that we have built it to where you have two
cabinets two levels right into the tub so what you do is you bring your big dog
like a German Shepherd whatever it is the doggies one level two level right
into the tub that’s the 48-inch stuff folks nice one
here we have a 30 gallon gray water tank all your bad water goes down here is
your mouth and alternate back here we have one two four pump which I will
explain to you in a little bit but this one does here here we have the heat
exchange water being warmed up by the engine coming back into the holding tank
50 gallon holding tank here we have another tooth flow pump therefore you
can run your hose I’ll demonstrate real quick here is the hose I’m going to hold
it and look to it okay softly gentle so when you’re doing the down and you’re
kind of rinsing them off but hey folks if you need the pressure right down
right into the grey tank right down below over simple enough right
now if you have a helper as you can imagine he can fit like two three people
comfortable here you can have to work in paper so you have room for two
households to write with you we have a grooming table here this is one level
this is sitting on the floor second level will be is to put the table right
on the first level here so one thing we do is we have five
levels here you can attach it out room it on the fourth on the wall dog Yorkie
schnauzer loose now they’re up here sit – right if you’re a 12-person you can
put the table on top of the first cabinet and then obviously you can reach
it also this cabinet X and another table to groom and then you have another table
you have one two here on the four three four with the table and five taking the
table on top ah the first cabinet these are your two switches here and then I
told you the sidewall mileage only had 150 4500 driven so it’s really good
front tonight let me show you how we operate there in order to do so I need
to remove this lid here is the heart of everything folks let me set this down
so here we have six batteries given us 6,000 watts of power this is the heat
exchange water this is a 20 plate the water comes from the engine back to the
engine and the 10r plate got even place I pump it from back there as I showed
you from that pump back here and then it returns back right and that’s where you
teach the water in about 10 minutes you have nice water for the entire day no
energy no propane heater nothing I don’t believe in that here is your one chap
that you can put your shampoo your towels all that good stuff this is a
hundred amp charger at night so you can charge it whoops our product my drove to
me right there this is a 3000 watt inverter folks so I turned it on it’s
already on and the way top race I have a plug down to the let me demonstrate real
quick so here we have a vacuum it gives us 110 volt power so what does that tell us folks with the
use of the batteries the inverter no generator you don’t have to spend like I
don’t know eight hours a day on the day nowadays is four bucks a gallon that’s
like 32 bucks a day thanks 20 years like $700 a month in gas this is free energy
folks aside from plugging in and it’s nice to
charge them and if you want solar I can always do that for you so this is your
new Bank folks give me a call eight one eight five one two eight one two five
let’s make this happen let’s make this become your new business make your dream
come true my name is George give me a call over now

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