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hello everyone my name's Angela Kaley and I've been a groomer for 50 something years today I'm going to run strip schmegle of a niche of schnauzer I'm going to start by doing some clipper work on him its own mini multiple work I'll be clipping between the back legs and his sanitary area I'll be clipping his ears and his cheeks the top of his head I'll strip I'll clip down here to breast bone and the rest will be stripped it's important when you clip the snouts of chest that you don't clip right the way down and the hollow the chest out because this is what happens he'll look he'll have a u-shape there when he needs to have some full chest so what we do is we clip this area and then scissor this and blend it so I'm using a number 7f with very great care under the throat I'm going up against delay of coat I'm not clipping into this area where the coat changes direction because I'm going to blend they're right on the head it's just clipping the cheeks and leaving the top of the skull when you hand strip this always looks nicer if it's stripped rather than clips so I'm going to clip the cheek from the corner of the eye in a straight line all the way down you don't go forward into the face you don't go down to the corner of the of the mouth like you would on a Wire Fox Terrier for instance okay that's the the face and the neck I'm next going to clip his ears for that I'm going to use a number 15 blade I could use a 30 blade but it can be quite severe if you if you're just learning to groom snap says I would always say because yeah you can always take a little more off clip with the coats on there don't ever clip against it you can catch the edge of the ear that leaves a nice velvety finish welcome through the inside of the ears and I'm using quite a short blade on the inside clipping towards the edge of the ear making sure no hair drop sound ear channel as well because that can cause an irritation just going to party around the edge of the ear with my scissors now you can use smaller scissors which are probably a little safer I know what I'm doing I've got slightly longer scissors but I am only using the tip of my scissors and I'm going along the very edge working from the base up to the tip just using the tips of my scissors nothing more base to tip the hair runs that way so if you trim that way it's unlikely you'll have an accident with the scissors on the edge of the ear if you trim the other way from from tip to base the scissors can be drawn into the air and can cut the edge do the same on the other ear if any of you are going to be and doing your exams and I'm sure a lot of you will be weather it 15 guilds or I CMG my advice to you is organize yourself and don't have a lot of hair and equipment on your table when you're working it really isn't very efficient doesn't look very good and it stops you seeing your work properly okay I'm going to now clip either side of the upper thigh this area which is called the butterfly and just up around his little bits and pieces to prepare okay and rather than pull the leg up the back leg because that can be painful for them I lift them and now I can see more rounded I'm just going to take a little bit of hair away in front of his penis so that he doesn't weigh all over all over himself okay but I'm just going to clip inside his pads just take the hair out because I get mad I can get gravel all sorts of things inside the feet but I'm now going to go and clip the other the other three feet when you when you're doing a dog's feet this is the other thing that I do see an awful lot of people struggling with picking up a foot if you put your arm underneath the dog and lift the foot up you it's not a befitting because you've got control at the back end huh I will now do the other fake okay hamster pain a snouts of coat because you to have either something cots if you're going to pull the coat by finger and thumb or good quality stripping life that isn't sharp it won't cut the coat which if it's used correctly is absolutely fine finger exam is is if you're doing a show dog is the best way to store the coat but providing you're careful when use a knife you should get a good finish and this is a blending knife a shorter knife to blend the areas like the neck into the shoulder the back end just will the top of the head just general blending okay and this powder helps you to get a grip of the coat you can use talked I use this there's no difference really as long as you can get it out afterwards I can go to see if I can get him to lay down to be spit food good boy down right good please good boy good boy good boy once he relaxes I should go to start work good boy okay I'm starting at the back end I'm stretching the skin with my left hand and just gently pulling the coat I'm not forcing anything to come out I'm holding the knife at that angle I don't want the scrape or scratch the skin and I'm just pulling put using my thumb to hold on to the hair I'm pulling gently ham stripping a coat is the removal of dead coat now on a wiry coated dog like a Schnauzer or any Terrier with a wiry coat it helps to maintain the quality of the coat it keeps the coat the correct texture which in turn keeps the correct color if you cut the hair what happens is the hair in the follicle gets softer and softer and the undercoat because these dogs do have an undercoat and the top coat all becomes soft coat is thin the hair shaft is thinner and the color bleed so you end up with a gray dog I'm sure you all know on the salt and pepper synapses that you clip they get lighter and lighter you lose the banding on the color on a black dog it's not so obvious but definitely the texture is affected now you have to say well why do we need it why do we need a good texture a wiry coat is more weatherproof it's also less likely to match up then a soft woolly coat and I'm sure you're you see that on snout cells that come in their legs are awesome very mattered because they they aren't stripped and the coat on the legs is softer so it's more prone to tangling you are hand okay I'm stripping the back leg it's a little thin there but that will be that will grow in pretty quickly it happens when they're lacking undercoat so from the top of the leg there I'm stripping down to the bottom of the second size so there's the first I there's a second thigh and I'm stripping I'm just blending that off at the bottom of the second thigh depends on the dog's leg shape really as to how low you go I see