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Christi's direct the animal grooming experts with over 20 years experience Christie's Direct has grown to over 30 employees all with the aim of providing our customers with high quality products and market leading customer service our high school sizes and product ranges from leading international brands we stock everything the professional groomer needs from professional shampoos dryers bass tables my scissors to sit on leads give our sales team a call today on booty eight two seven six six six eight seven nine so hello I'm Stuart Simon own of groom doc city and this is Nelson and I'm gonna do he's a cross between a Maltese and the Bijan as far as I know and I'm gonna do a kind of like see Liam kind of usually cut on him so first of all he's got a few little knot and he's got not a brilliant temperament to be groomed so it's going to be kind of played by ear grooming and hopefully you can sort of see some really good ways of dealing with over the bowtie kid he's a really lovely dog he's just had a really difficult past so he sometimes doesn't really completely trust humans so I'm going to start by I'm going to clip out this area here ah no because this area is what gets the area that gets the most naughty and matted and if it's not there and we can hide it from the groom then it's better to take it short that way he doesn't have any trouble in the future so I'm going to do that with a 10 so first things first we're going to lift them up be a good boy and I'm just going to take the whole Center now also in the summer he prefers it I said because it keeps him nice and cool so I'm literally just going to shave down them a stripe down the middle then I'm going to do all these sanitary and his pre grooming bits and bobs oh boy hang on now good boy Nelson oh boy boy I got in and good boy under his arms he also gets quite mad tude and he doesn't really let anyone brush them out so again we can hide them ah good boy good boy Hey Nelson the whole thing for him because he doesn't like the process very much is to try and get done as painless and quickly and easy as possible so if there are knots better just cut them out than to put him through any stress in that way he's a happy dog I'm a happy groomer so I know he's touched on his legs but I've got to get them brushed out so I'm going to give it a go and see how he gets on good boy no problem now there's no knots all right all right darling okay okay it's all right sweet up and up Nelson no it's all right Shh you get done no Nelson it's all right you were doing so well good boy good boy you did it see see how clever you are you see how clever you'll be in good boy okay all right so better is that better be careful when you're doing naughty Dog's I shouldn't really put in my face so close to his but he's my dog so I know when he's going to go when he's not generally but in as a rule I wouldn't put your face too close to adopt this that's possibly gonna bite you good boy Nelson I know I know I know stop your pickle aren't you you're a pickle face yes so even though he's been washed and brushed out he has got the sort of head of nuts up within about five minutes so it's really important to try and get all those nuts out before you properly start to do the haircut so I'm going to do a nice short back I'm going to leave a skirt I'm going to give him some nice trousers and I'm going to take the head he said not dissimilar to a wheat and cut and just a smaller version so I'm using the 7f on his back take it nice and short it's really going to be nice and tight Cooper nice and cool in the summer so Nelson's got a habit will not have it it's just the way he's built of looking fat but he isn't a fat dog it's just that because his hairs so big and his skirt kicks out so this needs to go quite low otherwise he ends up looking fat so I do take it down again I just slide it off making it into rib cage and it helps with his waistline most people wouldn't go shorter than seven f on but you need that again we're going to follow the muscle line you say I put our muscle line we'll try it all that up later same on the other side so I'm just flipping the pads out making sure they're all clear repair good point mr. nails on okay so we've done the sanitary gonna strip down the middle which I'll show you if you can see there but you won't be able to see that from the outside to helping to keep him cool in the summer stand good boy so now we do the feet I'm going to start with this back leg if he lets me know good boy so we need to blend from a really short to a kind of long ish leg it's always hard to do because I've taken it so short on the body and legs gonna be quite long so it takes quite a lot of lending so again I'm going to take the front part of the foot out unless is around fluffle this up when we use my sister's to blend into the leg so I'm going to scissor out from here down to the hock just to give some angulation make sure you're standing properly we want it to go straight down from this join we want the leg to go straight down a column look sorry so we're starting to see the blend between the 7f and the scissor in so I'd need to do now is to really get that blended in properly so we're going to use thinners just to get rid of any of the lines so you want to understand properly so that we can get an idea of his stack and we need a little bit more to grow in here so I'm just going to take a bit out of that and we need a bit more to grow here as well because we want to come down a bit further you can see the shape we get in and that's all that's well done that's it that's the end come on you don't be lazy so I'm just gonna turn in that way so I can see the inside of this leg so the thing with Nelson is he really doesn't like the whole process he hates being brushed he really finds it frightening so the shorter for him the better because it means that he comes here less but he still needs to be stylish so we're still going to give them a nice scissor cut but we don't want to put them through anything doesn't like going through so we're going to try and make it as good as quick and easy as possible for him so the skirt now just needs to be blended in like I said before because he's got quite a fluffy coat and it kinks out I like to make it really really flat to his body so I take it probably a bit lower than I would usually otherwise he looks like a fatty okay then if you just stop standing weird ah no good boy so you can feel like he's really rigid and really tense the whole time he's just waiting for it to hurt so a lot of reassurance for mr. Nelson so I put my tape up a little bit so what I'm doing I'm correcting his standing because he's going and he's kind of almost