Grooming Geriatric Dogs and Pets – Weakly Wobble with Dr. Mary Gardner DVM

this question comes from Deborah Ann and it is what do we do with our dogs that need grooming but they're too weak to stand on the groomers table for too long this comes at a perfect time because I'm actually on my way with my dog Sam to get groomed so there she is sort of excited she's actually just more excited to get in the car so Sam is nearly 13 years old and I'm blessed because she's actually still in pretty good condition she's she doesn't have too much mobility issues she is flowing down and she can tolerate being in the in the groomers for for longer periods but I do know that those dogs at the spaghetti legs and they could barely stand in front of their food bowl long enough let alone on a groomers table so it's really important that when your pet does need grooming that we don't just let them sit around stinky because sometimes that couldn't could lead to other problems and grooming is is still very important to help keep the human-animal bond and them in the house and smelling good and looking good and their fur going all over and preventing mats and things like that so without further ado let's get sam to the groomer I would definitely suggest finding a really good groomer now that that sometimes can be a challenge because how do you know what's a good groomer or not so definitely ask to take a tour of their facility ask what they do with geriatric pests have they even thought of such a thing if there's a if you have a groomer that actually has a policy for geriatric pets that's a great first step when I was working in general practice and we had pets coming in for grooming I always wanted to make sure that there was almost like a yoga mat with holes at the bottom of it for the for the water to go through a yoga mat placed at the bottom of the bathtub so that gave them something to grip on to grip is so important I can't tell you how many families I go to and their pet has mobility issues and they're just ice skating on tile floors and all we need to do is put some bath mats or some yoga mats around and it's a huge help so the pet could stand in the bathtub long enough with it with the mat that is gonna be a huge help first of all so if they don't have such a thing at your grooming facility bring one with them number two is you want to make sure that they understand how fragile your pet is so they need to understand that you might they might only have a 10-minute window when they're on the grooming table that they could that they could just that your pet could stand there and tolerate it because they do have to stay on very still they have their little collars on but that can get that can get challenging for some of our older pets so having a braking system and that's why talking to your groomer making sure that they understand this is so important and actually stopping for a quick potty break is also really important to make sure that they're not sitting in their cage needing to go to the bathroom also being gentle with our fragile little egg dogs right so I don't want them lifting the legs to try to shave underneath their legs and you know too aggressively so just to be very ginger with their pet with your pet you know they are fragile and so letting them know that this is an issue now another thing is that sometimes not all dogs are like Sam who's kind of excited to be in the car and nothing nothing gets in her in her way of happiness so she's not too anxious to go to the groomer but I know a lot of pets that are anxious to either get in the car or go to the groomer so we don't want to tranquilize our pets because we you need them standing up and being alert and things like that but maybe something to help them out with a little bit of anxiety and so I love adaptil spray I loved adaptil collars so there's those are just pheromone sprays there's also Rescue Remedy which is some drops that you can give your pet maybe two or three hours before they go to the groomers to help it anxiety we don't want them staying there too long so what about asking your groomer when is the slowest day during the week because we want the left the least amount of activity going on dogs barking things like that ask them to be picked up right away like as soon as they're done know that you can go pick them up and and and bring them home and get them back to their normal activity so it is time to pick up Sam and I totally forgot to mention a really great option also and that would be mobile groomers there could be a great mobile groomer in your and you're in your area so that way they can come to your house that way they that your pet doesn't have to stress about getting in the car and going somewhere else and being in a cage with a lot of other animals nearby the only problem with the mobile groomer is that they probably won't be able to give as much rest periods so just something to do something to consider but I love mobile groomers too and you're always nearby if they have any questions or anything like that so anyway let's go get Sam all right so Sam is done with the groomer and back in her car and I did want to point out a few things about her car first of all I do have a an SUV so it's a little bit harder for her to get into it she's getting older but she can still make the jump but what I've done is I put a back mat down here and I actually pull out a little bit so that way she doesn't struggle on the bumper and so then once she's in I'll kind of flop it over like that so that way I can close the door but I'd like to make sure that she has easy access and then I like to pull up next to a curb and then get closer to the ground so that way it's at least you know four inches less than she'd have to try to jump on her own so so there's that the other thing with Sam is that she's actually an Anatolian Shepherd so an Anatolian Shepherd typically has a lot of fur so last month I had her shaved pretty short I do that about two times a year because I know that I can't bring her to the groomer as often as I would like to so if I cut her short or I have them groom with the groomers cut her short because I cannot shave a dog really well that way it it doesn't mean that she has to go as often so if you do get your dog shaved maybe get a shorter cut so that way they don't have to go as often as possible but I might be a little biased but I think she looks good what do you think about getting a tree Sam's got like she's got one speed just one all right I hope this is helpful and thanks for your question there's another one

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