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you my name is Sarah say and this is Joey Joey is my dog he's a miniature schnauzer he's quite big but he is a miniature and he has been washed and blow-dried his pads have been cleared ears have been plucked and cleaned and his groin and bottom have been trimmed so today we are going to be grooming him to breed standard but we will be clipping him with a7f on the body for show schnauzer should be hand stripped but in salon we always clip their coat is very hard to maintain if you've got a strip so it's much more easy for the dog and for the owner to have them clicked so today we're using the wall clippers we've got a seven F laid and we're going to start right from the back of his head keeping the skin nice and tight all the way down to the base of his tail now Joey was groomed about eight weeks ago he just grows really quickly so right from the back of the head use your thumb to keep the skin nice and tight so you don't get clipper marks all the way down to the base of his tail would you so then your next line you bringing it right from the back of the head down to your shoulder keeping the kippers nice and smooth as you go using your thumb again to pull up the skin to keep it nice and tight we're then going to go fun other way the coat grows I'm putting this stuff on a Schnauzer it's more of a tuck than a skirt and it's quite though it hangs just off their ribs boy Jojo so just run over the code again it's down to your shoulder and skim off if you skim it's less work you have to do with your blenders after so we don't want any drastic lines stand and write down hanging off the ribcage again when you get here you skim out so it blends in your line a bit more then on your schnauzers you need to go down the back of the back leg so all this you need to expose the muscle keep following the way the coat grows and again use your clippers to blend in your lines that oh boy Jack right the way around the back good boy and then you're back sorry Joe all of this you don't want any coat they're so nice and clean nice all the way down back today and your point you're going for is your bald patches so where they're naturally their coat changes direction and it thins out from there to there you don't want any coat no furnishings no hairy bombs nice and clean what I said just keep going over get nice meat before work and then you just repeat on the other side all right so we're going to clip down Joey's chest now and you want to come right up and down they have a nice flat chest they're a square dog you shouldn't be seeing any big fans nothing like a Westie or a Cocker nice and flat you can come over your rosettes this coat naturally Falls here so it's fine don't worry about that gorgeous so nice and tight okay again use your clippers good boy stop to flatten it down again and then this be here but you clip it in the vest give them a nice tight neck and then back with the grain to blend in your line so you need to make sure all this part off behind their ears so when you look at your schnauzer it's nice and flat there's nothing protruding nice and flat in line with your legs so I'm just going to use a bit of scissor spray it just helps to get rid of any static in the coat and gives you a nice finish so comb all your all your coat out Joey's got really big legs nice flashy boy so in the salon they might not have the legs legs like this or to this length some of them have quite wispy coats but just it's the same procedure it just depends on how long how short you go so your first thing you do when you start on their legs is I start on the shoulder so you don't want anything protruding again past the shoulder it should be nice and flat and extension of the top of their shoulder here so with the straight scissors just take some of that the butcher nice effect so then I go to work the back of the front leg so again brush this all up good boy and comb all your hair back and the first part I use my straights so just straight down the boy Jo and then I bring my curves in because you want a curve into the bottom of their foot so they've their legs are basically if you imagine a baseball bat upside down so now we're at the top and slightly rounded at the bottom so again use your straights at the top of the leg and then just curve in to the bottom of your foot then you're working the side of your leg again I'll bring my calves in here so we've done it straight there I'm just creating a boy Jo rounded shape Stasia Joey stand up stand up good boy and then the front of your leg I'm sure the coat out just bit more straight and then just straight down when you do your front you're aiming for your toe you don't want on your front legs you shouldn't see a foot it should be nice and tube like so keep combing the coat up aiming for your toe then I'm going to go around the foot again using my curved scissors to create a nice neat shape and then you can take the back over the front leg off taking the underneath of the foot off just above the pad Joey sister it gives them a nice shape they're a bit more on their tippy toes poor Joe if you keep in your head what shape you're going for and work the scissors round to give you that shape boy it's a nice shape man good boy Jetta good boy just good boy go fanclub Joe my advice for any of your clients they get you get that come in a lot of them like the shape of the dog and like the full legs but can't manage it so they need to be in every four weeks she now says Matt in a moment so especially in the rain in the mud in the park they're not the cleanest dogs they like to run around and get dirty their legs will just Matt instantly so the owners need to be brushing them regularly every day after their walk and they should be in being groomed every sort of four to six weeks any sort of length like this Joey is washed and blow-dried at least twice a week to keep his legs nice and stain free and in full shape good boy sunshine right so don't forget to do the inside of your legs a lot of people forget to do this it's just as important this is a spray okay good lad I'm going to use my curves just to create the round of shape if