getting ready to run so I'm just correcting his stance so that I can see exactly where I need to cut down to his front leg Nelson Nelson so I just want to shake it out fluff up a bit this is Rin spray mmm with the front legs on little dogs I don't I start with the leg rather than the feet gives me an idea of how much takeoff that's the fee so I'm just scissoring around the feet to try and get them nice and round I basically want these to be nice straight columns these legs so I scissor up to get a nice finish on the leg first and then I start doing the front of the foot and again going round making sure that I get a nice round finish so fluff up because he's little I can't get my scissors up all the time and he doesn't like me picking his leg up so I'm now basically trying to make it as easy for him as possible I've always got control of him come on mr. Nelson you can do better than that so now I'm gonna try and you that is naughty that's naughty okay good boy see he's so unpredictable that's why he's so tense I know he's tense so I know I need to get through it quite quick so here's just a question of making it the best you can look with that I'm getting too stressed out no no growling no I good boy good boy good boy Nelson and then once you've got it to a place where you think it's nice you do the same on yes you so he's really not enjoying it getting a really moody I'm just trying to get through it as quickly as possible to make him more comfortable because he doesn't like it good boy Nelson so I'm just sitting off his 8 print good boy okay so that's sort of the best I can do with the body at the moment because he's not playing ball so it is tail because I've taken the back so short I'm going to take the top of the tail short as well and give them a flag underneath I think it looks restart personally probably won't like it but so again with a 7f I'm going to take the top repair I'm just going to skim down the sides that so that if the tails down it still looks quite streamline then I'm gonna brush it out which is going to hate it up join I'm just going to flag it I find with dogs that don't like it I don't know if you've ever done if anyone out there is done a Reiki course I get a Reiki course and it really works on some trouble dogs quite a lot of dogs that don't like the grieving process find that a rate like the energy that goes through your hands they pick up on it and if it's really good energy then and they pick up on it it comes them right down so you've got to go you've got some trousers they're not the best I've ever done but they're alright for him just tell you to turn up a little bit now we're gonna move on to the head so if it's going to let me do it now since I'm nearing picture recently so the grub around the oldie is good boy good boy No so I'm going to take a 10 so I'm going to take it in ah good boy I'll talk about from the eyes then we go down from the corner of the eye corner of the ear into the corner of them now nice and short and I leave a little bit there again blend in and I'm gonna plate the ears off with a pen and I'm just I'm thinning the neck into the head I don't like to take the 10 all the way to the occiput I like to leave the hair long here and so I don't touch this at all with the blade I always just blend it I think the reason is for me is because I don't like to have a really really short bit here and then long bit and then blend and I prefer to blend the whole thing that's just what I do so I'm just blending the also put into the body I think it looks more natural I'm going to get my 40 blade and I'm gonna do the inside of the ears I'm always working away from the year so now I just need to scissor up around the ears so I just put all the hair out so I've just cut around the ears like this always going away from the ear and just take away all the struggling bits while some grooming I'm more always looking out for bits that I've missed so in just in front of the year I always use thinners to get that nice and short okay so now the face is the Nelsons face don't bite me so first things first take the hair away from his eyes and I'm going to take all this hair away you've been a very good boy mr. Nelson then I'm going to put it all forward and I take my scissors line up with the edge of the nose take it to the side and take that away so it leaves you with a nice eyebrow same on the other side line up the nose move out to the side when I get my thinners I'm just going to fear the stop area so that from the side it's got a nice shape to it you see then I'm going to thin all this out to give them a clearer definition on the head and the beard just going to shape it up so because this central fall hasn't grown improperly you're faced with a decision as to whether to actually just take it away and give much nowzick up because he's a he's a Maltese Bijan cross you can do whatever you want with him but this is it so when you get to these points you can make a decision now I personally think it would look a lot cleaner if he would take if I was to the middle of the eyebrows out so you can make a decision when you come to it and I'm that's what I'm going to do I've decided so I'm just going to take the central bit out I think it'll just make him look a little bit smarter but there's no breed standard for a cross so you can do every fancy it just gives you an alternative to just doing a standard car is something different when I would take see this hair here I'm going to take the hell I think we're pretty much there so for a job that doesn't like it you can still do a scissor cut it's just on his terms you don't want to put them through hell but that is a really nice picture in you so this is a finished pet trim on a Bijan cross Maltese dog that doesn't like being groomed he's really really sensitive the whole time is very tense but it just goes to show with a little bit of love and a little bit of respect for him you can get through it and get good result at the end of it not the best result accepted but not a bad job and and he didn't hate it so um it's possible I would say I would say that a dog like this needs to come back to the salon as as much as possible even if it's just for a bath and brush simply – getting used to the environment to get him used to the smells that's you know the atmosphere in here because that is half the battle once they're used to environment then they're probably more be more happy for us to deal with them and even if they a lot of my customers if they go past the shop and they're frightened dogs I'll tell them to come in I'll give them a treat and then off they go so they don't even have to have the haircut as long as they come in and here's as good as gold now well done mr. Nelson oh yes you you