some a strip right down to the hock it really is up to you where you strip to but I not we normally say if you can feel where the Achilles tendon joins the lower muscle that's where we normally strip to and that's done by just blending into that area this is all stripped and then this is blended into the leg coat I like to take a little bit of that leg coat off when I strip to keep the color and the texture now if you've got a difficult coat to strip if it's a little bit soft which is it isn't that if it's not coming out so easily you can put a little bit of chalk on the coat or in this case for mere powder and that gives you a better grip try and strip in the direction that you want the coat to grow and for the sake of the coat of the sake of the dog's skin you should really strip in the direction that it grows because if you try and strip against the growth of the coat you'll make the dog's skin very soft I'm slipping out of the skirt the skirt goes from just where the arm goes underneath the dog to where we started the back leg so from there to there but it isn't a hard line I also strip into the skirt to again keep the color and the texture he can lay down if he wants to Constanta peepee what's long as he's comfortable it decided it's easier to lay down I thinks well I wouldn't have took a coat if it was not coming out comfortably I wouldn't flip a soft coat a coat that's been previously clipped if somebody brings a dog into your salon that's clearly been clipped and the coat soft then I would say that it's not possible to ham strip it if somebody brings us now to poppy as soon as they bring them in really the better to start stripping as soon as they're over the vaccinations the breeder may have already started stripping the coat and it sounds a bit early to do it but the sooner you start the better even if it's just taking a little out getting the dog used to it smegal smegal doesn't really have an undercoat he's he's been stripped so many times now that he he really doesn't have undercoat anymore so I'm I'm hoping I don't strip a bald patch but if you do you have to explain to your client that it's possible if you're going to have to strip the dog look now and again you may produce see he's got a small bald patch there and I have an actual strip there yet he's got the small bald patch there but you know that's the nature of ham stripping we was trying to get as good a finish as we can to start with but the beauty of the ham strip is that it looks its best in about two to three weeks out of the strip's unless you're lucky enough to be able to roll a coat now rolling the coat it's where you roll the coat and finger of them and you just take out the longest hairs and you keep a constant jacket going on the dog and that's usually done with the show dogs if people bring your dog in to just to strip the coat out you just do the best you can don't make the dog saw don't over strip it and try and get a nice finish but so so you may occasionally get a little bald patch but I'm going down the shoulder now to the top of the four leg and I'm going to blend at the top of this leg I don't want to pinch the dog in there I want to try and fill this in a little bit so we get a straight line down the side of the leg just a few bits here now that I can see alright next I'm going to do is work on the top line that's this area here if you're showing a dog you would do the neck two or three weeks before into the jacket maybe even longer too so that you have a knife crest on the dog this really ideally on a show dog needs to be longer this and his he actually is longer on his neck than here but I'm stripping him out today so it will be more or less the same length as the rest of him Cass stripping down his neck and then I'm going to come onto his skull the eyebrows on the snout to go from the eye socket so don't strip into the eyebrow make sure that either as you're clipping it or you're stripping it you know exactly where you're going to start stripping from which is the bone there the bony area just on the outer edge of the eye socket this goes back to the neck this area here uplands okay that's that side done I've just got along there to blend along there to blend the scissoring I'll do afterwards okay the blending knife is finer so it just takes it down a little bit shorter and I'm blending towards the clipped area and I'll finish that off with thinning scissors that's some of the hair all right I'll do that area now with a sinner's I'm just taking this just taking the edges off now from where I've blended to make it neat and tidy on the back end just need to come down the line between the clipped area and the stripped area just to give a neat straight though the rest will be scissored okay right I'm now going to strip the tail sweetheart oh boy so really they're not that keen on having the tail done don't any dog is but just do it as carefully as you can and it is only the top of the tower you strip it wouldn't be terribly kind to strip the underneath of me not to tell I'm going to do that within us some people clip them when you when you're shaping and stripping just keep looking use your brush or comb just keep looking at the coat and make sure you've got a nice finish no bit sticking out anywhere try and keep your thumbnail at the end of the toe when you're trimming the end just to make sure you don't catch the end of the toe okay this side is strips I'm now going to turn onto the other side all right I'm going to start Turing the back leg he's not got a lot of furnishing but you know what you don't really need a huge amount it's where you leave it on looks important to give the shape so I'm just doing a round foot and you need to set the hook quite low so I'm not going to trim from there down I'm going to just make that carry on there a slope to make the Hawks look slightly further setback so I'm cutting upwards and the outputs complete down good boy trimmin this line in in order to make the back up nice and short and acting he have got a nice short back but you don't trim that away if you take that away that makes the back look longer so that's brought forward into the waist yeah I picked up the leg so I can see the underneath so if the legs there I can't I can't trim this area here between the front leg I've always got one hand on the dog when I'm trimming it's an early warning system if they're going to move you can feel them starting to move before they actually do and it's all sets of safety so I have my scissors in my hand I