Grooming Long Haired Dogs : Removing Dog Ear Hair

Now some dogs, they have hair that that gets,
that grows from down inside their ears and you need to pluck some of that hair out in
between grooming visits. To do that we’re going to use the ear powder and we sprinkle
just a little bit in there, you can see, just a little bit. And that enhances the hair so
you can see and it also helps you get a little bit of a grip. Sometimes it can be a little
uncomfortable for them, but you just pull some of this out. This is where the hemostats
come in handy. Hang on Sush. And you can get most of it out this way. A little bit at a
time doesn’t hurt them as bad. You can see down inside there, pull it out. And then we’ll
finish it with the ear cleaner. Okay Sush, okay. But that’s how you get the hair out
of your dog’s ear.

22 thoughts on “Grooming Long Haired Dogs : Removing Dog Ear Hair

  1. she looks like shes doing it rough. i do it nice and gentile and my dog seems to like it lol. but i dont let a lot of hair acumulate that can lead to infections and ear mites and that can be annoying for the poor thing.

  2. I have some who love it and some who hate it. I think it just depends on the dog just as in humans we have different tolerance for pain and I think dogs do too. 🙂 It's really not that bad though.

  3. that dog had a ton of hair in it's ear.Actually plucking the hair is not that bad as they get used to it.You can't just leave it because they can get ear infections.

  4. I went to a vet and she showed me how to pluck dog ear hair using a white powder. I did it at home with the white powder on one ear. My dog started to have ear irritation and then infection on the same ear. My dog never had ear infection before. Could the infection be a result of plucking dog ears?

  5. Not all dogs get ear infections or stinky ears,(stinky smell is from yeast growth) if you leave the hair in!! Also it does hurt the dog to remove the hair but it's not too bad if you only do a little bit at a time! Tell me what does that silly dog ear powder do that I can't do myself? Also if your dog get's ear infections you can use ear drops/antibiotics but to prevent you should use Octoclean,(from vets,cheap and last for years!!)| drops in doggies ears1x/wk or less <3 Thanks for the video!<3

  6. @lingling109
    Always make sure your dog's ears are clean and dry before plucking the ear hair out!!!! Clean your nails/hands too. Yes you can get an ear infection from plucking the ear hair but when I do it, I put a little distilled Witchhazel,(cheap/pharmacy) in the ear after plucking but not in the ear canal!! or you can put triple antibiotics gel in the ear after plucking! Both help with the swelling of the hair pore, surrounding area's,with residual pain and to prevent infection.

  7. @mycyan
    The PLUCKING OF DOG EAR HAIR IS MEANT TO KEEP AIR FLOW GOING TO THE EAR SO THINGS DON'T GROW IN THEM <3 It's mostly for Floppy eared dogs and dogs with lot's of hair in their ears <3

  8. @prsian1011
    You could do the above mentioned after plucking your dog's ears!! Or at the very least put gentle pressure inside the ears after,if fingers are clean <3

  9. @ccswan4
    Your so ignorant yourself! Give us dog guardians who know how to take care of dogs a break!! Of course it's a part of good health practice for certain dogs but read my comments about after care and you may learn something instead of being Judgmental <3 We are all hear to Learn and Learn from mistakes as well <3 And thy admit our mistakes <3 I'm a first time dog owner and if your willing to learn how to take care of a dog then thy shall gain the knowledge <3

  10. @lingling109
    Your dog could have just been allergic to the powder or the after care as mentioned above wasn't done <3 Not being mean just making a point <3 Please read my above comments <3 all the best to you <3

  11. @terrorlord15 Read my new added comments and then judge yourself not me <3 It does hurt them not majorly but it does<3

  12. Plucking the hair out of the ear does cause pain to the dog because you can feel the area is hot after you pluck the hair out which is a sign of inflammation. I know because I have done it. I try to cut out hair on the outside and just keep the ears clean on a weekly basis. Dogs suffer in silence . . . but I must say my dogs have never had an ear infection after ten years of ownership. So keep those ears clean the best way you can!!!

  13. on dogs that don't go to the groomer regularly and get ears plucked yes it is painful cuz the roots have grown and stabilized themselves if its done on a regular basis there is little to no pain. those of you who think it hurts them every time aren't groomers and shouldn't ever be.

  14. My veterinary actually suggested I pluck my dogs ear hair, I would never have thought of it myself. My dog does get a lot of ear wax. Iv got a Hemostat so Im going to ask the vets at my next visit how to use them properly.

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