you're worried about making any mistakes you can use your thinners just to take little in often so you're not taking too much off good boy Joe now so all angles of the leg get Boyd Raider I trimmed that's your front back now we're gonna start working on the back leg Joey's got nice big flashy Hawks and again not all of the dogs you get in Salem will have not Hawks like this but it's the same principle again you going to the same lines so first line when you hand down the back of the hawk his pads have been cleared and we're just going to trim the coat that's overlapping his pads so you've just got nice sets for when he puts his foot down then going to brush your hock up you Hondo and then we're just going to trim the edges off working your way around is foot stager boy now on your back leg which is different to your front so your front leg you just you don't want to see your foot it's nice and to your back leg you want to see a slight shape of the foot not right back but we're just going to come in and then kick again slightly out again again brush all your coat forwards and anything where you want a natural curve I use curved scissors for so we're going to come right up here good boy Jojo and you're going to come in stay and then guy Roger that and then we're going to brush this coat up here so we're going to take some of this weight out and use my thinners here good boy Joe here's your beer Oh shape and then where you stopped clipping so you clipping lines blend those in so just run round with your thinners that's how I do this the boys odd so did I bring this in here take some of this white out just to give him a foot boy Jojo a nice Thai phone all right China and if you feel like it's still a bit heavy here about to clitoris with your 7s late son baby just skim out that white that the porchetta I'm just going to sharpen this lineup a bit more and you can see we've created a slight foot here nothing major just so you can see the shape missed a bit here so that is your front and your back leg good boy Joe so we're going to put in JoJo's skirt here or tuck as it's called just going to clip slightly though our right in time front leg alright so the highest point on your skirt should be just behind your ribs so we're going to go it's at a slight angle here's is quite long now so we need to take it up a good bit so I start at the highest point again you can do with thinners if you're not confident with the scissors and get all the bit in the middle as well and it's at a slight angle take a little bit and then we're going to bring you we need to bring it into your leg so everything on every any dog should always flow there should be no deadlines so I'm just going to use my curves here to create an arch if you brush leg out all of that should then just flow and go over your leg again if you need to boy Jojo sit down two bits so on your boys a good way to remember the length is when you stand back from them you should be able to see the tip of their little bits underneath so once you've got your shape just sharpen it and then just one your thinners along to take some of the waiter boys are good boy Georgia so it's very short no no long skirts on a showers now so there should be nice and short flowing into your back legs all right so now we're going to finish off Jerry's chest so you can see all this coat here it's way too much it needs to be nice and flat so we're going to scissor it down so lens into your front leg Gabor judge' all this off so really nice and short good boy Joe Joe so you've got it nice and flat at the when you look at it from the side there's nothing sticking out here just nice and flat all the way down so we need to now trim this up here in between these two front legs to match the length of his tack so if you take your scissors okay good boy you can always lift your front leg up and come from underneath and take all this weight out here good boy Jojo keep your dog standing nice and straight and on much the houses a world with Joey I don't clear his armpits and because it keeps this flatness here if we were to clear his armpits you'd have more of a gap where we just want it to flow naturally nice and keep giving some balance in there on your pet dogs you may have to do that just cook because if they don't come in regularly they just end up getting matted under there so for anything if you're doing any sort of competition grooming keep your armpits but just brush them regularly good boy Joe do the inside of his back legs alright so back end of a Schnauzer really nice and clean so you can use a number ten blade all this off don't worry if it goes bald you're looking and they all just clear all around their bits you can lift the leg up get it right up into there you have to be careful with your pet dogs about going too short on areas like this because they can irritate if it goes too short Joey's well used to it so he's fine what you want to be doing as well is keeping these patches here inside of his back legs clear so run your clippers down on the number ten all that there and for the shows the Joey I'll then put chalk on this so it doesn't look as bald it just gives it a nice padding but never anything left on the back of the schnauzers legs stand straight judging now the inside brush it all out and you need to make sure sorry Joe that you've got the same length on both sides so just trim up again use scissor spray if you need to to keep your balance so when you look at him head on your coat you've got the same amount of coat on both legs boy Joe right so if we go onto our tail now schnauzers should have a nice clean tail no fans no pom-poms nice and clean this is this is eight weeks gross I'm Joey so it's really really long who goes really quickly so what I'm going to do is a combination of blades so I'm going to put a number seven as we did on his back all the way down to the end of his tail good boy don't forget baby now I'm switchblades to a number 10 turn around Joe Joe show me well it was a good boy like that way to cut it we know all of the back the number 10 nice and clean and you can take all your side self long tail Joey's only 18 months so he's he had to put a