36 thoughts on “Grooming Tips for a Funnel-web Spider

  1. good hygiene is important(but if the spider gets away it will hunt him down forever)and who wouldnt want to groom a funnel web spider its adorable

  2. You're touching one of the scariest and most dangerous spiders in the world. Can this spider be safely handled? I mean, are there people who try or can handle them?

  3. "omg stop brushing me, mom!"  Kinda cute how it's 2nd to last legs went up to feel what was grasping it, and how it was dragging its body along trying to get away from the rubber band & paintbrush brushing as the guy was pressing down on it.

  4. You have strong nerves. I hope you had an antitoxin available – just in case that someone slammed a door or so that you might have lost the spider.

  5. Jesus, dude. That's a male too. I applaud what you're doing and all, but if it goes wrong, you'd better hope the paramedics aren't busy.

  6. that is the strangest looking dog…
    seriously, he looked irritated, like a little kid having its hair brushed.

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