take my thumb out I pick up my comb comb put the comb down put my thumb back in that way my scissors are never sitting on the tables get knocked off and I've got one hand on the dog all the time just trimming around the back of the foot the idea is you don't have hair hanging on the floor it's unhygenic and it's going to get into a pickle so just make sure that all the hair that's touching the ground is trimmed away okay I'm doing that how I get around foot if I trim from the front of the foot I trim a flat line this is how I do it and then I round a sawed off I have my scissors at a slight angle so the hair underneath is shorter than the hair on top as I said there's not a lot of hair on his legs and feet trim off but if there were I would do it exactly the same way pick the leg up I'm cutting this in a straight line down the back and I'm going to come to the front of the leg and the side of the leg so I'm looking at it from all angles and come down here turn out the hair on snapchat legs tends to drop so it's it's often the easiest way is to scissor it downwards I'm just going over with some blenders and I'm blending the shoulder in to have a cylinder shape but slightly heavier at the bottom than the top looking from the front that the leg isn't sticking out too much here I'm actually going to blend that a little bit more that's better if you look at the two front legs now that one is falling straight this one is still quite bulky and yet I haven't taken an awful lot off but I'm taking it off in the right place to get the leg to look like a cylinder okay I'm going to blend the chest now it's not a bib and it's not scooped out between the legs like I said earlier you want this to come down and then go under so he has a full chest I don't think you can get a proper finishes use clippers here I think the best way to do it is to use the nozzle blend of if you clip it you'll hollow it out this way you can see what you're taking off and take off just as much as you need to I'm not gonna come down right I'm going to start from the head now I'm going to leave your nice long eyebrows um and I'm going to blend this part of the face in where we've clipped to just so that it's tidy good boy good boy Michael I do the eyebrows part them and take small amount from between the eyebrows baby good boy and just a little bit from in front of the eye just to keep it tidy so he can see where he's going basically lift the eyebrow up and just take a small amount from above the eye again lifts the eyebrow and then comb it into place and I find to come in from the back of the eyebrow helps no no don't move he does have one eyebrow slightly shorter than the other the dogs play with each other so I'm just going to even the up I'm going to put a little bit of spray on his eyebrows just to keep it lit still while I cut it never spray directly onto the face obviously hey come on you okay there was an idea to come both eyebrows together so that you can see you've got the right length more out of the stop area it used to be said that if you cross your scissors at that but nobody leaves eyebrows that short these days snout should have really have a quite a long eyebrow they also say about a halfway between the stop and the nose but again fashion dictates that I about our long long snouts of these days I think as long as you clear the area under the eye and they can see where they're going that's okay and you know what I'm not going to take any more of these because you'll all know what I'm going to say to you now you start cutting and you end up with one out there short on the other so quit while you're ahead if you can work from the back forward I can see I could take a little more off there and I'm making my own mistakes of doing it up they're very tricky to do if you're going to do hyper else make sure the stones not going to rings somebody's not going to walk in the door because they look with their eyebrows I'm just about to cut the eyebrows go that way and bingo you've taken half it off so try and keep things quiet if you can another pit is if they are doing that you can hold the eyebrows still by putting your hand just above the eyebrow and it does stop only he's quite a good boy but it isn't we good boy but some dogs are very fidgety only doing their eyebrows right I haven't trim disappeared because it's been touched by the other dogs they should have a natural beard anyway the only time you would trim it is that it was really really long and then the way you do that is by bringing it all forward and trimming it like that and let it fall naturally but really he's got nothing to trim off he could do it a little more but there you go I expect to be in plane with Poppy from each make off he said of the baby okay how can you help your customer to keep the dog knife that's always the biggest question like a biggest problem my customers bring for dog in matador they can't maintain a hand strip coat okay you can give them a job to do the dog should come in every four to six weeks for stripping in the meantime if they if you get them a comb only the rubber band in it for them it's safer than giving them a knife okay and they can use this to card through the coat every couple of days also they need to brush and comb the dog every day so my advice is supply them with the right brush and comb they'll be happy to pay for it at least I haven't got to go and choose here and then realize they bought the wrong one so good steal comb and a nice soft brush and advise them to brush the legs and the place every day takes five minutes in needling when they're sitting down to a watched television just to brush the cut and I always say to them brush the coat in layers and now I'm teaching you to suck eggs and you know this already but this is the best way to teach them brush the comb the coat up in layers and then comb it down in layers tell them not to bath ready if he comes in these muddy lead him to dry and then brush the mud out if they get any maps in the coat which they will from time to time I know that what snouts is alike put some talcum powder into the mat some baby powder massage it into the mat it's got silicone in it and it will help the map to slip through the comb to comb the coat when it's had about half an ounce of soak the talcum powder up and a brush first then comb it to and it should get the maps out unless I've left it to wait for them or the groomer but on a daily basis that works very well you

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