48 thoughts on “Grooming Guide – How to groom a dog that bites – Pro Groomer

  1. I'm 3:00 in and I don't see a biting dog. wtf? That title is so inaccurate you should be a MSM "Journalist".

  2. why giving this innocent dog too much pain handling him is not right making him stand for too long this is cruelty to animals

  3. I knew when he test picked up the tail this dog was not that bad. My rescue tail is tucked and you best be counting your fingers.

  4. Lol what kind of dog mix is that? Im thinking a Schnauzer and a Havaneese??
    Also the dog seemed perfectly fine about the whole ordeal. Great grooming BTW

  5. My dog is 13 and had enough of the brushing/hair cuts. He straight up bites. The only thing that helps for me is to feed him a treat in one hand while I shave him, that way his mouth is being occupied.

  6. My white schnauzer has a yellow strip from her neck to her back .
    I tried whitening shampoos but it doesn't go away.
    Any suggestions would be so appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  7. Yeah, NOT a biter there. An actual biter would have been all over your hands and arms with teeth, and making you bleed. This dog was NICE, compared with some i have done, who need a shoe-lace AND a cage-muzzle. I hate doing that to dogs, but for a very temporary amt of time, it is safer for groomer and dog.

  8. I am wondering have I been clipping my dog all wrong, I see you go with the grain of the hair, I have been starting from the bottom and going up the other way, am I doing it wrong or does it depend on the dog…

  9. I've groomed dogs that bit me for literally everything. If I'd turn on the clippers and flip them around just so they feel the vibration I'd get bit. And got bit for nails, face, feet, sanitary. The groomers helper saved my life for sure. As long as they don't alligator roll.

  10. Die Frisur steht dem Hund überhaupt nicht…da er mehr nach dem Malteser kommt…der mit drin steckt. Das nächste mal wäre ein Malteser-Schnitt besser

  11. Before was much better then after. And I was waiting, for grooming, till he gets a nice and tidy face, .. Why the "curtains" for his eyes, still there?

  12. TBH the only aggression i saw was warranted, instead of brushing the knots out carefully, you ripped them out with that comb, that's B.S. , if your comb snags, get your slicker out and stop hurting the dog for your own convenience.

  13. You say he's a maltese/bichon mix but he looks just like a mini schnauzer and you gave him a schnauzer cut….

  14. People saying the dog does not bite, the thing is the dog tries several times but the chap holds him in a way that puts the paws as a shield or he grabs her throat at one bite attack so it's a dog with issues or a dog that attacks with every pinch of it's hair. Any dog that turns on his owner is a blooming nightmare. Nice haircut, spoilt oink needs better discipline like the comment one chap said using the dog whisperer method of correction. Tough job that but easier than granny grooming no doubt.

  15. Every time he bites you should not tell him, "it's all right"because it reinforces his behaviour. You need to touch him on the side of the neck like his mother would do if he is naughty. So shape your fingers like a dog's mouth and touch him. It will take his attention off what he is doing and focus on you. You need to be a pack leader.

  16. why don't you use a grooming loop? I will sometimes not use one, but if they are difficult it's a must for me . I'm really gentle, but it's a safety for me.

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