nice long tail not no doc tails anymore and then you can just check that your bottom is nice and clean so you don't want anything hanging off the end of your tail so major if there are any bits trim off right at the end of the tear nothing past your natural tail so a nice clean Oh boy charger all right so now we're going to move on and do Joey's head so on your schnauzer it's a nice tight head nice and brick shape so we're going to do it now I'm number 10 on top of the head I'm going to do a number 30 on Joey's cheeks for a pet dog or in a dog any dog that comes into salon I just do a 10 Joey hat is used to have in this fine blade on its right so it doesn't irritate but again if you used a really fine blade on a dog you didn't know they could really rush up so the first thing I'm going to do is his ears so again you can use anything from a 10 to a 15 blades mac dre all right around the back oho and I'm sorry go on the inside really nice and tight as well you keep your hands behind at the base you can get a lot of that coat off so it's a lot less work to scissor so same again on this side inside nice and short here's a nice good boy Jota here's a plat nice and clean snails is again something they have to really try and work with is getting their ears plucked a lot of them don't like it so if you just do it bit by bit I should get used to it all the parrot off using your hand as a base so now we clip Daria so now we're going to scissor right around the year so pull the scissor between your thumb and your index finger and scissor up you always want to go upwards less chance of cutting the dog's ear nice and tight right against the leather turn you ear around oho nice job too but two nice clean ears right so now in his head we're going to do a number ten and you're going to come right from behind the brows down to the back of his head you don't want to go on to your body because that was a seven so that would be too short so make sure you only go to the back of your head no and you can go over your ears again lend them in oh yeah hold it that way out don't work there's any marks coming up off we're going to put our body blade back on and blend that down so a nice smooth black hit can kill Boyd oh and you can keep doing a ten or I like to do a nice 30 Ando and what you're looking for here is the corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth put all this bead forward anything behind comes off and you can continue down to your V that's one side again pillow your kite forward you can hold the bed in your hands anything behind HMDA and head up your boy joke and all of this what you're looking for is your whisker points so you've got one whisker point just here another one underneath and another one here and basically you're playing doctor doc so anything behind your whisker points needs to come off so you're just left with a nice beard nice tight sides right so we're going to clear the corner of his eyes nice and clear boy Joe you can also take off the lashes so it gives it more nice and clean their same way down stop judging – boy we have to say and trim his lashes off and then if you brush your eyebrows to the side I'm schnauzers have a split brow so all this in the middle in your start needs to be nice and clear Oh Joe so that's your split brows now when I do the scissors in the eyebrows it helps if you put a little bit of spray on the brows just to keep them together so you can use the hairspray that thick and thicker or anything just to give them a bit more hold good boy and it just varies now on how long your clients or your owners want the brows so keep Jo is quite long we're just going to put some shape in so what I use is curved scissors if you use your curves upside down try not to let them twitch stop Jo put your blade good boy Shh so you have to try and do their brows when it's quiet there's lots of things going on they twitch and then you end up cutting too much off so the same again on this side and use curved scissors to create that natural arch so with a Schnauzer you see their eyes from the side you don't necessarily see for lon and trim anything toss the I should be nice and tight nothing Parsi are again underneath if you can see there's bits there just to sharpen it up then you have to check their river in which they're not stand let's take more off this one so when you look at him head on good boy Joe right but the nice shape shop Wow back then the last bit is we just need to blend in your beard line just where you clipped either side just blend that now and then comb through your beard you're not supposed to trim your nails as beards and but I know people do come in to the salon and ask us to for pet dogs and which is fair enough because they do get really mucky and they get matted so if you have to your best bet is to use thinners good boy Joe can't see your nose just to tidy up a bit but it should be left natural and any of the brown staining that is just staining from the acid in their saliva there's not much you can do about it Jerry's got a nice lovely long beard the beard won't grow forever it's not like their jackets or their legs it will stop because it naturally breaks when they eat when they play so that's your big deaf natural good boy Joe now so this is Joey all finished he'll need to be trimmed again in another six weeks I'd say you

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  1. I have a 5 months old mini. She is a sweet puppy but trying to groom her face is trying to hit a moving target. What is the best way to get her to hold still? Right now I have to wait until she is really tired and past caring before I can attempt her beard and even then it is challenging.

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  8. Great video. Poor camera man! I wish he'd asked the groomer to tie her hair back so that he didn't have to keep moving as I felt this was the biggest problem. Bu very good detail. Thank you.

  9. This is a great video which has helped me and my dog tremendously, my miniature schnauzer is far less stressed when I trim her then taking her to the groomers, nice one.

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